• Whiplash (Magnolia Memories – Part 6) by Anne


    “Ash, how could you?” he asks, his eyes shining in the darkness of the night, almost flashing with suppressed rage.

    “I don’t …”

    Her attempt at defending […]

    • Hi Anne! Made it by the skin of your teeth I see. I loved the next addition in your story – I didn’t notice any bad grammar that was blaringly obvious, so I think you’re good. You have some great phrases in here, which I very much wish I came up with e.g., an audible sip of her cappuccino… love that, so little words yet I can’t picture exactly what’s going on. I like the three scene split, building on the character and her story. Can’t wait to read what comes next, and in the meantime, I promise to catch up on the remainder of this series! Hope you are well 🙂

    • Hi Anne,
      Great story, loved it. There were loads of little questions popping up as I was reading this, but I suppose I shall have to be patient and wait for the great denouement. I just thought I don’t think I caught last month’s episode so I shall have to take a look. Or is that going to get me more confused😎Thanks for a spellbinding read. You have marvellous writing skills.

  • Veiled Streets of Mirdor (Scene 8) by Michael Corvo


    Violette and Corlwyn could hardly contain their excitement. Nearly two days of sitting idle in the attic of the burlesque house had almost brought them to […]

  • It Happens to the Best of Us by NetaQ


    The air billowed under the arch of the flat sheet. Sarah raised her hands and flung the soft cotton out to the head of the bed. Stretching and pulling to complete this […]

  • Reflections of Love, It Happened by Melanie Delaney


    Ebony pretended to watch the television when in reality she had spent the last five minutes admiring Dawson’s reflection in her mother’s crystal cabinet. He […]

  • It Happened (Nature Mage 324) by Michael van Koetsveld


    “They certainly all look alike to me,” said Aleratha. “How do you know it’s the same crow?”

    “It just spoke to me,” replied Jenvik quietly.

    She […]

  • It happened by Joyce Finny

    “I didn’t mean it! It just happened!”, he said it after she found out he was cheating on her.
    “I didn’t want to! It just happened!”, she said to him after she told what happened to […]

    • Hi Joyce,
      God! That was good and brutal at the same time! Were you reading some stream of consciousness novel before this? It’s good stuff. But I wish for everyone’s sake, the cycle isn’t renewed again. I felt for the child, for all the unfair sides of Life that were displayed to him. A childhood so devoid of happiness and repressed. That’s brutal and you bring it all out so well. Brilliant writing! Thank you for sharing!

      • Lol! I think the stream of consciousness bit came in from my unconscious state of my mind. I had been working all day and had just shut up at 4 am when I realized I hadn’t submitted anything for today. I didnn’t want to miss the deadline, so I wrote whatever came to my mind! 😀 I was not even sure whether it would make any sense. Thanks for reading, Amy and thanks for always being supportive! <3

        • shut shop at 4 am*

          I guess I’m still groggy! 😀

          I finally submitted this at 7, waking up and dozing through every single line. God! I think it’s one of my worst stories so far but this year I don’t want to miss a deadline. I always think of you and tell myself, “Be like her. Write! No matter what.” 🙂 So hopefully, this year, my 5th year of being part of this group… I might try and win that badge 🙂 Not sure how the year goes. Let’s see *fingers crossed*

          • Hey Joyce,
            You managed to put up a story and it’s hard to believe that no thought went into it. Trust me, my story ain’t any better this month. I am too tired and a lot is going on around me (wouldn’t want to talk about all that). Writing is my only respite. You have what it takes Joyce, and I am not being condescending in the least bit when I say so. You will earn that badge and someday be a loved writer. Just keep at it. We all have to. This was a great story, you just need to polish bits of it. All the best for the badge! You will get there. Kudos!

    • Hi Joyce! I really enjoyed your piece. Such a brilliant story, I had no idea where it was going. I like how you kept pulling it back to the beginning passage. What a lovely glimpse into two characters’ lives that we can all relate to. The pace was great, kept me interested the entire time! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adventures in Cooking by Mustang Patty


    The dark days of winter were upon Western Oregon. If, by chance, Preston took the time to look out a window, he found the cloudy skies reflecting the darkness in his […]

  • Broken by Catherine Garden


    The front door creaked softly as it opened. Surprisingly the guard at the gate had barely glanced at her police identification, handing over keys and free access to the mansion […]

  • Leaving forever by Stella


    His hand struck her, and she fell back, smacking her head hard against the wall. That first slap four years ago on her honeymoon had been the worst, followed by words of hatred that […]

    • Hi Stella. Your story is gruesome as it should be. Domestic violence and women abuse is rife in the world, especially in my country. I feel for your MC and I understand her desperation for the abuse to stop. Question: Is Michael dead? Is there a story there? A sad tale but at least the monster is no more. Thank you for sharing.
      On a note of grammar, be on the lookout for dangling participles. Also, avoid very long sentences like “He withdrew his love… crave his touch.” (+35 words and the double use of ‘after she had’ make it a little difficult to read)

    • Stella,
      dang it girl. You are getting so good. Incredible description and nuance. You have described well the mind of the abuser and his victim. The loss of guilt, the blame and the self harm of the victim…the psychopathy of both. Loved the Michael addition. I thought he was probably dead when she said see you soon. The language was beautiful and chilling. Yes, there are some sentences that needed attention. for example, the following had too many “afters” and was a bit run on.
      He withdrew his love right from the start after she had let her guard down and trusted him wholeheartedly after she had allowed herself to fall in love after she had begun to crave his touch. ”
      Loved this:” In the deep end, stood on tip-toes, she pushed her legs up to lie on her back, floating for a short while before descending, calmly towards the floor of the pool. Faced upward, she saw the sun created a kaleidoscope of colour as it played with the ripples on the water; and her nightie swirled around her with graceful fluidity.” this sentence also was a bit run on…..easily fixed and I hate to even mention it compared to the content. I think you are a great storyteller.
      Powerfully told story Stella!!!

  • La Rage – Scene 8 Jamie’s Practice by Jan


    Jamie was part owner of the Veterinary practice that he shared with his colleague Fred, who was also a close friend from university. The duo had always talked about […]

    • Hi Jan
      Oh, I enjoyed this. We learned about Jamie at work, saw his easy relationship with his client Mrs de L, his kindness towards his patient Rivka, how he got his practice funded and up and running. I wouldn’t want to be beholden to Robert for anything but I understood why Jamie accepted his offer.
      Lots of great detail – Rivka’s pathetic whimper, puppy breath, her brave high pitched puppy bark. Lovely. Are we being signposted to the day when she saves Mrs de L? Hope so. Courgette! I’m sure we’ll find out how she got the name. and why isn’t she still with his mother. Setting up a few scenes nicely?
      Picky: Think it’s gift horse, not gifted horse?
      Re the investment – Jamie asks “And me?” I f he’s asking what his share of the investment is, should this be “And mine?
      ” or “What do I contribute?”
      ” Rivka is only getting het DHPP booster today.” Typo? her booster?
      So – after this great description of a normal workday, SPLAT!! the news about Pastor Vivien arrives like a bath bomb into still water. Brilliant.

    • Hi Jan, I’m dropping in so am not up-to-speed on the whole scenario of your novel so far. However, I was impressed with the fluency of this piece of writing. You’ve packed lots of background detail in but it doesn’t feel rushed. Loved the puppy breath. I concur with Anne’s points and must return to see why the news is a bathbomb! I was particularly impressed with how this section of writing differs so much from previous scenes that I’ve read and think this will make a very interesting read as a novel. Don’t feel the need to receiprocate, you’ve enough to do already – I like to check out as many pieces as possible to experience the breadth of writing on this site. 🙂

  • Love is thicker than blood by Trace


    The park was quiet that afternoon due to rain.  After her Saturday shift at the ice-cream parlour under her black and white polka dot umbrella, Lizzy walked home. Uncle Ted […]

    • Good contrast created with the background story of the mother and the adoption story of the child. On a technical point, have a look at the grammar you use in the dialogue. I am adopted and an adoptive parent myself. This is just my opinion, but I think the format is too short to do justice to all the issues faced by the various parties in an adoption.

  • “On the wrong side of love” by Zéfira Maia


    I paused the movie on Netflix; there was still one hour and a half left, and I was already struggling to keep my eyes open.

    “Sorry, Oliver, I’m not really into maf […]

  • Nana’s House by Georgiana Nelsen (8, world)


    Brianna pulled into the parking lot behind Mario’s Italian Village ten minutes before she was due to arrive to meet Liam. It had been Nana’s favorite restaurant on […]

  • Remember the Bats by Georgiana Nelsen


    Brianna walked the beach in the bitter cold, thinking of all the things she’d been through with this strip of land along the shore. She’d been there for oil spills, and […]

    • Scary things to think about. You have described the situation quite well. In some places it seems like you missed a word or two. That is the only suggestion I have.

    • Hi Georgiana, I love all the details, free-tailed bats and bare-toed footprints.
      I really appreciate what you did here, it was like Brianna was slowly becoming aware that global warming is a thing, and it’s not just her or her dog for example that are affected by the cold/snow/global warming, but it has long-standing effects to so many creatures. I thought maybe you can raise the stakes by adding ore of a sense of urgency, and dread? Start with a scene that is immediately broken by little things, little observations, then it culminates in the turtle scene.
      Also I wasn’t sure when the timeline was that she took Curtis out near the bayou—when did that happen?
      Thanks for the read!!

  • She’s Leaving Town by Ellen Eigner


    Now, it happened that this writer was out of ideas.  She thought and she thought in random circles and meandering streams.  She felt like a dud firecracker without a fuse, a […]

    • A smile producer. Witty and fun. I am sure my muse has been in the next car over. Up to God knows what. Hoping she returns for prompt #3. I love your story. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Dinner by Amrita Sarkar#A joyous, cordial family dinner with the entire family sharing carefree laughs over morsels of food was a rare occurrence at the Rafiz household. The strained silence that interspersed […]

    • Wow, what a twist! This is great, Amrita! I was totally drawn in and you managed to explain all the characters and their various relationships to each other very well.
      You are such a phenomenal storyteller. Well done!

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thank you so much for always being so kind and encouraging! I am thrilled to know that this story grabbed your attention. I intend to post another installment just to give this episode a conclusion. The relationships were a concern for me because there was so much going on. So I am glad it all came across smoothly. Thank you once more. You are a star! ❤️

    • Hi Amrita

      this is a family drama straight out of the Bold and the Beautiful.

      I am still a bit confused by all the different family members – I feel the need to sketch a family tree so I can tell who is whose child/grandchild etc
      I got that the matriarch is Yazadi – Rafiz is her son in-law , her own daughter is the one who suffered the miscarriage, right? thru some unknown affair and all her children are also all married now.?
      And it is Yazadi’s own daughter who is the difficult, judgemental one in the family?

      I am unclear as to what is meant by gratuitous circumstances ? I think that whole sentence/para could be left out so that you get straight to the action around that dinner table. There clearly is tension there, more than just choices in spouses and it needs to be explored further.

      If you are thinking of expanding this to a series, I say go for it – so much more to expose in this family drama! 🧡

      • Hi Kim,
        It’s great to hear from you! Thank you for your insightful comments and the read! Yes, it is a family drama… it’s funny you mentioned Bold and the Beautiful. I was little when that show came to India. I was thinking more on the lines of This Is Us. Clearly, I am off the mark. But yes, I understand your confusion. I mentioned in the Warning section that it is an excerpt from a larger story. It is rushed and needs more work. 1000 words was too little to squeeze in so much information. Apologies for that. So to set things straight, yes, Tishtar is the matriarch of the family. Siddharth Rafiz is her son-in-law and Roshana, her daughter. The rest are their children who are all married. I hope to clear the rest in another part, probably in next month’s installment if the prompt permits. This is a story that I have been meaning to develop into a large one, where each of the characters have their own story arc. Let’s see where I can take it, more importantly, when. Once again, sorry for the confusion and thank you! Be safe. ❤️

        • This Is Us is brilliant – yes! I can see that premise working in this context . this will be an exciting project. Think a few prompts might be needed though. agree with you 1000 words is nothing to work with – the next one: 2500 words gives you way more room for juicy story arcs. I will definitely stay tuned so give it your best , as always 🧡

        • ps I think the Matriach is a particularly interesting character – she has her own demons to contend with as well as keeping her dysfunctional family together. Kinda reminds me of the current Queen of England….

    • Hi Amrita. Like Kim I was a bit baffled with all the people – I think, with such a small wordcount, it’s sometimes easier to restrict the headcount. This almost felt like the introduction to a much bigger piece, and the ‘action’ was rather sudden, at the end. And I didn’t quite understand why there was an assumption the pregnancy was the result of an affair? Having said that, there were some great subtle touches – the hint of domestic violence, the ‘first’ wife and then the mysterious reference to ‘the pronouns’ which kept changing. Lots to think about and perhaps expand next time? Fascinating read.

      • Hi Susan,
        Thank you for the read and the kind comments! I am sorry about the confusion. Like I mentioned to Kim, I probably tried to pull off a lot in a very short word count. Yes, it is an excerpt from a larger story so I can relate to the confusion. Sorry about that. About the assumption, I will just say, more is coming up in the next part. Be safe. 🙂

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for all the encouragement! With this particular chapter, I was hoping to test the waters for this story. Another thing that I forgot to mention was that it was meant to be a humourous episode. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But when I had thought of it in my head, it felt about right. I think I couldn’t treat it the way I would have wanted. Let’s see if I can use the next prompt for this story in a more justifiable way.
      I am thrilled to know that you find the matriarch interesting. In the story, she is an important but supporting character. I don’t know how and when she grew pivotal to this chapter. But I guess some stories have their way to get across. Thanks for all the advice! You are a ⭐! Be safe. ❤️

    • Hey Amrita and how goes it? I had some queries, but I’ve benefited from your responses to other comments so I can look forward to the larger piece when you release it. The detailed buildup in that first section will pay off then, I believe. I really liked your description of the family photo showing them ‘…like unevenly strung beads in a necklace.’ The dialogue is great and the tension you describe at the hospital is palpable. I hope you don’t make us wait too long for follow-up chapter(s). All the very best, and regards. Seyi

      • Hi Seyi,
        How are you doing? I am ok, thanks for asking. Yes, I think a bigger chunk of the story might shed more light on the characters, and their relationships. I am thrilled to know that you liked the dialogues and the imagery. I hope to do justice with the rest of the story. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and the read! I hope I can string it all up in the next part. Be safe. 🙂

    • Yes, this does need work and is a busy piece with many characters and plots squeezed in. However it is hugely entertaining and drew me in. Lots of characters can be confusing but there is huge potential here for intrigue and story telling. Great start to the bigger story, there are many questions to answer.

    • Hi Amrita,
      I loved the story. The descriptions of the characters were particularly good and you managed to deal with their backstories without me feeling overwhelmed or distracted. I appreciate it’s from a longer piece but it didn’t feel disjointed. Thanks for a great read.

    • I enjoyed getting to know this family, and liked the way you introduced them, first by alluding to the dysfunctional nature of their relationships and from the descriptions of the family portrait. I especially liked the matriarch, I had the feeling that she was able to retain a sense of humor and presence despite the adversity and dysfunction of her family.

      I admit I got a little lost in tracking who was who, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions and idiosyncrasies of the various family members. You definitely have a lot of great characters to work with, and I look forward to reading more of their individual story arcs in future prompts.

  • The Light is Low by Peggy Rockey – Scene 8 – Minsang/Roy/Mao Te

    Scene 8.1 – Minsang


    The old woman looks right at Minsang, eyes wide in recognition.

    Minsang gasps. Her body tenses. Run, Minsang! An inner v […]

  • Outside – Part 2 by Peggy Rockey#“Damn it! I can’t reach!” Desperately, I look around for help.“Lara,” I spot my sister’s friend nearby. “Lara, come help me. We have to close the door.”But Lara is huddled on the […]

    • This was so interesting. Although there isn’t much context, it held my attention. I want to know so much more. Please do make this into a whole story.

      • Thanks for reading and commenting Prachi. This was a continuation of a story that I submitted last month, that I was encouraged to expand upon. I typically write standalone stories each month, but I’ve decided to continue this story as a series for as many months as I can. Thanks for your encouragement!

    • Wow, Peggy. You hit the ground running with this prompt. I’m glad you continued ‘The Outside,’ the storyline is really fulfilling its potential and I feel there are so many ways you can still go with it. The death of Darie seems like it has prompted Nola to step up and she’s a character that could carry this storyline with ease. I did think that the sentence ‘Though I stand on tippy toes and stretch my body as far as I can,’ may have been better delivered as ‘Though I stretch my body as far as I can.’ The ‘tippy toes’ reference makes her seem a bit too young for her other responses. I don’t recall Joram from the last story but I will track back in a moment to see if I missed any reference to him. Well done with this, it’s a cool storyline and I like how it’s panning out. Regards, Seyi

      • Hey Seyi, thanks for stopping by and reading me! I’m thrilled you find my story line cool, and am encouraged to continue with my story, though I only have a vague idea of where it’s going.
        I like your comment about removing the “tippy toes” from that line, though, to your point, it makes her seem too young for her response, but she’s only sixteen and she is rather young. I might need to add that fact in again somewhere, as most readers won’t remember that from the first prompt.

        Your second point about Joram is relevant as well, he wasn’t called out specifically in the first scene, so I’ll have to rethink how I introduce him in this prompt. All good things for me to keep in mind when I take this story through a second edition.
        Thanks again for the read!

  • The little wild god on her shoulder was annoying the crap out of her. There he was, yapping into her ear, about the blonde woman ahead of them in the queue boarding the aeroplane. Her spirits will call you, the […]

    • Whoa, HM, this was surreal. I loved it. The little wild god is such and interesting character. Lou seems to have her own amazing characteristics as well. Such a fun story. Thanks for sharing and making my day. 🙂

    • Love your story Hanri. It is right down my alley, and your description of ignoring the inner voice done well. The theme of caring for our body is on point for our current world situation.

      Once you’ve had a chance to do some editing I can see this being a great piece in a magazine. Excellent message to look after ourselves and embrace the gifts that we have to help each other.

      Great work. Thanks for sharing.

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