My way by SM Prasad

“Why’s the door locked?”

My husband of three months, Aviraj, yelled back. “Just…working something out.”

Frantic whispers came out of the study.

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12 days ago

Yikes. What a clashing of worlds within a culture. An arranged marriage? How will this intelligent independent and like able woman stay with this seemingly worm of a man and his manipulative mother? I was thoroughly engaged though worried that staying in thus marriage coukd only turn her bad.

Paul J P Slater
12 days ago

Hi SM,

As Nina has observed, what a clash with the Mother in law not happy until she and her son get their hands on the MC’s funds. Wicked.
This scene suggests the intelligent MC is poorly matched to the boy hiding in his mother’s skirts.

For future submissions, I do think you have an MC worth following.
It might be worth exploring the (hint) misunderstanding that may have led to their marriage and where is their relationship headed?

Thank you for sharing.