• What a lovely description of the moods you found in my poem. I would say you are spot on with each one. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Best to you as the year closes and a new year opens its arms.

  • Thank you so much for your comments, kind words, and encouragement. As for that line: The line just came out. I would say it is birthed out of the struggle/transition I have been feeling as an “empty nester,” and with the aging process. I am not vain, and I have never spent a lot of time primping and preparing for the day. For a long time tho…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Christian. I always appreciate your comments and encouragement.

    The same wish for you for a wonderful Christmas. I’m looking forward to the calendar turning and hopes of an upswing in circumstances, though I must say I feel blessed having made it through 2020 relatively unscathed. Here’s to more writing in the months to come!

  • You have perfectly described 28 years of marriage, as my husband and I just celebrated last week. In the end, all of this struggle is the beautiful glue that holds two together. I only had to read it once to grin and understand. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on another 12 in 12.

  • Haunting and beautiful. My favorite parts:

    cursing his mother’s
    lineage and his father’s
    liquid courage.


    a remembered irony that made him a man,

    I can see Henry, leaning in to speak his words, resolved, thoughtful, reflective.

    A wonderful poem. A character portrait so well done. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you, Nina. I love my harbor home. It is the place I go every day before work, just to settle my heart and mind for the day ahead. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. All the best to you as the year of years closes out and a new year begins.

  • To have a reader be transporter as you say is the highest of compliments. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  • I love your interpretation, Debbie. Beautiful. The line you mentioned is my favorite, as well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  • Hanri this is so real. So wrenchingly real. Every word, every line, perfectly chosen, beautifully written, cutting to the heart of anyone who has been on the road of a long-enduring relationship. I can’t pick out a favorite part; the whole of your work is thought filled and utterly moving. I do love the last stanza so. But the whole thing, a…[Read more]

  • Light-hearted with a warning undertone. This was a fun read, and a great take on the prompt. I love the whimsical rhyme. Brings a smile to my face. Nicely done.

  • Beautiful, especially the last two lines. I see the roaring seas filled with life, the windswept thundering sky with birds calling overhead. A beautiful take on the prompt. Well done.

  • This is lovely, thought filled—how two are stronger than one. I love how you have expressed the mystery of two wholes making one, but still standing as two, and yet if separated, the resulting loss is like being cut in half. Wow. That is insightful and so difficult to express. But you have done it here! Well done.

  • That lonely figure in the painting expressed with brilliant flashes of color juxtaposed against your words somehow filled me with melancholy, a quiet cry of compassion for something untouchable in my own heart. Your middle stanza moved me so. And the last two lines are a perfect, rhetorical closure. So well done Jane. For a first attempt at an…[Read more]

  • I have felt this a million times a million in my life. I love my alone time; never seem to get enough. I love how you turned the prompt around—from two to one. And you’ve said so much in the few syllables of Haiku. Well done.

  • Geez Louise. Does it get an better than this writing of yours. I’m speechless. And wowed. And holey moley get published already. This is exquisite. Perfect. Unbelievably amazing. One of the top poems I’ve ever read in this venue. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I’m drawn in and pulverized by it all. Carried away. Silently crying. Undone. Beautiful. Wow.

  • Becky, thank you for your kind comments. Blessings to you as the year closes.

  • David thank you for taking the time to read and also for your insightful comment.

  • Thank you, Marcena. Blessings to you as the year ends and a new one unfolds.

  • Jane, this harbor is my home and I am so thankful for my blessing. Thank you for stopping by to read, and thank you for your always kind, encouraging words. Wishing you,also, a lovely Christmas season.

  • Thank you for the very kind assessment, Maria. My last few poems were scribbled with little care—just meeting the deadline. So I’m thankful this one is an improvement. I live within earshot of the surf and the harbor. Something peaceful. Something magical, so I understand your sentiment about Cold Spring Harbor. I’ve never been there, but all h…[Read more]

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