• Thanks for the read and comments. I did enjoy putting this story together, even though it took a while to bang into shape properly. I’m, thrilled that you and a few others had a good laugh at the inane antics of Odalf. Gives me extra juice for the next one. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing. You tell this story in a very personal and engaging way. All the small details about your mom felt very real, if that’s the right way to put it. I did smile at this line, “The jolting stops and she returns to her food instantly.” Such a great way of showing a love for food. Great job with this.

  • How could I indeed. 😉 They’ll be fine (the wizards), but now will just have to work harder to accept and function in the world they live in or will they risk another tinker… I’ve decided I like the introduction mechanic after all the comments. It is a great device as you say. Thanks for stopping by!

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    This was such a smart story. I love the concept, and I’m going to be keeping an eye on my appliances from now on. 😉 The introduction of Google was a great idea to the mix, and I feel there’s a lot more that could be done with this. Nice work.

  • Thanks for the read. The humour does just happen, but I’m not all that serious in real life anyway so perhaps it’s comes easier because of that. Luke and Matthew were pulled from the air on a whim – I also know kids called by those names. I agree on the too many people at the start, it’s why I state that the story wasn’t about any of these peo…[Read more]

  • This was cool, I was imagining a typical inn from Lord of the Rings. I like your description of the visitor and the assessment of the people inside the tavern – very sharp. Interesting idea this. Can’t say I’ve ever read a story or of a place that didn’t know what alcohol was. If you think about it, this monk was bringing evil to the town. 😉

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  • Thanks for the read and I’m happy that you were swept away in a world you don’t usually visit for a short time. The funny thing about humour is it seems to come when you’re not trying for it. But as soon as you do it slips away. 😉

  • This was great. I’ve got nothing by way of critical comments. 😉 It was well put together with the younger Mike learning the story as I’m sure everyone in that police station has. Very sad that someone can just get lost like that – good way of describing it. Nice job. Wait, wait! I found something. Right near the top by Comments: It just ends.…[Read more]

  • That was so well done. Really shocking, but very true in a lot of places. All forms of media are beholden to where the money comes from. You must wonder if free press even exists anymore. Nicely handled for a story that ends tragically, and all for nothing considering nobody was willing to cover the piece.

  • Thanks for the read and yes, Terry Pratchett seems to be inhabiting this story to some extent. I get what your saying about the use of these words. I somewhat agree. I think that line is kind of used so much it becomes the first thing you think when you’re writing it. I shall add this to my correction process, but I might still use it now and t…[Read more]

  • Excellent story with a smart ending that was paced to perfection. It flew along and before I knew it, I was done. There’s a line of thinking somewhere about people who get used to being single, they have a very hard time with someone new in their lives. But this boyfriend sounds like a bit of a jerk to be honest. Great job on this and great use o…[Read more]

  • Nice job with the magic and fantasy. 😉 This was an exciting adventure, and the ending makes we wonder what they’ll find underwater. These characters are also cool. It also reminded me a little bit of Indiana Jones – just about where the rumbling started. I’m also glad the book is just a boring and nothing outwardly special. What fun! Hope this…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the read! In the first batch of rewriting I felt that I needed more space for the way the spell worked. So I removed the whole introduction with the kids part. Then I read it again, and realised it needed to remain. So back to the keyboard I went. This short little story was a good lesson for me on how important rewriting things can be.…[Read more]

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    I like this, very authentic and a rather unique way of telling a story. Others have mentioned it, but I also really like the different ways of saying things like Playing Station. You just can’t make that kind of thing up. Good job with this. It felt fresh and different.

  • Thanks for the read. Praise doesn’t come any higher than this. If people are having a laugh then it’s a job well done. 😉

  • That was excellent in so many ways. The cold, her mad racing away from an imagined tail, the stakes, her brother. So much detail in such a short piece is really a work of art, also a lot of it subtle images and ideas that painted a full picture. I can easily imagine her getting more involved with the resistance and playing a major role. Perhaps…[Read more]

  • That was an interesting slice of life. I guess it’s the same for most kids when their parents get older and a lot less ‘connected’ to reality / things / and their kids. Tough story to write and I think you did a good job. I didn’t notice any mistakes that pulled me away from the story – so nothing to report on. 😉 The way you wrote it conveys a…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the read, I like converting people to other genres – even if it’s for just a short time. 😉 If you like silly wizard stuff and want to try something really different give this book a try. 😉 The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett.

  • I love these monsters. What a bunch, like hoodlums from the South Side, “Hey chief.” They also reminded me of the sharks in Finding Nemo – well done with that – great characters. I really enjoyed the interaction between them and the dad and of course Phil. Dying to know what that was all about. Nice job man. Specifically, I don’t really look too…[Read more]

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