• I don’t know Arabic myself. But Urdu (derived from Arabic and Persian languages) is a sister language of Hindi and widely used here. It’s the language of the poets; all major poems, songs, even love letters (lol) use words from Urdu. It’s a beautiful language. Too bad with the whole “nationalist movement” going on in India right now, Urdu is now…[Read more]

  • Awww… I really like Dmitry. He is quite a simple man. I can see why Lucy adores him so, especially after having a mother who is just the opposite of simple and sweet.

  • Oh wow, that sounds nice 🙂 One of these days I’m gonna have a long chat with you on your life… you seem to have been to so many places and lived so much. It would be interesting to hear all about it 🙂

  • That’s so interesting! I always used to assume cumin is a typical Indian spice but the fact is it has different roots and so many people across the world use it. I did read it’s good for asthma and stuff. People here in the eastern parts just blindly use it in their cuisine because that’s the traditional way of cooking. I always find it…[Read more]

  • When I read the line, I had to take a pause and read the previous para and then come back here and still it didn’t add up. It just felt out of place. So maybe you can add a couple of lines like these to help?:
    Maybe have a line from Zinaida replying to Evie and then we can have that line from Evie.. with a connector like Evie was listening to…[Read more]

  • Wow! For some reason the turtle teasing the fish kids just made me think of him as this old, funny but wise man. I hope he is like that. This was such an interesting scene, Eva. The djinn space that disoriented Evie… you described it so well. I never thought of how it would feel if we didn’t have any reference point to compare if we are in…[Read more]

  • Wow is Almusafir Arabic? In Urdu, the word ‘musafir’ means traveller. Urdu of course has its roots in Arabic. So whenever I see these words, I get super excited! Like Malikat 🙂

    Your scenes are getting so much more exciting, the pace is catching on. You can see the story is gearing up for the finale! 🙂

    Btw, I just had one tinny thought…[Read more]

  • Thanks to you, I looked up Bavarian weisswurst. Strange that it is white in colour instead of the flesh coloured sausages you get. Makes me wonder if the colouring of sausages, in general, is artificial. Hmmm….

    Sorry! I went completely off-tangent. Your conversation with Anne was pretty interesting. Learned something about the history of…[Read more]

  • Btw, I forgot to ask.. have you been to Innsbruck? You seem so familiar with the geography.

  • Thank God Iraida dismissed him instead of thinking of using him. For a moment, I was holding my breath to see if he would end up telling her about Niklas and Mikhail. Phew! Close shave!

  • Your story is amazing, Eva. I have been reading your scenes back to back now. Take it from me, they are absolutely amazing and so mind-blowing 🙂 Keep doing what you have been doing 🙂

  • Oh! This is exactly what I feel about Dmitry! I too wish he redeems himself in the end; he doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Loved the way Anne said, “Throw in a pixie or two, see if I care” 😀 It was so funny! 😀

    But yeah, I agree with her… this magical story of yours is so brilliant and fun… your imagination so rich and somehow you are able to show us all exactly what you see… I could picture the two stones so clearly in my head. Loved this scene 🙂 And of…[Read more]

  • I thought Mikhail was his son! Damn! How did I get that so wrong?!! But his reaction was so real.. the whole hiding thing would have upset him so much. Good thing they talked about it 🙂

    I hope Dmitry didn’t find Niklas’ reactions suspicious and follow them *keeping fingers crossed*

  • Just when I was getting to like Dmitry, he decides to get involved in Malikat’s plans! Hrmph! I hope he finally ends on Malikat’s side; if he is a family man, he’d understand the pain Malikat would feel to be away from their granddaughter. At least I hope so. But until then, I hope Niklas and Malikat and Amina are safe.

  • The whole conversation with the mackeral was so sad and sweet at the same time, if you get what I mean. I think we would be less cruel to animals if only we could start seeing them as living beings with souls and thoughts, just like us. I love your story, Eva! It’s so light-hearted and magical, and yet it tackles so many different difficult…[Read more]

  • You are making all the fairy tales come true! That is just so amazing! And you’ve described Barbos so well – his entire personality makes you think of a bloodhound. Like I can just imagine his jowls hanging on both sides, a long droppy face, all bearded with sleepy eyes 😀

  • I realised I had read this scene long back but never commented. I am also glad that Agnes is going to be around for longer! 🙂 I have a lot of catching up to do! See on the next one!

  • Lol! So maybe there was a silver lining to all the stress and isolation 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Eva. Yeah I was just thinking that if I specify the sex of the Master, then that would just make it easier to guess who the mole is. But now even I am not sure who it is 😀 I have to go back and read all my scenes once again before I could start again. So much catching up to do :'(

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