• Thanks. Definitely not my favorite prompt…neither was the final short story prompt…hyped. But…we made it! Have a Blessed Holiday and Here’s to 2021!

  • That’s The Spirit’

  • Two…To…Too…e’Tu by Susan C Evans


    TWO…TO…TOO…é TU 

    by Susan C Evans

    12 x 12 poetry

    Final submission 

    of TWO 0 TWO 0.


    Try To find something To say 

    about Two…To…Too…é Tu, 

    To write a poem about T […]

    • Cathy replied 1 month ago

      Et tu, Brute Susan?
      It was an awful prompt wasn’t it? 🙂
      Occasionally, when I’m stumped, I’ll fall back on mind-mapping to look for inspiration, and your poem succesfully paints a mind-map for this prompt. I can almost see it.
      Well done.

      • Susan replied 1 month ago

        Thanks. Definitely not my favorite prompt…neither was the final short story prompt…hyped. But…we made it! Have a Blessed Holiday and Here’s to 2021!

    • Hello Susan,

      Yes, it was a tricky prompt but most of them are when you first start to try to write. In Welsh you is Ti, so there’s another one for you. Well done for making me smile.

      Wishing you all the best for the festive season and I look forward to more of your poems in 2021.

    • I enjoyed this. I, too, struggled with this prompt, but the struggle comes with purpose and it makes us better writers, I think. The result for you was this piece, and it’s both clever and original, so it’s a win. I liked your use of capitalization for emphasis: it adds to the chaos. It’s missing a tutu and a tattoo, though, so I think you should keep working with it. 😉

  • Don’t believe the hype…indeed. I like the playful delight of the ending sentence.

  • Heavy Sigh is my first reaction…simply a fragment of real life for far to many. Nicely done. Have a blessed holiday. ~ Peace

  • Ouch…a painful story. Well done. Your pacing was perfect.

  • Flee the Hype by Susan C Evans


    It was Sunday morning, 8 o’clock mass. I was so hyped to be actually IN church attending service and surrounded by others thirsting for uplifting words and sound teachings. I s […]

    • I think I was meant to read this story, I was pulled in by the familiarity of Catholic mass (I was raised Catholic).

      It also leaves me wondering if they have returned to sharing the wine amidst the pandemic?

      You have captured A LOT of different things that have gotten a lot of hype lately. Good job using the prompt.

      –I think this could get tightened up, use less words: “The very thought that we were about to sing aloud with the congregation thrilled my soul, not to mention the privilege of receiving communion which stirred my heart with delight.
      –use more visualizations/examples. I loved the use of candles!

    • This brought back a LOT of memories for me, as I was raised (Polish) Catholic. Very nice read and description of one lady’s devotion and love for her Mother, in trying times.

      Maybe today we all needed to sit in on the sermon you shared to receive a positive message.

      Much Thanks

  • PurrrrrFect…..Love the image of “Toe beans kneading into my heart”.

  • Susan commented on the post, Stillborn by Joan 2 months ago

    Having loss a three year old…my heart re-aches and aches for you and your heartbreak. Beautiful done. Every word mattered.

  • I am sure Mia will appreciate this as do I. Sound advice…Write On For The Art.

  • Definite truths contained within.

  • Susan commented on the post, Santa by Mia Botha 2 months ago

    That about “wraps” it up!

  • A wonderful depiction of the life of one’s muse.

  • Langston Hughes would indeed applaud you

  • That warm inner glow…indeed thee prize.

  • Susan commented on the post, Backyard by Maggie D. 2 months ago

    Perfect as I to am a gardener. LOVE IT! I can smell that air and feel that soil. I leave everything until the late spring for the benefit of those insects and birds and critters that winter over.

  • Susan commented on the post, Backyard by Maggie D. 2 months ago

    Perfect as I to am a gardener. LOVE IT!

  • Master Po by Susan C. Evans

    Monk of the Sholin Order, a seer physically blind       since birth

    Asks his students to seek to see beyond physical vision

    Student Kwai Chang Caine saw not the gr […]

    • Kim replied 2 months ago

      Loved the 2nd version more .
      most profound a reflection Susan!

    • Hi Susan

      I liked them both. The first one for its clarity. the second one for the musing. Good job.


    • “Old man, how is it that you hear these things?” “Young man, how is it that you do not?” Perfect evocation of Po.

    • Hello Susan,
      I struggled a bit with this, having to look up Master Po on Google and finding it only in reference to Kung Fu Panda. Is this right? Anyway, despite never having seen the film/s, I like both your poems and their reference to what seems to me a Buddhist appreciation of life.

    • When I was young, I used to watch David Carradine playing Caine/young grasshopper in Kung Fu, and when I was older I loved Kung Fu Panda and his Master Po. I loved the truisms that these shows relayed, they were as profound as those in your poems. This brought back fond memories from my past, and for that I say, thank you!

    • Oh, this reminds me of the 36 chambers movie. The first one is very clear, concise, and o the point. The second is more profound and deeper. Love both versions. Great job, Susan. 🙂

    • I was just waiting for a Young Grasshopper reference. Great job. The first one painted of nice picture of Master Po and the second imparted his wisdom.

    • Hi Susan, I enjoyed both variations very much. I was a big fan of Grasshopper and of martial arts movies generally and I love how you’ve retransmitted some of Master Po’s wisdom in the acrostic form. That was a really cool idea! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • A good 500 words

  • You accomplished a great deal in 500 words. Nicely done.

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