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Married, as of today 44 years, to Robert. Two Children – Angella and Joseph. Five grands and 1 great-grand. Plus two four legged kids still at home… Sugar Pearl (6) a Morkie, and Gigi Lynn (3) a Whippet/Chihuahua mix.

Retired Air Force Technical Sergeant with 21.5 years. (Hubby is also retired Air Force – 24.5 years).

Careers: Air Force Systems Analyst and Data Base Manager; Cost Analyst on B-2 Program; Church Secretary/Pastor’s Private Secretary; Beauty Consultant/Director with Mary Kay (also trained as a Make Up Artist); Custom Dog Clothing Designer; and now… author.

Favorite things to do: write, bake, cook – in general, travel, public speaking, help or work with my fav charities… women’s education and no-kill animal shelters.

Have written in some way or form since I was in Junior High (13 years old)… had some long pauses in there… December 2019 I started my first novel, and finished the first draft February 2020. Have no college or university schooling on writing. I have taken various courses from writing website, for 1.5 years prior to starting my first novel.

Have written 2 novels… still in draft form. Two more started. Three short stories, and one in work for a contest.

Love Romance novels with twists of Mystery and/or Sci-fi


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