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  • CAT


    Cute and cuddly

    Cunning and cruel

    Clever and quick it

    Savages all.

    Silent and subtle

    Sleek and slender

    Stalking prey

    With one agenda.

    Pristine and pampered

    Playful and prudent

    Poking […]

    • Loved the fun of it.
      Great stuff.

    • Hello Lee,
      I like all that alliteration starting with a p. Well done for portraying the puss cat so well.

    • Love it Lee. You put into words when I watch my black cat from the porch as she stalks birds and lizards in the garden.

      The piece flows beautifully with the alliteration and the P sounds give the vibration of their purr.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Lee, nicely done. First of all, all us cat lovers agree with your words and can picture the critters at work and play. You have alliteration throughout your work. I like the rhyming of slender, agenda. Good job.

    • Hi Lee. This was a delightful and enjoyable poem and you’ve really summed up the average cat so well! 😀
      I liked that you used an alliteration scheme and that you’ve broken the alliteration a bit in every 4th line; it keeps it flowing very pleasantly and keeps it light! And like the cat, your end rhymes were subtle which made it quite pleasing!
      This was lovely! 😉

  • I love that … it is so difficult to be there fore someone when all they want is to push you away.

  • I see what you don’t show

    I listen to the way you use words

    I hear what you can’t say

    I see beyond your eyes

    I know your expressions

    I interpret your silence

    I understand

    Feel the hurt and touch your pai […]

    • Hi Lee – this is lovely, the sense of the resistance of the subject of the poem to revealing themselves but the reassurance of the author that it is safe to do so with them. My sonnet in April expressed the same sentiments, which I really like.

    • This gave me a sense of Hansel and Gretl for some reason. Perhaps the vulnerability and the hope that there are breadcrumbs along the way. A nice read. Thanks.

    • If you want to be found — so true that the ‘foundee’ has to allow it. Thanks for sharing, Lee.

    • Hello Lee,
      I like the way the poem starts with I, I, I, … and then progresses to ‘you’. And the last line is so powerful. Well done.

    • I like your interpretation of the prompt.

  • She was one of those girls that attracted the nutters of this world. She was sure that they never started out that way, they always started out as charming, easy-going, and funny, until she got to know them […]

    • Well this is an intriguing read. I WANNA KNOW MORE!! Haha. Is this part of a series of weird killings by the same person?
      It flowed well with the reader taking a quick downward slide down the page , unable to stop – always the signof a good story.
      A couple of grammatical errors and some sentences that were too long in my opinion. The effect could be made more punchy by splitting some long sentences into two.
      I would say ‘who’ rather than ‘that’ when referring to the girl – the kind of girl WHO always attracted nutters – etc. The THAT word turns up elsewhere too – just have a look.
      There is a slight conversational style to the story and , if this is somehow linked to a person ‘in the know’ who will reveal him/herself later on, then great but if this is just you, the writer, doing this, I would prefer a less omniscient approach.
      Just one question (I’m full of stupid questions!) – how long after death can a full tox report be carried out? I’m guessing maybe toxins would be stored in the bones but alcohol surely would be less obvious? I don’t know but the question popped up in my mind.
      I love the fact that she attracted nutters and this latest guy seems different – at first! So the story comes full circle to its conclusion and leaves the reader with a kind of satisfaction.
      I loved the title and you nailed the prompt. I almost passed it by when I saw the genre said Love but the first line hooked me (the most important part of a short story I think) and indeed, it is a Love Story but in a dark way. Great job.

    • intriguing typical love story. Great work

    • This is amazing. I was totally captivated.

  • Either way works … I was thinking more of have a leaning towards having a go 🙂

  • Acrostic poetry starts with the first letter of a word

    Creative people know that

    Really … but did you know

    Other forms exist?

    Some examples are

    The ones where the main letter is in a different position

    It c […]

  • They Never Said Anything by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    A new term. It was bad enough as a student, but even worse as a teacher. The class was already assembled and quickly took their seats as he entered. First […]

    • Very interesting! Your story makes me believe you are a teacher, present or retired. The classroom setting is so realistic, it reminds me of how much I miss going to school. The Albert Einstein quote was very informative and your explanation made it very clear. I loved your story and hope lots of people read it.

    • I found your story especially the clever repetition of “They Never Said Anything” very absorbing. The pace and interior monologue was fun to read and the story moved along quickly. The doubt about whether these minds were equipped enough to be representatives of our future was quite relatable.
      Great story!

    • Hello Lee,
      Having a reoccurring slogan makes the story cyclical, which helps every part stick out.
      The lesson of it is great. The small details make you engage in the story and the pacing is great. 🙂

  • Sing me a Sonnet by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    They really don’t write love songs any more

    Not like they did just after the last war

    The fifties crooners sang out from the soul

    The sixties gave more than just r […]

  • Love this, it makes me want to know more, to find out what happens and what has occurred at previous markets. The idea of someone (thing?) melting into the mist is so evocative, as are the other descriptions.

  • Unbound by Lee Montgomery-Hughes


    The conclave gather silently, each summoned by powers they had little influence over and no control. The earth is almost dead unless ancient magic can invoke the will of the […]

    • I can’t say that I blame them for the verdict! You’ve established such a nice tone of ceremony and ritual. I wondered why they’d been called together and what would be the result. Good work with this prompt.

    • As sad as this decision would be, it is so terribly true the destruction the humankind has brought to this world a world of beauty on land, water and sky we have managed to rape it clean of its beauty. Your piece is well written and i enjoyed your introduction to your characters like they were arriving at a ball rather than a decision as big as this. Thank you for sharing

    • I enjoyed the pageantry and vibrancy of the arrival of the gods and the way you brought out their characters and the relationships between them. I would like to have heard more from Marnie and the arguments she might have put forward in defence of the human race, but I suppose that would have been hard given the limited word count. An interesting concept. I wonder how the gods plan to remove us – we’re doing a pretty good job of it ourselves!

  • Hooked from the beginning … great first draft.

  • Mystifying by Lee Montgomery-Hughes



    Masking time in veiled illusions

    Unheeded by the mortal realm

    Dark and vague

    Cryptic suspicion

    Puzzled ambiguity


    Sinister expressions

    Masked […]

    • Lee, you paint a thorough picture of the concept of enigma. Well done!

    • Hello Lee,
      That’s quite a list of enigmatic things.I’d quite like specific examples of some of them and how they are mystifying. I shall just have to rely on my imagination. Well done with your poem.

    • I would of liked to have more detail around the words but it does display many things that are enigmatic.

    • So many of these words are fun to say in addition to being enigmatic. Way to put them all together as one collection.

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  • Thank you all for the really lovely comments.
    Unlocking the Past is a self-published novel – https://leemontgomery.weebly.com/publications.html

    I’m not sure if this is allowed so if not please admin just delete the comment.

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