• Thank you for reading and commenting! I would love to add some dialogue, but I am still reading and learning, and with some growth, I will feel comfortable writing dialogue naturally and not stiff as my efforts reflect. Appreciate your insight and I will continue working on this piece.

  • Reading this piece felt like a rollicking ride. Descriptive with some tongue twisters. Thanks for sharing.

  • You captured the pain, loss, and subsequent grief of not only losing a loved one but not knowing – who – why? This tears apart families, friends, and observers, as you so skillfully described. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate your insight.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate your suggestions. Just made changes to my copy.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting! I am still working on this piece. Hope to add dialogue that would enhance the tension.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting. You are absolutely correct, the layers of abuse are too numerous to and the impact ultimately devastating. With good people, family, professionals, and friends, victims could be deterred/saved before they too become what they fear.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting. I am working on including dialogue and adding more of the back story with her father.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting!!

  • Thank you for reading and commenting. I do not always see my grammatical errors and need my daughters to reread.

  • This poem paints this vivid picture and inspires me to remember the anticipation and exhilaration of a natural event. The rewards of nature experienced in our everyday lives cause us to shutter the world and just take moments to inhale the beauty, the silence and allow our whole bodies to just feel. Your take on the prompt is exceptional. The…[Read more]

  • NetaQ commented on the post, Our story by Poem Crush 1 week ago

    Beautifully descriptive! “the words of loving tells our story,” wow. This line resonates. I first read it with the word ‘loving’ capitalized in my mind. I thought of the true story from the 1950s or 1960s, Loving vs. the State of Virginia; the love and marriage of an interracial couple propelled laws to be changed. Their love story still resonates…[Read more]

  • NetaQ commented on the post, Blank by Bharati 1 week ago

    Hi Bharati, We live in those moments where at times our minds are saturated with color, or fighting and grasping at tendrils to connect and remember our purpose. The varying moods and state of being of our minds within this lovely poem define how we feel about ourselves. I especially love the last line “And I know I am someone.” Very nice use of…[Read more]

  • We become who we 
    are meant to be,

    with the right person 
    who hold our hearts –

    lifetimes to our 
    physical bodies

    moments to our souls,
    knowing we will reborn

    to that love, that dance,
    that space, that desire,


    • Hi Neta, what a beautiful poem:) I like the way you set it out in couplets – then with the one word on the end.

      I have a couple of small suggestions, please ignore if you do not agree.
      I feel this line – who hold our hearts – – should have the s moved around to read – who holds our heart
      And that possibly this line: knowing we will reborn – should be – knowing we will be reborn.

      Well done and thank you for sharing:)

      • NetaQ replied 1 week ago

        Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate your suggestions. Just made changes to my copy.

    • It’s very perceptive of you to have started your poem with an out-of-sight blank canvas – ‘We become who we are / meant to be.’ And I like the contrast between the limits of our physical beings and the eternity of our souls. Well done.

      • NetaQ replied 1 week ago

        Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate your insight.

  • NetaQ commented on the post, F(N) by DE 1 week, 1 day ago

    This piece is incredibly impacting. It reaches and digs deep into all our struggles and when we think we cannot find anything else to ride that wave, our tears tell the tale as we leave it all on the table with nothing left. Excellent use of the prompt!

  • This piece speaks to me. Do we judge others by their hopes, fears, dreams, tone? Or, as you aptly describe those characteristics appearing ‘just blank’ to others. When people are too caught up in their own lives they do not recognize that others are also living rich fulfilled lives that are not ‘colorless.’ Great job!

  • This is indeed powerful! We must not let the challenges and circumstances of our lives design or define our future. This simple line, “She loved him because he didn’t control her or hurt her,” resonates because it stirs feelings of hope, optimism, and human decency: Why try to control what you love. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great that you are here Donetta!! Welcome to an incredible group of kindhearted poets. As you have done, you revealed your soul, concerns, and longings. This is all that poetry is about, our passions painted and curated with words. Keep writing!!

  • The first line is simply astute and poignant. “Too much love will kill you” – this speaks to the condition of love that to engage in this emotion you must give it your all leaving nothing on the table. The Killer Queen takes no prisoners. This reminds me of a song … ‘she is a man eater.’ Nicely done!!

  • I love the simplicity of the activities, interactions, and descriptions. The flow was seamless and I assume they were quite ‘taken’ with each other, enjoying and building memories. What a beautiful poem about the simple joy and love of living.

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