• I love it. It makes me wish I was looking out that train window. I enjoy looking at the graffiti on the trains when they pass by at the crossings.

  • Linda Kuno commented on the post, Disintegration 19 hours ago

    You’ve said so much in so few words. It sure works well with your picture.

  • “You stand strong yet weak

    years of reaching out and up

    searching for sunlight

    has left you barren and broken.”

    “Wait, that is not so 

    look way up at my flourishing branches

    my barren trunk and lower […]

    • Oh, Linda, I love trees and there is so much wisdom and spirit in the “Grandfathers.” Thank you for this!

  • Great poem with a strong message. Well done.

  • Very nice. Your poem goes excellent with the picture. Good Job.

  • Thank you for your kind comments. I like the novel idea, and can see a few things that can be expanded on. Stella might have to kill a mistress or two.

  • Are you a teacher? That was very interesting. I liked the way you pulled the mother into the homework scene.

  • I could feel her excitement and thrill of playing the games. I thought for sure she was going to win big on that last game, but I like your ending better.

  • Very tightly written keeping my attention, wanting to know more.

  • TEARS…SORROW OR SHAME?Moving to an island in September was something Fran used to consider very foolish, but now she couldn’t wait to see the condition of the monstrosity that her grandmother called home. When […]

    • Hi Linda, what an interesting mystery. Definitely could become a longer piece, like a novel. Lots to be curious about and lots of backstory to be discovered. The setting brought the story to life and even made more sense when the window seat discovery happened. Make one curious what else has happened out of the house as well. Good job. Thank you for your story.

      • Thank you for your kind comments. I like the novel idea, and can see a few things that can be expanded on. Stella might have to kill a mistress or two.

    • A great and devious twist and there’s so much to explore in this story. I liked the parallels of the protagonist and her grandmother’s story, and you created a great setting. Well done Linda.

  • Thanks for commenting. That buzz of secret lovers doesn’t last long with the reality of your true life outside that door.

  • Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Linda Kuno commented on the post, Pigs Get Fed 4 weeks ago

    Great poem of pros and cons. I’m glad you submitted it. Too good to be stashed away somewhere.

  • I know exactly how you feel. When I get pissed off I can write some powerful poems. I did enjoy your poem and can feel your calmness in your words. Thanks for submitting.

  • I enjoyed your poem. It sounds like the evolution of an independent woman.

  • Love the flow of your poem. It would make a great song.

  • I love it. Well written and a very good topic. Thanks for submitting.

  • Sealed with kissesTeased by a touchAroused with scentsNestled together Duelling with your heartsAlways hiddenNever going beyond theDoor shielding your fate

    • Love how much this says with such extreme concision.

      The metre seems to fumble a little toward the end, after starting so tightly. If it were mine I think I’d be tempted to prune it still furtherz i.e. “duelling hearts” “behind closed doors/shielding fate”

      That’s just stylistic though. It works perfectly well as is.

    • Well done, Linda. I like the way the poem progresses from the initial buzz, to the ambivalance to the reality of their situation. It’s like a well done pencil sketch in its economy of strokes. The title sets the stage.

      Very well done.

      • Thanks for commenting. That buzz of secret lovers doesn’t last long with the reality of your true life outside that door.

        • Many years ago I read a column in Redbook written by Judith Viorst about the downside of having an affair. She’d interviewed several women. They all agreed the the initial buzz was exhilarating. But all of them gave up the affair because it was just too much trouble to fit trysts into their busy lives. One woman described the typical meeting with her lover as “sharing a pizza in a car in the pouring rain.”

    • So evocative and sensual, Secret lovers living for the moment and putting off the truth of what lies beyond that door. Beautiful.

    • Hello Linda,
      You can almost touch the secrecy between these two lovers. I wonder if the poem would gain in intimacy by losing the reference to ‘your’ (e.g. Duelling hearts & Door shielding fate) – it might imply that the narrator is one of the two lovers, rather than an observer. Just a thought. I like the poem.

  • Wow, a very powerful story in such a few words.

  • Once when our elderly Aunt Mary-Jane was babysitting. We knew she wouldn’t come out and check on us, so the boys decided to climb a tree. If they could do it, so could I, besides they were younger and shorter than […]

    • This is a cute story. It sounds like something that actually happened. You’ve told it well – very clear, action progresses, and I picked up a bit of the desire to not be called “chicken”. I do wonder, though, whether or not the narrator ever challenged herself to overcome difficult obstacles again.

      Thanks for sharing your writing.

    • Hi Linda, a very sweet story of courage. Although I do wish the narrator had climbed a tree again! I liked how you showed the sibling rivalry pushed her further.

    • Hi Linda

      This is a nice compelling scene where we get a good feel for your MC’s character and her relationships with the other players. I like how you set the scene up and then the valuable outcome message.

      A good job!


    • Hello Linda,
      I quite enjoy how you take such little elements and are able to make them in such filled up with meaning and emotion, and also make the reader think and reach some kind of conclusion.
      Thank you for keeping on sharing! 🙂

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