• When the Nightingale Sings – Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    Reincarnation … often supports the idea of an intermediate state when the pull of rebirth is not enough to be immediate.

    Today’s regression hypnosis s […]

    • A thoroughly wonderful read Lee. I hope there’ll be more regressions to look forward to down the line ☺️

    • You wrote a fascinating, well rounded story that has a lot of emotion into it! I love the way it’s structured and your idea is great!

    • What a nicely written story! You’ve framed it well and I enjoyed reading it. I’ve done past life regressions–nothing dramatic–and you’ve represented the experience and the weirdness of it very well.

    • Hi Lee. This is a beautiful love story with a touching happy ending. You dealt with the descriptions of the regressions well and even Dr Bill’s character seemed so real. The couple’s song captured the time and space perfectly. Thanks for the read.

    • Thank you all for the really lovely comments.
      Unlocking the Past is a self-published novel – https://leemontgomery.weebly.com/publications.html

      I’m not sure if this is allowed so if not please admin just delete the comment.

    • Hi Lee,

      I must admit I was confused at first because the first sentence set the tone of your storyline, yet the second paragraph somehow seemed not in tandem with the first. Perhaps you could add that first sentence separately, say between the title and chapter 1?

      Once the fog dissipated, I really got into the story and enjoyed it thoroughly. You have an amazing way to describe a rather surreal setting, hypnosis, delving into the mysterious world of the human mind and connecting it with your characters as if they really existed.

      Having said that, I feel that there were a few areas where “telling” was the prime suspect instead of “showing”.

      Thank you for sharing such a beautiful love story. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. ~ Astrid

      Oh, I loved the love song!

  • Upon a dark day

    Someone stole my love away

    Never to be found

    Too many a soul

    Goes missing from our real life

    Lost in their own world

    Not an easy thing

    To move forward when loved ones

    Are stuck in their past

    • Hi Lee this is a great form in which to express that loss of someone to dementia – these are moving but unsentimental – very clever, well done

      • Dementia is not a subject I’m familiar with. But your pieces drew me in. Sad, beautiful and magical in that it straddles the contrasting worlds of sadness and beauty with elegant ease.

    • Your poem touched my heart. Dementia is a terrible thief. You describe it well. Thank you for your poem.

    • So sad, and so well depicted in a few words. Thank you.

    • Hello Lee,
      This is a well-observed poem about dementia. It’s difficult to tackle such a complicated subject in so few syllables but you have done it sensitively. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Heartbreaking reality when our loved ones lose themselves and us! Your poem catches the sting of the loss. Well written about a difficult situation. Thank you!

  • It Happened … Honest! by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    The world within a child’s imagination is hard to comprehend for most older people. As we become adults, we too often lose the ability to see what isn’t actua […]

  • Pure Escapism by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    Possibilities are endless … or non-existent

    Nothing and everything

    Fantasy lands

    Creatures from the underworld

    Outer space

    The stars

    The planets

    Fields and m […]

    • Hello Lee, I like the idea that we can escape the ‘noise’ of the world through our power of imagination. Yes, surely, the imagining of worlds we do not inhabit is the job of poets! Well done with this.

    • Hi Lee,
      Your reminder that Pure Imagination can take us anywhere is elegant. Thank you for sharing, Taylor

    • I like the idea that we can travel anywhere in our imagination. Now to figure out how to declutter my mind. I think your poem is wonderful. Thank you.

    • Dear Lee. I always love contradictions in poetry, and here tell so well how elements of silence (or rather the absence of clutter and activity) stimulate the imagination. The mind needs rest and quiet to create and travel.
      I like the typography of your poem and the wavy kind of pattern that is created with your lines.
      I liked your phrase “travel the future” which makes it seem like a direction/road rather than a time.
      A simple and beautiful poem with a magical tone. 🙂

  • A Place to Escape by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    The building is of ancient bricks, laid to create a thatched roofed cottage. The gable ends home house-martins in the summer and bats gain access to the attic where […]

    • Very good descriptive narrative of the land. I love the line “The waves and the mournful cries of the gulls are all that is heard…” as it really depicts the isolation and the desolation caused by the Pandemic. It’s sad, and yet the main character has come to accept and even “…like the freedom of this simple way of life.” For me, this desolate world in this story would be very depressing, and I don’t know if I could survive like that. I’d like to see some dialogue normally, but I realize that’s impossible since this character is totally isolated. Having said that, you do mention there are others still around and perhaps you could try to add some dialogue with them. Otherwise your story is well written!

    • I like how you start with the surroundings and slowly draw the reader into the reality of why your character is in this particular situation. It was an enjoyable read.

    • Descriptions are fantastic!
      I caught the wave of your despair in this story.
      Well done!

  • TWO by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    Magic and mystery

    Joy and fear

    Mixed emotions as time draws near

    Exact date not up to you

    Mother Nature decides

    When … one become two


    Read Lee Montgomery-Hughes’ work. 

    • Nice. The photo helped me know what the mystery was about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lee, I like your take on the prompt. In just a few lines you have (in my opinion) captured the dual nature of the experience of giving birth really well. This rollercoaster ride between joy and fear was exactly like my own experience. I also like your pointing out that there is another duality at work: the pregnant mother and Mother Nature. Well done!

    • What perfect little poem:) Captures that joy and trepidation at the imminent arrival of a baby. I remember with my first baby I asked the gynaecologist when the baby might come. He said “Baby will come when baby is ready.”
      Well done and thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Lee,

      I like your discreet rhyming and the way you tell your story.

  • Thank you for your comments … I love getting feedback, different perspectives, and challenges to the way I see things. I learn a lot and it goes a long way to helps my writing.

  • Reburying the Dead by Lee Montgomery-Hughes



    Come together

    Relate to words

    Everyone’s welcome

    As you might have heard

    Turn-up and join in

    It doesn’t matter what you know

    Verse is goo […]

    • Hi Lee – a great invitation to would be writers! We must all take the plunge some time! I would just change ‘prose’ to the singular otherwise I really liked this! Well done!

    • Thank you for your comments … I love getting feedback, different perspectives, and challenges to the way I see things. I learn a lot and it goes a long way to helps my writing.

    • Hello Lee,
      The acrostic works well and is very relevant! The coming together that we do as a group gives us all the opportunity to try out new work.

    • Great poem Lee. It flows easily and I love the honesty and the gentle invitation.

      It is wonderful to find a welcoming group that won’t judge and offers help. I like the challenge you leave the reader with to take a chance and try it.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

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  • I love Halloween. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

  • Thank you 🙂

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    I love that 🙂

  • Reburying the Dead – Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    Uncle Eric was a mad old soul

    Who liked to play pranks on one and all

    His absolute love of a practical joke

    Went down well with all village folk

    Halloween was his […]

    • Ismael replied 1 year ago

      Ha! Excellent poem, Lee. I loved the imagery of the pranking uncle Eric coming out of his grave to frighten the town on Halloween. Thank you for sharing your work. 🙂

    • Because my favorite holiday is Halloween, I am absolutely delighted by this poem. It makes me smile. Thank you for writing this gem.

      • Lee replied 1 year ago

        I love Halloween. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

    • Now that was a lot of fun! Great job!!!

    • Hi Lee – Yes, pretty insane but I like it. As well as your rhymes, the rhythm is pretty good too and you tell a rip-roaring Halloween yarn. Well done.

    • What a treat! Love this, perhaps read it out loud for flow, and remove words such as and, was, etc. No trick to this great poem, a good read.

    • Uncle Eric was a real trickster. Thanks for sharing.


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