• A year ago I traded the day-to-day grind of university classes for an even more grinding job at a big multinational corporation. With decent pay, benefits, and retirement if I’m still here by then. And as luck w […]

    • Oh darn! Now I’m left wondering if they’ll see each other again or if this is a modern Roman Holiday. Thanks for the “meet cute”, this was a fun read.

    • What a wonderful story. I really enjoyed the read Mike. I liked that you didn’t make your MC be the biggest, smartest, etc. He was an everyday guy meeting a Princess. Wow! You did a great job on building up the story. He had a good reason for traveling – over with his friends. And they met once and enjoyed their conversation, setting up the subsequent meeting beautifully. Really nice job. What happens next?

    • Hi Mike,
      Good job setting this up, with the specifics of his job and his friends. I suggest specifying that the tour was a European tour when his friends first propose it to him. I liked this line, “And there went what was left of my GPA.” Well done. Does he get to see the princess again, I wonder? Maybe you could give us a detail or two about her after he bumps into her on the ferry–physical description or personality or accent or something. Great story, thanks for sharing.

  • Holidays often bring out the best and in some cases the worst in families. Got the feeling of the conflict between these two families, especially with the daughter-in-law. Almost like eavesdropping on the conversations.

  • Could imagine the setting and all the children around. Great raising the suspense.
    Might be one or two misplaced commas, but I’m lucky if that’s all I would have.

  • I hate being in a hospital. Doesn’t matter if I’m there as a patient or as a visitor. And that’s not a good thing since I work for a hospital group. Luckily I’m in their corporate offices far from the actual […]

    • I like the way you started with ‘I hate hospitals’ and ended it the same way. Seems we come full circle – or some things never change. I appreciated all the different levels of management and minions that needed to be appeased for the budgeting process.

      This sentence – “Tonight I would be taken out of that process.” – I think you are alluding to the fact that you will be removed by circumstances (heart issue) beyond your control but I wasn’t getting that. You might add an ‘involuntarily’ or something.

      In this sentence, “all we received from the budget system was a total from the year.” I think the ‘from’ should be a ‘for’ – if I’m understanding it correctly.

      I really enjoyed your story. I’m so sorry for the situation. That sounds terrible. If anything could cause heart problems it would be budgeting! Well done.

    • I like the casual way you talk about the budget process, no big deal, piece of cake! Been through the city budgeting process for many years and know the hassle it always is — especially when they tell you “cut 5% (or 15%) from your budget. It would have been nice if the hospital stay had let you totally out of that process, but I bet it was sitting there waiting when you got back out!

    • Thank you for an interesting story. I am happy for you that you didn’t have a prolonged hospital stay. Here’s hoping the budget cuts and figures improve along with your health. Well done!

  • “The correct version is now on KDP.”

    The author smiled. “Good. Aunt Inez was waiting to be one of the first to buy.”

    “Buy a copy?”

    “Stubborn lady. I offered an advance reader copy, but she said that wouldn’t […]

    • Good. Congrats. And Fate of the Universe! 😀

    • Congrats to your MC for finally getting published. This has been a fun read . Thank you for entertaining us.

    • I’m so happy for you MC. I’ve learned so much and had a great time doing it. Thanks for keeping it going.

    • Great ending to the story. I hope he wrote the new idea down somewhere.

    • An interesting concept to keep this story going. And now ready to begin again! Well done!

    • lol, great way to end the story on Day 30!

  • Mike Cipolla commented on the post, Countdown 1 month ago

    Her karma was all messed up. I you believe in that I don’t think you get a choice. Saw a movie about a dog that kept coming back as a dog. Wonder if that will be this lady’s fate?

  • Smart mom if there’s an alternative.

  • Appears Doug is trying to get Laura into the same trouble as Reilly.

  • Lots of sunken ships have been searched for for many years. Some by treasure hunters and some by historians. Appears part of this one have been found by the later.

  • Research expedition using a submarine. Interesting concept. Nice touch making what kind of research and where a mystery to her family. She’s September, so are the other siblings just listed in birth order instead of coming up with that that many names?

  • The thing local legends are made of and never told to others.

  • Mike Cipolla commented on the post, Hotel Sonar Tori 1 month ago

    Glad to see her last days were tranquil other than her disturbing dreams.

  • “One ping.”

    The editor laughed. “Too easy. Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October. That’s Marko Ramius played by the late Sean Connery. Can you believe a Scotsman playing a Russian?”

    “Well, I thought I might sneak t […]

    • Interesting way of presenting a story with today’s focus. Nicely done.

    • Becky replied 1 month ago

      Great job starting in the middle of that action (in this case, dialogue). You used dialogue well as a tool to convey information to the reader, and show us the interaction between these characters. well done!

    • I liked your use of the game to get in the prompt. It seems your editor and MC are more at ease and in tune with each other than they were at the first of your series.

    • I like your use of the game to get that prompt. The interaction between the characters felt very natural. I think they must have become friends (ish) through this process. Well done.

  • Abby just wants to share the pregnancy indigestion with Jess.

  • If they don’t like the rice will they need to make a hasty exit?

  • Semi fiction? Which part? Writing for Reader’s Digest or being published someday.
    The hopes and dreams of many for us scribblers.

  • “Okay. We’ve done about all we can with the story to get it ready for publication. Promoting it everywhere.”

    “Wonderful, but I just noticed a problem.”

    “What? At this point what kind of problem?” […]

    • I wondered if someone would refer to Reader’s Digest- it was you, it was you.

      • I had the same thought!

        I also like how you included the Reader’s Digest in the prompt, Mike. Well done.

    • I had forgotten all about those RD version of books. Do they still publish those? Anyway, fun reference. Well done.

    • My first draft used Reader’s Digest but the story didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, so I sraped it and started a new one. Glad to see that you used it instead!

    • I wanted to see how you were going to use digest in your story. You didn’t disappoint. Well done.

  • Title: Jungle Rescue.

    That doesn’t work!

  • Unique approach. Could have been difficult with the longer prompts.

  • So much left to the imagination. Would tend toward readers’ previous experience with lions.

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