• Where is he
    Why comes he not
    The passing steps
    Give such hope
    Each echoing shout
    And boats which pass
    Still, there is no word

    Is it me he chooses
    To avoid
    At coffee house
    Or tavern with
    Safe friends
    Or worse
    A […]


    Over to the right, in the distance, leaves swirled up in another gust of wind, catching her eye. As she looked back to the mirror-like grey granite, a watery sun peered through the cloud behind her, enough to […]

    • Hi Martin
      Bothe the genre definition and the warning are so to the point.
      I enjoyed this wishing I could write such a piece.
      Thank you for writing this.

    • Hi, Martin Such a lovely piece. So thoughtful and kind. We need more of these stories in our lives. I perhaps read more into the story, but I gathered that the little girls mother had passed away and he was able to understand her loss because he had suffered also. It was beautifully written, and it is one that will stick with me. My story is about kindness also. I guess we were thinking alike this month. Thanks for an uplifting story.

  • Hi Darci

    This is a riveting expose of how easy it must be to rationalise a criminal life and then suffer the consequences. However we may look at such behaviour with disdain, we can so often speak from a place of comfort. You shared the other perspective. I was captivated.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Hi Bruce

    Great perspective and a lot of fun! I love the interactions between the animals and above all, the message you send. Good take on the prompt too.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Darryl

    You capture the poignancy so well in this story. The outcome seems inevitable as you draw us into the emotions he writes and how I (I cannot speak for everyone else) so want a better outcome.

    It is harrowing and, as we see images of horror on our screens today, reminds us of man’s inhumanity, and the carelessness of those on…[Read more]

  • Hi Seth

    Thank you for reading and leaving your lovely comment. I appreciate it. Best wishes for your own writing.


  • Hi David

    Thanks for your perceptive experience. I’ll take a look at your suggestion and if it scans to my satisfaction, I may change it 😉


  • Hi Christian

    Writing the poem coincided with me watching the pageantry of the royal salute on the Queen’s birthday on April 21st in Hyde Park. The sight and sounds of the guns and the horses were stunning.

    Thank you for reading and for your words of encouragement.


  • Hi Bev

    Sadly yes. Though the times have changed, the grim reality of war is still just as pertinent. I’m grateful for your reading the poem!


  • Hi Debbie

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I chose the short lines to create that pace and tension.

    I appreciate your kind words.


  • Hi Juanita

    Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate your reading my poem and that you got to feel my meaning too!


  • Scene 21Adele could not speak. The words did not form, and she could not expel them even if they were ready. After Laoise spoke her words, laden with mystery hanging right there in the room, a heaviness came over […]

  • Hi Jens

    Quite. Your poem captures the need for kindness and celebration of the differences about us. Lovely reminder and very well done.


  • Hi Susan

    Ha! Now that’s a clever take in the prompt. I love so many of the standards from the Nat era!


  • Hi Tom

    This is a lovely tribute to a sister, supportive of your journey through life’s trial and tribulations. You did a good job in your telling of this.


  • Hi Sandy

    Great concept around the prompt. I like the awareness, the connections and particularly the philosophy that you draw out.


  • Hi Linda

    This is a nice compelling scene where we get a good feel for your MC’s character and her relationships with the other players. I like how you set the scene up and then the valuable outcome message.

    A good job!


  • Hi Nam

    I found this a bit of a struggle to read. The repetitive short sentences would benefit from some variety in their length.

    There are also quite a few grammatical errors and I appreciate that this could be as English is not your regular language. I don’t mention this to be mean, but it’s important you are aware of it if you want to mak…[Read more]

  • Hi Sally

    This is just right as a short story. Good backstory. Progressive narrative and the little twist at the end. I’d have had to buy something too. Maybe a Chelsea bun.

    I enjoyed this.


  • Hi Annette

    This is a clever storyline. Your parallel running of two very different scenarios leads to the same ending.

    Having both in place gives that important sense of perspective, despite the message being the same.

    Nice work!


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