Mind Your Ps and Qs by Melissa Dill

Vera’s new job takes a turn for the weird when she discovers her boss is removing the P from every computer keyboard

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Maria Kinnersley
8 months ago

Great story and suitably wacky. I shall look at fonts in a totally different way now:-) Enjoyed the read, thank you.

Ellen Eigner
8 months ago

Got it! Ha ha! I like clever uses of letters/fonts/words. Elementary teachers use comic sans a lot – it’s cutesy.

Hyle Bathurst
8 months ago

Oh this was too funny! Tracy was making me laugh the entire time. Reminded me of Michael on the Office.
“Come hither and look in my desk drawer,”” – This line made me lol
Well done!! Thanks for sharing!
Happy holidays!

8 months ago

okaay – the ending was NOT what I expected.
I kinda hoped she would get the upper hand and show Tracy a thing or two.

I confess I was thoroughly confused by the feminine sounding names for the two bosses – who I think are brothers or twins? is that right?
that the one would be so juvenile and sabotage what is ultimately his own performance, just doesn’t come across as credible to me?

what I did like was how you pulled through all sorts of clues to highlight the contrast between Comic Sans and Time New Roman fonts – there are quite a few stories this month that touch on that – right down to the characters in your piece. That was clever.

well done.

Simone le Roux
8 months ago

I thought the use of the prompt was quite clever, and I enjoyed how dramatic the different characters were, even if poor Vera couldn’t deal with it. Like Kim, I was also a little confused by the more feminine names of the male characters, but I’m sure in a longer piece I would have gotten the hang of it. Well done!