• Hello Pam

    This is temptation through and through, and it doesn’t seem that anyone is coming out of it unscathed. The judge is beyond redemption. The call girl is a true ‘pro’, well-versed in the arts of passionless seduction, who isn’t even too far from committing murder, under enough temptation of a better life.

    Finally, the pimp, who…[Read more]

  • Hello Pam … Thank you so much for the lovely and insightful comment.

    The gentle statue would have so many situations where he observes silently, gets his heart wrenched, and wishes if only he were capable to do more. Maybe some more stories could come out of that?

  • Only this time, the ancient statue moved its hands a little …

    Why do people always describe statues as heartless and stone-cold? The old mythical figure wondered, yet again. 

    It was another overcast morning, de […]

    • Hi Riham, The idea of a statue/sculpting who is alive and can not only see what is going on around him but can feel as well brings possibilities for writing stories. This statue has a heart and if he could he would comfort the frightened sad little girl. Well done.

      • Hello Pam … Thank you so much for the lovely and insightful comment.

        The gentle statue would have so many situations where he observes silently, gets his heart wrenched, and wishes if only he were capable to do more. Maybe some more stories could come out of that?

    • Sudha replied 1 month ago

      hi Riham
      so imaginative to show is from the statues pov. you did switch briefly when you mentioned the woman’s pov and her vision becoming blurry.
      so did the statue know the girl was hiding behind him?
      you showed us a snapshot off a sad family with a little girl who has a secret. we can guess her home life from the interaction the statue sees.
      a lot of information inside this story. a lot to think about.

    • You’ve captured a moment very well. I love the last two lines in particular. Beautifully done.

  • Thank you so much, Thomas. This is one of my earliest attempts at story writing, but I still hold it close to my heart. Really appreciate your comment.

  • That night so long ago…

    He said he meant none of it

    The silent stares

    Earnest promises

    And unending adoration

    Was nothing more to him … 

    Than a meaningless flirtation

    It was just an innocent slip of th […]

    • A clever take on the prompt, showing how a slip can have devastating consequences. Well done.

    • Hi, thank you for submitting a great poem. This is a reality for many and sadly people do slip in and out of our lives no where to be found again. With it’s details, I was able to vision this piece into a mini story in my mind. That to me, is great poetry.

    • The imagery is vivid, and the emotions are strong. I like how you showed the story and used the prompt in different ways. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello,
      Wow, that was quite an ending to a romantic story. You’ve got plenty of natural rhyming. Well done.

  • Inspired by the painting “Waiting for Dad” by Winslow Homer 1873 

    Waiting for Dad 

    The sands swear that he’s coming back 

    But the sea is not so sure 


    The storm had hit the night before 

    Took hundre […]

    • Powerful image and powerful words.

      You’ve captured the feeling of waiting and yearning very strongly and the last verse feels like it brings the poem to all of us – we are all the child waiting for their father. Beautifully done.

    • Fantastic poem Riham. I love the short verses that are powerful and emotive. The image is heart-wrenching with its title, and your words do it great justice.

      The rhythm and rhyme are excellent and the story is well told.

      I love all the verses, but this is my favourite:
      The edge of the sky is still grey
      But the sea is once again blue
      Nature remembers then forgets

      Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Riham. I like this short, but emotive poem. Very rich imagery. My favorite verse is “Nature remembers then forgets”. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Riham,
      That’s such a poignant painting, showing the yearning of a small boy to see his father again. We landlubbers tend to think of the seaside as a place of pleasure, seen in the background of this picture. But of course it isn’t. It is a place of constant danger. Your poem brings this point out beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

    • A wonderful match with Homer’s painting. You have captured the essence beautifully.

  • Riham Gharib started taking the course 52 Scenes 9 months, 2 weeks ago

  • Empty chairs by the seaside

    Recently abandoned .. before the tide

    The warm wave kisses the sand 

    Then breaks her promise, recedes a tad  

    A long letter was written for a stranger 

    Never ever read .. it was […]

    • Powerful, so well done. I love the empty chairs, and the wave – promise broken. I could see parts of my life in the smoky jaded mirror.

    • Excellent poem Riham. I could feel the images and the words and the forlorn emptiness and the attempt to cover it all up and move on with life.

      I enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm and you evoke so much with words painting these pictures

      Great job.

    • Hi Riham, I also enjoyed your poem. My favourite two lines were these:
      The warm wave kisses the sand
      Then breaks her promise, recedes a tad
      Lovely wording. Well done.

    • Beautiful poem!!

    • Hello,
      A feeling of abandonment and loss permeates the poem. The movement of the tide will wash away that episode of life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Running away from the memory of a scar

    When I was out of breath 

    I had to stop for a beat

    And I found your smiling face 


    Running away from the endless arguments 

    I was not made to stay 

    I am not a gar […]

    • Kim replied 11 months ago

      this was lovely – the sheer desperation comes through in the words – that constant running, trying to find their place in the world, or in someone’s life, or in escape – “I cannot escape that loss” – wow, so poignant
      I thought you captured the essence of ‘not being found’ admirably!
      very nicely done

    • Great poem Riham. I could feel the need to escape all the difficult and unpleasant things of life and I could relate. I think this is also very apt for our current environments and circumstances and the sheer overwhelm of it all.

      So many great lines, but these are some of my favourite:
      Running away from the memory of a scar

      I am as wild as a stranger’s kiss
      And as fragile as a love affair
      But I can’t hold back my soul

      I enjoyed the flow and the meaning that I garnered from the words and the feelings they emoted. Well done and thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Riham, I agree with Kim and Debbie, this is a powerful poem, six verses filled with different reasons and different problems to run from. I too can sense the desolation and desperation. Well done.

    • Hi Riham. This is a very striking and touching poem. I find it quite interesting that this month’s prompt has led to so many tragic and sad poems.
      I really liked the irony that seeps through in your poem: that the things we find when we are running away so often becomes the next things we run away from.
      You stanza starting with “Running away from the echo of a departed voice” was especially striking. It matches the controversies of the rest of the poem by making one wonder what is worse: the echo of a departed loved one of the memories fading?
      Your metaphors are delightful, I especially enjoyed the “garden statue” and “oak.” Beautiful! 🙂

    • Hello,
      I can almost feel the exhaustion and frailty the running has created. The repetition works really well, and the images are realistic so that we can all relate to them. Good poem!

    • Great job, Riham! To me it sounds as if the runner is also running out of a bad relationship? Really love the imagery — that oak!

    • I like the consistent theme.Well done

  • Hello Chloe
    That’s a lovely reminder of what we need to do in moments of vulnerability.
    This is nicely structured poem full of compelling lines. It’s powerful, determined, and it doesn’t fake imperiousness to life.

  • Hello Sara
    This poem feels more melodic than most of the acrostics I read so far. For a moment, I just savoured the images and all the sensory cues of this magical setting.
    This line is incredible:
    “Remnants of sunset as night steals the day”
    And this one is so real:
    “Only the dreamer remembers the moon”
    Lovely work!

  • Hello Jesmond
    The subject matter is quite melancholy, but the elegant sentences you created shifted the general mood of the poem. I like the diligent search for the perfect word and impeccable phrasing of each line. But here’s one that had the most impact:
    “Ageing into nothingness and nonexistence…”
    That’s probably the biggest fear for any h…[Read more]

  • Hello Bharati
    That’s a sweet choice for an acrostic word. And you do sum up what it really means to be a teacher.
    I like the minimalism of the poem, but I can’t help but imagine what if each line had more than just a single word. Maybe a metaphor, a ringer of an old story, or a nod to a truly special teacher.
    Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Jane! Truly appreciate your lovely comment. 🙂

  • During these weird and intense times, some of us choose to confront the effects, and some chose to look away. I like both approaches, and especially how they show in individual choices of acrostic words. ‘Quarantine’ is among the most distressing words we had to hear or say, and yet here it is, a fact of our life.
    Good work dear, you summed up a…[Read more]

  • Riham Gharib commented on the post, Wise bt William 12 months ago

    … And the wise never talk much now, do they? 🙂
    Smart choice of acrostic word. Love the economy of words, and the nice reminder of a good trait.

  • Powerful and compelling.
    This is a beautiful poem NetaQ, I loved every sentence!

  • I think I felt the protagonists sarcasm and boredom more than any other sentiment. I have to admit though that I’m finding it a bit difficult to spot the acrostic word. Overall, the poem is quite dynamic and full of potential.

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