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  • Love it!

  • Water moves all around me

          My body carried by the ripples

                 Depths below

                 Space above

            And my lungs swell with air



    You texted ‘goodnight’

    I looked at my phone in disbelief

    It hit me

    You are not coming back.

    Tears began free-flowing down my face

    My heart broke into a million tiny pieces

    I knew this day […]

  • When did I last feel your warm embrace?
    How did  you do to cause my smile to go away?
    I refer to you in my mind like yesterday
    Why can’t we get back to what we was?
    Nowadays I can’t tell if we are in love
    Or […]

  • Cold conversation

    Leaves our lips in clouds

    Suspended and waiting

    For something to be said

    Wet sheets of fog

    Wrap us in white

    The lights

    Of bars glow

    And we drink

    To forget

    We have always

    Just met

    I […]

  • Soft mud squelches underfoot 
    Roots reaching deep into the rich soil
    Toes digging deep into fine sand
    A foundation that grounds us

    The light pitter patter of rain
    Crystal clear seas ripple
    Waves breaking and […]

  • There was no easy way to divulge the information she had kept secret within her. 

    But she felt it bubbling within her just like the bad Chinese food she’d eaten for dinner. It may explode out of her, just as sh […]

  • “Abe, listen. I got something!”Bernie stopped waving the metal detector and removed his headphones, handing them to Alex. “The blip got faster.”Abe listened as Bernie scanned the wand over the same spot of beach.“ […]

  • “I can’t drown,” he confided.“Impossible,” she scoffed, the girl he’d pined for forever.“No, really.”“How would you even know? Did you almost drown?”He could not bear her doubt when all he ever wanted was her trus […]

  • “Mikey, where the heck are you?” Alex and his brother had been taking turns hiding the past few hours. Mikey kept winning because he could fit into places Alex couldn’t.
    Frustrated, Alex stood on the pile of hay […]

  • Tongue-tied, he stood there in his black tuxedo with tails, as she appeared at the top of the broad spiraling staircase. 

    Shock, wonder, fantasy, and arousal all fought for dominance as she came towards him, one […]

  • The first time Leonardo da Vinci put the finely blown Murano glass tube in the water, he only had a vague idea of what he might expect. 

    As a man of art, he used the best and most beautiful piece of cristallo […]

  • My mentor told me that now was the time to take the plunge. He said I was being lazy. It was tempting to stay here where life flowed smoothly and everything was easy.The stars were aligned he said, and the angle […]

  • “Do you mind if we eat in front of the TV?”Renee found the practice barbaric but Margot was recovering from yet another break-up. How could she say, ‘No’?Margot dropped the pizza box on a stack of magazin […]

  • It seemed like whenever she went home, time passed more quickly. 

    The sun rose and set in the passing of a few breaths.

    People she hadn’t talked to in months wanted to grab a meal. 

    There were puzzles to do, […]

  • Harold awoke to a blinding white light and the smell of disinfectant.  His head was throbbing and he winced in pain when he tried to shield his eyes.
    “Take it easy, honey,” Harold heard the calming voice of hi […]

  • This afternoon Janene is searching for a party dress with the help of her daughter, Vanessa. To Janene, this task felt more like work than fun but Vanessa did help to lighten the mood with some of her wild […]

  • My P.A. had outdone herself. The Hotel Sonar Tori was exquisite after the hustle and bustle of the software conference in Delhi. It was wonderful to be here for ten days before I had to return to my Mumbai office. […]

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