Plath by Elizabeth Strehl

A teenager and a teacher disagree on what defines poetry.

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Debbie Gravett
1 month ago

When I started reading I was wondering where the rhyme was, but you turned it on it’s head and I loved it Elizabeth.

I love poetry, but dislike it being taught at school because I always wonder who decides what the poem means. For me poetry means whatever it does to the reader. I am given words to put on a page and they will strike each reader differently depending on their current circumstances and experiences. I can tell the world what the poem means to me, but that is not necessarily what it means to you and that is the magic of poetry.

Your piece flows easily and I can feel the relief of the bell.

Well done and thanks for sharing.

June Hunter
1 month ago

I love this poem with rhymes and not-rhymes and how it ‘resonates more than rhymes’, just like Plath. Well done and thank you for sharing.

Christian Donovan
1 month ago

Hi Elizabeth, I love your poem. It’s so clever in that it takes the prompt and examines it, acknowledges the power of rhyme and also the power of verse without rhyme. I have this ongoing argument with another in my Writing Class who, like your poem’s protagonist, claims poetry isn’t poetry without rhyme. But this week he stunned me with a magnificent free verse poem (written, he said, in response to me). The whole class’s jaws dropped collectively.

Sylvia Plath would be proud of you.

1 month ago

I ask in a tone without a tone is a brilliant line.
oddly I have had this argument. Wonderful response to the prompt.

Sharon Hancock
1 month ago

I enjoyed your poem, Elizabeth. I am a retired school teacher, so this really resonated with me. Nice to see some of the students understand rhyme, and yes sometimes the best sound of the day is the dismissal bell. I had to ask Suri about Plath, so it was a learning experience for me as well. Thanks again, Sharon