• With fans like you, who needs fans. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the ending. It’s been a real fun challenge. I just wish I had like a month or two before the next 52 weeks. Then I might have jumped back in. But I need a break and to get this thing polished up a bit. Thanks for sticking with this story and your positive reception to it has kept things…[Read more]

  • Well, there it is. After all that finished and done. Nice work man! I like the ending, told from who I’ve always considered the main character – Lucy. Seeing this drama unfold from her eyes some of the time really puts you in the action as it were. The fact that she’s got a good but challenging career ahead of her is also a good choice.
    The infor…[Read more]

  • A new beginning for both, I think it’s a great idea to get away, have some space from everything and establish herself by herself. The family dynamic is tight though, so I suspect Clarissa is going to be using the new car a lot for visits.
    Thanks for the journey and opening my eyes to a different kind of story from my usual choices.
    Well done o…[Read more]

  • Sublime and understated – the perfect wrap up. It feels good this ending. Returning to the beginning but full of new beginnings.
    This was a great story. You’ve kept your voice from the first scene until the end and grown as a writer like we all have from this unique experience.
    I wish you all the success you deserve with this story and blo…[Read more]

  • Two months or so later…

    Madison bent a business card between two fingers. She wondered why she needed business cards at all. It’s not like anyone asked her for one, and she wasn’t planning on handing any out e […]

    • Michael, you have outdone yourself with this ending! The smile on my face is hurting my cheeks, it’s so wide, and my heart is pumping with excitement at the idea of these two rushing off to another adventure. I laughed out loud when I read my suggested book title, I still think it’s the one to go with – the quest for the golden beetle – it’s perfect, don’t you think? Then when I get my hardcopy from Amazon, I can tell all my friends that I knew you when you first wrote this draft and I order them all copies for their shelves as well.
      This has been such a fun ride! From the first day on the tourist bus to their first ‘date’ – you set the stage for this amazing couple to draw the reader along on their amazing adventure and possible romance.
      It has been an amazing ride, Michael and the best part is it seems you’ve left the door open for a sequel!
      Now I need to go bask in the tingly feelings of adrenalin that you’ve instilled in my heart from the conclusion of your novel. Well done!

      • With fans like you, who needs fans. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the ending. It’s been a real fun challenge. I just wish I had like a month or two before the next 52 weeks. Then I might have jumped back in. But I need a break and to get this thing polished up a bit. Thanks for sticking with this story and your positive reception to it has kept things moving some weeks.
        Thank you!
        PS Of course this adventure needs another instalment or three. 😉

    • Great job. Looking forward to the dauntless duo’s next adventure. They’re a great pair. What a journey from the tour bus in Paris. This was such a fun read. I’m sad to be at the end. I’m curious to know what was in the gift bag. Thanks, Michael, for brightening the year.

      • Thanks for sticking with this story all these months, and offering your valuable insights. Always nice to have a considered opinion from someone who’s been there from the start. At the very least you’ll get a credit in the published work. 😉 I wanted to do a little gift opening bit but the word count was already high… Tara gave Madison a bottle of hand-made perfume from Zanzibar, and Madison got Tara one of those wire and bead chameleons from Gugu’s friend…

    • Congrats Michael on getting to the finish line (which now feels like another starting line). It’s been a great ride. Thanks for sharing it and good luck with the next draft – as they say, a piece of writing is really never finished. Happy new year.

      • Thanks for sticking with it from the start. It’s interesting that some random click and read a year ago ends up here. Madness. This kind of story can easily carry on in a new book – so I like the idea of them on an endless adventure. This piece of writing is done for a week or two. Then I’ll head back in and blast through a revision. 😉 It’s been fun!

    • Jeez Michael, you cheated us out of the big smooch!!! These guys are just to cool for school, but I like the thought of them becoming a husband and wife pre eminent pair of experts in Egyptology or some lost culture. Fabulously well done, tongue in cheek the whole way and great entertainment. Maybe forget novel revisions and go straight for the screen play… Happy new year!!

      • Ha, yeah – sorry no romantic beats there. Well kind of, kind of not. I wouldn’t know where to start with a screenplay. I’ll leave that up to Hollywood, when they buy the rights – it’s their problem. This one isn’t going to win any Oscars. 😉

      • Oh yes. Happy New to you too.

    • lolol, well play – “I heard someone is writing a book about us” 🙂

      I was a little confused first when I read “orange.” I wonder if it would go a bit smoother if she said “And it’s orange”? Just seemed a bit out of the blue with a single word and took me a bit to figure what she was talking about.

      This is a satisfying ending (well okay, when not restricted by the word count, you need to add in the bits about the gifts that I read in the comment 🙂 )

      Well done, and congratulations!! I’m so glad I got to read about Ethan and Madison. It’s so vulnerable to share first drafts, but I got so much out of it. Thanks for being part of the journey!

      • I’ll make a note on the orange. I kind of liked leaving the gifts unopened and then refer back to them in the sequel. 😉 It has been a journey. We’re all in the same boat so less sensitive / vulnerable I feel. Nice work and thanks for catching up.

    • Love this. Waiting for the next one. What about the marriage? She isn’t a ‘miss’ and he needs to kiss her this time. This is great. Well done.

  • If anyone needs a happy ever after, it’s Fran. LOL.

  • I see what you mean. Been a long year. 😉

  • Michael started taking the course 52 Scenes | 2022 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks for the read. Ships in the night as they say. LOL. I think my ending will keep people happy, but I do look forward to your impression when the time comes.

  • After everything the Guy Fran relationship feels spot on, Guy is also easy to speak to now because he’s got a lot of positive things happening. I suspect if he was in the middle of a breakup, it would have been a different vibe.
    That Chrissie shows that class means she perhaps has grown up. I guess all she would need to do now is clear the air w…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the read. Happy the WhatsApp stuff worked. Yeah, I know what I want to do for the last scene, but please tell me how it makes you feel when you read it. This has been a lot of fun – I think this 52 scene ‘thing’ is the best way to write a book – one good scene a week (it’s nothing really). It’s also not in rough draft format, maybe…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the read. I agree on the plane shenanigans, I wasn’t specifically talking about them ‘serving’ drinks before take-off – just pushing a trolley between those kitchen areas (I’ve experienced that situation before – I’m sure). regardless, I will revise. I just needed Madison delayed so the hatch can be closed. Might be better just to have…[Read more]

  • Strong scene, I liked that the men parted because of a child being hurt. Still honourable behaviour during so much chaos. Gives hope for the future in a way.
    I’m guessing bruised or broken ribs.
    I wish I had more to say or contribute – this was a great scene, also solid diary entry at the end.
    I did feel a little short-changed on the reu…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the read. Happy those messages worked – I think I’ll add them in from the start, short bits here and there – just to set it up properly like Adam suggested.

  • That kind tut reference – where is that from? Not my neck of the woods.
    Lovely set up with some dinner table drama, I wondered what they were eating. Nice to get a chance to play people at their own games sometimes. Wilder is a bit of a twit, wish his wife would play a more assertive role in that moment.
    Mia mentioned it, well down with Amy, s…[Read more]

  • LOL. Well, that’s the whole idea. I’ve got a plan – just not sure if it’s traditional enough. This has been a lot of fun!

  • Yes! It is amazing how they all come to life and live in your head. They feel so real to me. The short stories do that to a degree too, which is why I like to wrap up those stories and not leave the character(s) hanging too much. Good luck for the last one! I’m aiming to write The End on Christmas day – little present to myself. LOL. Bitter sweet one.

  • Your reuniting paragraph with her father is top class stuff, real, emotional, and full of complexity. Well done!
    I like the summary of everything, puts it all in place.
    Looking forward to the last scene, you are kind of done – unless there’s some deeper trickery going on.
    I also still like her being ‘curious’ about what might have happene…[Read more]

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