• Hi, Sudha! I read this a few days ago and was distracted from commenting; now I find myself with little to add to what’s already been said. Great job showing the authenticity and warmth of Jen’s and Al’s relationship; it shows why she was on shaky ground emotionally from the very beginning of the story because of his absence. I love the idea of…[Read more]

  • Nonie, I’m crying again! Happy for the truce, the homecoming, the reunion, hopeful but sad Jack isn’t there yet. Your writing has moved me more than anything else I’ve read in this time period. Other works have shown the action, the politics and the hardships, but you made me feel it. I will miss this story. Good job.

  • Brigid’s pain and concern are so palpable even as she tries to laugh and be lighthearted. What a terrible thing to witness. Their humanity shows in their desire to help but the terrible reality is they can’t.

  • Lighthouse Island, May 2020

    Terri heard Bob opening and closing cabinets in the kitchen as he emptied the dishwasher, putting away the plates, glasses and flatware that had been washed overnight.  Any minute now […]

    • HI Kathy
      A great ending. There was some resolution with Red’s acceptance of Bob and Terri, the TV thefts, the other residents accepting Bob as their “crime fighter” and people stopping in to visit. Now they get to be the ones who are wary of Cilla–who still spells trouble. Her role in helping Preston would probably come up in law enforcement investigation, I would think. Wouldn’t she be charged? And where did she get the Porsche from? So I like that you left that potential future conflict there. Bob is still up to avoiding conflict unless he has to step in. Terri’s love of dogs has stayed with her and she’ll probably recruit Red to help her with that. The idea of the two having a recent foxhole scene makes it much easier to accept the change in their relationship so that was a brilliant idea to turn the tide. You left the conflict about the TV’s open a little because we didn’t get to see Terri and Bob’s reaction to the theft, but it’s clear that they’ve made a bigger decision and that will be something they can handle later. So not all of the loops have to tie up, that wouldn’t be realistic.
      I’ve really enjoyed the small-town politics and the relationships between the characters–especially the dialogue between Terri and Bob.
      It’s been a really fun story to read from week to week.
      Looking forward to next year’s rewrites!!

    • I love that Terri and Red have become friends and that Red has come clean on the TV scheme. I would have liked to seen Terri’s reaction to the news, but it’s not important to the overall ending. Most of the character’s have stayed true to their nature throughout, Tiffany and Donny and Ralphie, for instance, and I have truly enjoyed watching Terri and Red and to some extent Bob’s character develop and change over the course of the story. I especially loved the ending, where Terri has definitely made up her mind about making the change permanent, and has even found a purpose for herself in rescuing dogs.
      I have so enjoyed this journey with you Kathy, as your story and your characters have developed and grown, it’ been a pleasure reading your story and growing with you along the way. Well done! Hope to see you during the rewrite.

    • Hello Kathy,
      Week 52 – Woohooo! Congratulations!
      I have enjoyed reading about Terri and Red each week. You have an excellent first draft, with a strong plot and lots of interesting characters.
      FYI – my dream retirement is to live at the beach and be a dog walker, haha.
      Thank you for your support all year. Are you continueing with the group and doing the rewrite in 2022?
      I am taking a break to finish my Master’s in English and Creative Writing – only three classes to complete, including my senior fiction thesis which will be “Murphy’s Movie Night” 2.0.
      I would love to stay in touch and maybe someday we can meet and write somewhere.. definelty at the beach. Happy New Year and good health to you and your family,
      Enjoy the day, Carolyn

    • There is a real sense of community in your scene. I love the confessional and acceptance. Terri and Red will be great friends… with differences. My only question is Cilla. Would she have sounded them out first before moving in, I wonder? She wants the sense of secure community but would she brashly move in without asking if it’s okay first? I have loved sharing this journey with you and Red, Terri, Bob, Ralphie, Donnie, and everyone. I’m looking forward to what the rewrite brings. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s been a real privilege.

  • Congratulations, Peggy! I like how it ends where it began, with new friends and with glimpses of more to come! I am in awe of how you maintained the pace and tension throughout the story. It felt so real. Great ending to a great story!

  • Congratulations, Carolyn! I’m excited for Tessa in starting her new life and you for finishing. I like your idea for the opening scene in draft 2, clearly setting out the relationships. Your notes to yourself are going to be so helpful. You did a great job of keeping me wondering about the money and Tessa’s decision until the very end. The beach…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your very kind words and your very good question! The only answer I have is struggling to get to 1200 words and posting 5 minutes before the deadline! I’ll make note of the inconsistency. I originally didn’t have her noticing the Jeep missing, but thought someone might ask about that, haha! (But maybe not, as no one else is likely to…[Read more]

  • Donnie and Ralphie reached the end of the nature trail and peered into the darkness behind Miss Abigail’s cottage.

    “Red sent me some coordinates.”  Donnie opened his geocache app and pointed.  “This way.”

    Ra […]

    • Yay Bob! Way to go taking down Preston! Great scene, with Donnie and Ralphie rescuing Red and Terri, and Red suggesting maybe they could be friends, and finally Bob and Terri reunited – and possibly more appreciative of each other. One tiny little suggestion, when Terri got home and noticed Bob’s jeep was gone, why would she bother to search the whole house? Overall, a very satisfying scene, and with just one more to go, I will be sad to say goodbye to your characters. What a great journey this has been!

      • Thank you for your very kind words and your very good question! The only answer I have is struggling to get to 1200 words and posting 5 minutes before the deadline! I’ll make note of the inconsistency. I originally didn’t have her noticing the Jeep missing, but thought someone might ask about that, haha! (But maybe not, as no one else is likely to be picturing the very specific real house I am, where it would be impossible to not notice.)

    • Hi Kathy,
      That was a very satisfying tie up of many loops. Red offering friendship and Terri pulling away seems like the most believable scene at this point. Terri was honest about her feelings and she will have to be won over.
      Bob becoming a vigilante was a great idea. I would love to have seen a little more there–maybe–he is still lying on top of Preston and then the cops arrive and help him out–thank him–etc. It seems Bob needs some validation.
      The rescue with the rope ladder was a good idea and you wrote that part well.

    • Terri and Red will be friends, right? I think it would make an interesting character study. I think the Bob and Preston scene deserves more time too. It’s Bob’s momemt and it’s brave of him to tackle Preston. You tie so much up so nicely. I’m only sad i have to read the final scence now.

  • Wow! The truth is finally out! I remember at the beginning you weren’t sure whether Henry was going to be a good guy or a bad guy. I like the direction you picked and am intrigued by your idea to turn it into a murder mystery. Great story.

  • What a tender, lovely scene. Minsang is a very intriguing character. I would enjoy reading sequels about her. I’m glad to finally understand Mao’s conflicts and motivation. This has all come together very neatly.

  • Yay!!!! Al is back and all seems well. What a sweet scene. I wonder if in the rewrite it will still be necessary to have Al coming and going. I didn’t remember that Tom was in law enforcement, too. This is wrapping up nicely.

  • Reading about the Senator in her garden I pictured something like the Bass Rocks area of Gloucester, Massachusetts, with the rocky coast and Atlantic Ocean on one side and mansions (instead of mostly hotels?) on the other side. For a moment I wondered if she actually arranged the plane crash, but I don’t think she’s quite that evil. The money is…[Read more]

  • I feel so much relief over the girls reuniting with their families, but I felt sad for poor SuSu realizing her brother’s role. Great scene, especially the reunion that starts with the blast of cold air when the doors open and the two young men hurry inside. It shows what’s happening around the main characters and how they are part of a larger…[Read more]

  • Very interesting! I didn’t suspect Gary to be more than a hanger-on, wanna-be Yonder Boy. Good job with the contrast between NYC and the Vargas’s life in Las Vegas. I like how Luisa never gives up. They’re still up to something with that hard drive, even while in WITSEC. Have the original bugs in Jen’s apartment been explained or is that still to…[Read more]

  • Oh no! This seems inevitable in a way and you foreshadowed it very well through Brigid’s unease. Nice contrast between the vision of his face making her smile and her last vision of his face as he’s being taken away. You’ve made me care so much I want to pray for them as if they are real and this is happening now.

  • [NOTE: Skipping back a few scenes to show what’s going on with Bob.  Will have to be woven in to timeline in next draft.]

    [SCENE 44:  Red sees the dog, Fletcher, running away from Miss Abigail’s with no sign […]

    • These are great scenes with Bob, weaving them into the storyline will be brilliant! Can’t wait to read the rewrite! Nice work.

    • SM replied 1 month ago

      Hey Kathy
      This was really good. I LOVE the dialogue with Ruby, the dog, especially when she isn’t even with him. It shows us so much about his personality and what motivates him. Your setting describing the state of the island as the massive high tide is coming is quite specific. Weaving in Bob’s story will add to the urgency of Terri’s situation. The ending with Bob coming face to face with Preston was brilliant.

    • Hello Kathy,
      I love that you are working details back into the story. I think this will really help Bob’s character become more rounded.
      I did have a thought while reading about the no cell phone coverage. Maybe in previous years Red led the fight against the cell phone tower on the island, and no she’s going to be stuck in a dead spot.
      Thank you for sharing, I can’t believe we are almost at the end!

    • Lots to work with here. So many details about Bob in particular to be expanded on. I’m with Peggy the rewrite is gonig to be wondeful. Almost there!

  • You’re so.good at making my Brigid’s emotions. It feels so real. I hate having to p ut this book down every week!

  • Hi, Carolyn. So much for Tessa to absorb! You do well at making me feel like I’m in her shoes, trying to sort all this out. The switch from the basement to the conversation with Ryan was abrupt, but I enjoyed the conversation. It feels like Ryan will be on Tessa’s side when things come to a head. Still curious about how Tessa came to be married…[Read more]

  • Hi, Peggy! This scene kept me in suspense. I also enjoyed the banter among the guys but wondered if it was too lighthearted for what they think is happening. After reading previous comments and your responses, am I right that there aren’t any girls either on the ship or in containers, because the only girls would have been the ones from the New…[Read more]

  • This is a great scene. I’m glad it was Bernadine who came to the rescue. She seems to have figured out something of significance from the random event of the Reagan mask being with Jen’s belongings. I feel like there’s something here I should remember, too. But I know it will be explained soon. I can’t believe we are so close to the end!

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