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  • Thank you Susanne. Your poem is far superior! I loved it.

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  • This is just wonderful. I read it after you commented on my poem which also was a twist of humour on the number two, and I have to say yours is far superior. It is an absolute delight. Clever, funny and really well written.

  • Beautiful language. This is a poem that really makes the reader stop and think.
    I simply love it. Thank you for writing it.

  • A lovely poem. I particularly like the last line. I think it resonates with me as I have an older sister. There is a 15 year age gap between us but that has not got in the way of us being close friends as well as sisters.

  • The blue door at number two by Sharon J Clark


    The people at number two

    Have painted their front door bright blue

    It’s causing quite a to do

    Especially with Great Uncle Hugh

    He says it’s linked to voo […]

    • Hi Sharon, love your poem. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss! But maybe that’s because I’ve just read up on some of his quotes. I like your take on the prompt. The prompt being a number made it hard for me, so I, too, had to choose something funny. What I like about your poem is the light-heartedness in which you tell your story and the rhymes you chose: voodoo-taboo-flu-true – all of them just great!

    • A cheery lay
      to brighten my day
      well done, I say

    • Hi Sharon,

      I love it. The rhymes are great and the subject is funny. Personally I have a touch of sadness too because I was supposed to be travelling on holiday to Togo and Benin to a see a voodoo festival this month. May be next year? And then I can tell you if a blue front door is linked to voodoo.

      I hope you have a happy festive season and look forward to reading more of your poems in 2021.

    • Hi Sharon, definitely a bit of fun and nonsense:) Some great rhyming and a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Well done:)
      Hope you have a lovely Christmas:)

    • Hi Sharon, I loved your poem. There’s humour. It’s light and fun. It just made my day. Thank you!

    • Haha… this was fun despite the underlying seriousness of the theme. Love the rhyming words.

    • Light-hearted with a warning undertone. This was a fun read, and a great take on the prompt. I love the whimsical rhyme. Brings a smile to my face. Nicely done.

  • November blues in lockdown by Sharon J Clark


    Now come the long days of thunder and lightning

    October’s mellowness gone, Covid’s grip tightening

    Vaccines longed for, failing to appear

    Everyone’s hope drain […]

    • Well done, Sharon. I assume you are from the UK with your reference to Boris. It was spot on with our present situation. Thanks for sharing, Sharon

    • November has been quite the eventful month- and its still only the beginning!
      Wonder how much worse it can get – your words carry a dark foreshadowing

    • I suspect that you selected your subject, then picked your acrostic. That worked very well. It’s hard to imagine Boris having ever been anyone’s delight, but one could say that about another current leader as well. Out with the rascals!

    • Hi Sharon,
      I guess many of us in the UK sympathise with your sentiments in this well-composed acrostic. It seems we will now have a vaccine, and will have to put our faith in its ability to get us out of this cycle of covid and more covid. Well done in writing our thoughts.

    • Great acrostic on point for this time Sharon. I feel the drain of hope and the sheer surrender to fear and the frustration on relying on government to make the right decisions.

      Let us find hope again and may it be rewarded.

      Your words flow well and stir up feelings which is always the sign of a good poem.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • A great poem for the UK for November…and such a warning ending with the 5th…I bet some people wish ‘if only’!… If you are a UK citizen/resident then I wish you well; I am Aussie/UK living in Australia these past 17 years and never so grateful as now, but never so fearful for my parents, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces…and so many friends in that mess that is the UK. Keep safe and keep the hope alive.

  • Lost in Toulouse by Sharon J Clark


    Perfect rhyme or broken rhyme, so many rhymes to choose

    But more important for me now, is to find my missing muse.

    I’ve travelled far, I’ve travelled near. Did I leave it […]

    • Very good and interesting rhyme. Keep up the good work!

    • Loved the ending, hahaha. A laidback musing on inspiration. Thanks for sharing it, Sharon!

    • enjoyed your poem. i kept looking for references to Toulouse from the title. Nice writing.

    • Nicely done–tough to keep the same rhyme going in all lines, but you did it well. Whimsical, almost Seussish, I wondered what took the writer to Toulouse in the first place?

      Good job!

    • Great story telling in this poem, Sharon. Like Kim said, almost Seussish. Or is that Seussian? 😀

    • Hi Sharon – I love it! It’s got humour and rhyme – the works. The rhyming is sensational, I’ve no idea how you managed to keep it going all the way through to ‘kangaroos / cruise / hues / views / Veracruz’ and even included zoo in the middle of a line. Great stuff.

    • What I like best about this poem is that you seem to consider rhyming something that leads one astray–in a humorous way–yet you come out of it with a poem that works. Rather than interrupt the flow, the rhyme and meter work together to pull the reader through the poem at your own breakneck pace. Well done.

  • Very good. Clever use of words and a great idea.
    Well done.

  • You have some great imagery in here. I particularly like these lines:

    Ink torrents flush forth onto the page 
    surges of swollen, pregnant verbiage.

    Oddly enough I wrote about a missing muse too. Took a slightly different approach. Very much enjoyed your version.

  • I enjoyed the repetition as well as the rhyme. The repetition does a great job of emphasising the humdrum nature of daily life.

  • Love it. That is a fun poem.

  • The last piece of chocolate by Sharon J Clark


    Why did I eat that last square of chocolate?

    I’d already eaten more than enough

    But there it sat, nestled in purple paper.

    Alone. An orphan. It seemed u […]

    • I love this. Felt like I was right there with you, crumbling up my own wrapper.

    • Oh yes Sharon. It turns an enjoyable pleasure into guilt and gluttony. I don’t know the specific brand with the purple paper, but it gave me vivid images of the tasty morsel.

      This gave the casual feel of a realistic conversation with oneself and flowed easily.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sharon. My how I love chocolate:) I totally get this. For me though it used to be – well I am going to eat it tomorrow anyway so I may as well get it over and done with and do the damage now:) One of my vices is Darrel Lea Milk Chocolate bullets – I have been known to eat a whole bag. And boy would I pay for that the next day:) A great poem. Thanks for sharing.

    • The pleasure….the regret…delicious (the poem and chocolate!!)

    • Oh yes, Sharon, that is me too. I can’t stop with chocolate, even though I know I will suffer later. Thank you for sharing an amusing poem which works well with the prompt.

  • If only they asked by Sharon J Clark


    Free Dom, the crowd cried

    But Dom flinched at the sound of his name

    Freedom was vastly over-rated in his opinion

    And the crowds play on words grated.

    They thought they […]

    • Strong! How true that is, and you gave Dom feelings that came across. Well done.

    • Hi Sharon

      Cleverly done. I especially like the underlying message of never making assumptions based on our own perspectives as others a very different sometimes, so it’s best to find out.


    • Quite an interesting take on the prompt. I really like the twist and engaging sentiment. We all are not alike and your poem begs us to take a closer look – and listen.

    • I really like this! Sometimes I wonder if people we step in to “save” really want/need what we think they are supposed to want/need. Clever use of the prompt and double meaning! I particularly like how these lines sound together:
      “They thought they were being so clever
      They thought they were doing him a favour”

    • Interesting message about people does not always know what others want.

    • Hi Sharon, I really liked this, loved the last couple of lines – the whispering Dom to be left in his cage. This poem could be taken in so many different ways:) Thanks for sharing.

    • This made me laugh, it’s so original. We don’t know who or what Dom is but can quite sympathise if he / it doesn’t want to be let out of the cage. After all, true freedom gives you the choice to remain caged or not. Great poem, Sharon.

  • Dreaming in metaphors by Sharon J Clark


    My love, I dream in coloured metaphors

    Standing so still upon the stage of life

    While you watch o’er an open garden door

    Set to prune and cut out all daily s […]

    • Your beautiful poem resonates!! I love the line, “your conscience has become my homeward light.” This is a ‘love’ poem that shines a light on the complications of love and relationships. My interpretation is that we become a victim to love, to a person, to an ideal. You state it best with the line, “Above, the eagles circle me as prey”. Great job!!

    • AWWWW This is so beautiful. I see someone who is having a hard time grieving. They have lost their other. And now they daydream about them all day long. Dream of them at night. That person is their every thought.

      Great job!

    • This is truly beautiful. I love all the imagery and how the settings change as death gets closer. Very well done.

    • This is deep and profound, it resonates in my soul and just wants to rest their and ruminate. Well done!

    • I really feel the gravity of this. The concept of dreaming is a favorite topic of mine. Thank you for the lovely verse.

    • I love the way you use the metaphors you refer to in the title – cutting out the daily strife, becoming a rose encased in clay etc right on to the final one of the dreams becoming a Celtic Knot. Very good.

  • Hi Marcena – As Jane says you’ve captured a whole story in a poem, and done so very well. I like that you draw on the different love languages – touch versus communication – and how that makes her feel.

    A rather sad poem, well-written as I could immediately empathise with your main character.

  • This is a very clever poem – such depth of language and I enjoyed the way rhyme holds things together.
    An excellent take on the prompt and every well executed.

  • MKpoet commented on the post, Blank Verses by CReese 7 months ago

    Realy enjoyed reading this. I love the language you use – and the many possibilities that you list. This makes me feel really upbeat and excited about the potential of the blank page.

    Very well done.

  • Hi I also wrote about the blank page. I emjoyed reading your take and the idea of becoming the blank page. That is quite a philosophical concept – I shall muse on that for a while.
    Thanks for sharing.

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