Mrs. Posey by Caitlin Bennett Scott

Prompt: Access Denied.
Mrs. Posey's life is perfect - on the outside.

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12 days ago

Nice twist at the end. I didn’t see that coming and I’m not sure if I like her more for her not being the victim or less for her duplicity. I’m thinking more though since you made her such a sympathetic character.

12 hours ago

Hi Caitlin,
I enjoyed the description of the POV character, Meghan. You get a real sense of her tension and worry. The extra description of coffee adds sensory detail: bitter taste, caffeine tension. All good.
I needed to read through it a couple of times to get the characters straight. I was a bit confused about Thomas vs Jonathan Posey.
I found the twist at the end a bit abrupt but a good solution to Meghan’s problem. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing earlier on to avoid the abruptness.
A good effort. You really get inside Meghan’s head.