Nana’s House by Georgiana Nelsen (46 defiance)

  • : contemporary, thriller
  • : Liam in pain is a jerk...


  1. Marilyn Weisman

    Good scene.
    Every time Liam opens his mouth I keep wondering why they are trying to save him.
    He is a big waste of skin!
    But, the description and the explanation of Brianna’s grandfather does help place her mindset in the right location.
    I keep thinkiing, “Let the buzzard die already!” but then I realize, that might be the ending?
    Sorry to sound so mean!
    Keep writing….only a few more to go…..

  2. Peggy (PJ) Rockey

    It just seems like they’re still being too nice to Liam. It makes sense that they would need to move him, and that it would be a struggle, especially for Brianna having to carry his weight. I like the way their attitude came across, ‘we are going to move you and we don’t care if you hurt in the process’ but it seems like they should take a little guilty pleasure in his pain, because certainly he deserves it. Maybe that’s just my own character flaw coming to the surface, wanting to mete out a little intentional, underhanded punishment for the past pain he’s caused them.
    I really liked the reference to Brianna’s grandfather, caring for the enemy soldiers, and to Florence Nightingale. It rounded out the scene nicely, especially her quip bout the water tasting bad, but it’s all he gets.
    The scene is well written, I’m enjoying the story and can’t wait to see what happens next. Well done!

    1. Georgiana Nelsen Post author

      Thanks Peggy! I have plot points for the last six scenes…. It am winging it now. My draft ended at 50k, soivebeen consciously slowing down. Wishi could write and post them all before Christmas!