Poetic Slaughter by R.L. Nel

The poet had high hopes for his daughter

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15 days ago

Ha! Very funny, Rachel. I know how he felt. 🙂

Halimah Aliyu
15 days ago

Beautiful weave of words.

Debbie Gravett
14 days ago

Love it Rachel. Her dad was obviously a purist and like many children they will find a way around their parent’s wishes.

Thanks for sharing and making me smile this morning. Well done.

14 days ago

Hi Rachel – not a really awful limerick at all. There is always something off kilter with a limerick and this is perfectly executed!!

David Weimer
14 days ago

Ha! I enjoy limericks that work, & this does. Only thing I might have done differently is drop the “all” from the third line to make the rhythm work better. Probably most of us know the feeling of a disappointed parent. Laughter can be the best medicine.

Nissan Abadi
13 days ago

Now, that’s a very fine work. Not at all slaughter.
Thank you.

13 days ago

LOL, it is not awful. It reads as a limerick should:) This is a form I avoid at all costs – hard to write.
Well done Rachel.

12 days ago

Hahaha he should have been proud though. A limerick is no easy feat.

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hi R L. Yes – a limerick, no – not awful. Well done!

10 days ago

Brilliant ❤

7 days ago

Ha Ha! Thanks for reminding us that poetry takes many forms.