• It’s not so bad

    Once you find a new rhythm

    Not so hard

    When at least you can face them on screen

    Just find

    Things to do, keep you occupied

    A way to get through

    The joy in the moment

    Find your […]

    • Hello,
      I really enjoyed your poem. It has great pace and the words ring really true.

    • Great poem Katharina. I love the topic that you address of self-doubt in the face of trying to be confident in our beliefs. I could relate to this very well.

      They rhythm was beautiful and the short lines gave good impact.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Katharina, this poem made me think of someone stuck at home for a long time with lock down. Learning to adjust to that way of life behind a zoom screen, and then suddenly having to enter the world again and be with people again, and wondering if they could cope. I am not sure if this is what you were writing about – but it is the way I interpreted your poem. I really enjoyed it, well done:)

    • Hi Katharina

      This beautifully demonstrates the capacity we have to adapt to change. We ‘find’ the resources we need to get through and, sometimes, it’s not as bad as we suspected it might be. But the doubt lingers.

      Nice poem.


    • Katharina, are you living my life? ha ha! Really describes us re-entering the world at a time we (kind of) wish we could remain less involved. Nice pace, effective, certainly conveys how I feel. Thank you.

  • Try as I might, my body wants the bed

    I look at piles of unwashed clothes and books unread

    Regardless of my plans for productivity

    Energy for work is just eluding me

    Doing it all remains a fantasy.

    Resisting […]

    • Hi Katharina,

      I love your descriptions and the feelings evoked! I felt the weight of tiredness at the beginning and restful, almost playful by the end. Very nice piece indeed!!

    • Great poem Katharina. I love the theme as we are encouraged to do, do and do more until we burn out and here I get the message that taking a rest is acceptable and a must.

      I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme, I just missed the rhyme with knows and pause – but maybe that was the point considering the words.

      My favourite line:
      Doing it all remains a fantasy. – isn’t it just!

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Katharina,
      Well done for managing to get good rhymes in your acrostic. I’m not sure that current thinking is that we should sit and watch life go by, but I appreciate the sentiment.

  • A little lockdown song by Katharina


    Oh, lockdown, let me sing your little song
    Before the world moves on, and we re-start our race. 
    Your hours felt like chewing gum they stretched so long
    And just l […]

    • rightly expressed ..in these times

    • Hello Katharina,
      I like the way your poem turns at the end in an unexpected direction. It started fairly light-hearted (if it possibly can be in these times) but finished with a serious thought. Well done.

    • A good expression of the lockdown experience, good job!, i love the ending!,

    • Wlovan replied 1 year ago

      Very good synopsis of the last year plus! And I believe it followed the traditional sonnet form. Well done; I enjoyed reading.
      Wanda Lovan

  • Enigma by Katharina

    There used to be a time they would have called me that
    The foreign student with an unknown tongue
    Lent interest by the chatter bass soprano fog of pubs
    So young, unknown, could have been […]

    • Interesting, I like how you used foreign. I think everyone has a bit of an enigmatic side.

    • Hello Katharina,
      I would like to know more about how the one who is ‘one of them’ lent you definition! This is a fascinating concept – I like the image you have created with the phrase: ‘the chatter bass soprano fog of pubs’. Well done with the poem.

    • Hi Katharina, you have described the experience of feeling “interesting” in a new country very aptly, and also the way that feeling wears off after one starts to blend in. I like the way you show the irony of how the very people who make one feel interesting are the same ones who guide you towards becoming “one of them.”
      Your “chatter bass soprano fog” image is quite interesting; I like the way it resonates in the “swirl of mystery” at the end.
      I liked this! 😀

    • Hi Katharina
      I really like this poem. I like the rhythm of it, and it has a layered, rich meaning to it. It is the kind of poem that is enigmatic in itself, that then uncovers, revealing meaning. I think this is the most sophisticated use of the prompt I have read.

  • Corona spring by Katharina


    Spring has sprung with flowers

    Trees grow fresh curled leaves, birds sing

    But where is the hope?

    The vaccine in blood streams

    Of rich countries’ rich people 

    But where for the […]

    • I hope you will get vaccines and got chance for long travel. Nice poem

    • Great poem; it hits the spot. I’ve received both vaccines, looking forward to a car trip this Spring.

    • Well written and I love how bursting with life and hope the first haiku is as the others get more real/heavy. Keeping my fingers crossed for more widespread vaccination with you.

    • Hi Katharina,
      Your haikus show up rich countries’ selfishness. I hope the scheme to ensure availability throughout the world takes off very soon. Well done for flagging this up with your series of haikus.

    • I like this. You express, in a few simple words, the depth of feeling we are all experiencing. One of the positives of the pandemic is that no matter where we live, we have a common experience.

  • Reflections by Katharina


    Pure joy

    They said, is parenthood

    Pure pain

    To birth

    Pure desperation

    Early nights (and days)

    Pure laughter

    At the first few staggering steps.

    They got it mixed up

    If you want […]

    • Hello Katharina, You have summarised the pain and joy of having children!

    • Yes, indeed. Some lovely lines. Surfing on sheer delight. Sea twinkling silver. Tired lids like lead.

    • I relate to your poem. Parenthood truly is a mixture of pleasure and pain! Thank you for your poem.

    • I like your phrase “long lost treasure chest”. Later, when the turmoil of the learning years are past, when we reach grandparenthood, we remember the children years with different eyes and realize every moment we shared with our children was golden. Sometimes we would like to have a “do over” but we still cherish those irreplaceable times.

  • Error tolerance by Katharina

    I carried the burden of feelings at war
    Piercing pointedly unproven soul.
    A mother of sorrows, feeding the serpents
    Not giving
    Either enough.

    I’ve been known to play God
    Here […]

  • Christmas by Katharina Smith-Müller


    He seemed untouched despite my desperate reaching

    Unknown in depth, unfound in hollow preaching

    Majestic, cold-crowned diamond in the sky

    Apple imperial, but I, unfed, […]

  • Crisis response by Katharina


    For lulling, gentle, undulating rhyme

    There is a place, there is a time.
    Art soothes souls in armchairs with opinions
    And reconciles to lives unspent their minions
    Is a […]

  • Motoring by Katharina


    Landscape unfolds

    And hedges unfurl

    Find trust in the winding

    Of roads and of lines

    Disregard rulers

    The land still the same

    As memory stretches

    As eyes roam it freely

    The green’s […]

  • All right here by KatharinaI want to feel freeFeel freeTo leaveNothing behindDe-partAnd stayWholeNot broken, I breakFree, fixMy perspective.Read Katharina’s work. 

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