• That was hilarious! A fine piece of writing combined with a great tale coated with the exact amount of humour. This hit all the spots for me! Some great one-liners slipped in so subtly that they hit the reader’s funny bone before they are even aware they are there!
    This certainly needs to be taken further – a lot more legs (and tentacles) in…[Read more]

  • This was such a sad but meaningful tale , with links between the two deaths. Poor Isabelle.
    I thought I remembered Jean De Valois from another story? did I dream it?
    There are some typos which others have picked up on. It’s funny, I could almost feel your eagerness to get this story out of your head and some typos resulted during that exodus of…[Read more]

  • I don’t think I have ever read one of your stories and not only enjoyed it but totally RELISHED it, and that was the case here. The ‘wanting him/her dead’ thoughts are so realistic and I’m sure they are thoughts that have crossed a lot of minds in private – even though those thoughts are not genuine wishes.
    You pulled this off without it being a…[Read more]

  • Well, this brought it all back for me. My night terrors, sleep walking, sleep talking (and screaming – apologies to all those sleep-over friends etc who suffered the sound effects!). But unlike you, I remember the tail end of each one – I think the terror of it all woke me. Like you, I went outdoors to ‘feed the calves’. I started to run a bath.…[Read more]

  • Thank you on both counts.
    I am quite drawn to ‘The Way Home’ actually….
    i just mentioned it to my dogs and they seem to think that a piece of toast will help them decide!!!

  • hahaha thank you for putting my mind at rest re the screening process!!! but just goes to show how realistic this story felt if it creates these feelings in the reader.

  • Well, what a lovely critique! Thank you. I’m still on the fence about another title – but I still can’t find one that I prefer to the one I have.
    I’m glad you found the end surprising as I was thinking it was a bit predictable. Ideally I wanted to add some anxiety for the child by making her worry about her mother seeing or finding out she had…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your kind words as always.
    This will (hopefully!) teach me to get things done earlier in the month!
    Thanks for reading.

  • thank you for your kind words. Shame I was such a numpty for such a long time before I could share my link!!!

  • If you go back to April 2019 (Cut Throat prompt) you’ll see what I mean about well visited scenarios!

  • Ooo yes, I like that title!
    Many thanks for reading and for your feedback. I already have the next prompt all mapped out in my mind – let’s hope I get in down on a Word document a bit sooner this time!!
    I’ll have a look at the missed punctuation (funnily enough, ‘soundlessly’ was waving a red flag at me but I was too short of time to think…[Read more]

  • Aaaww what a heart warming tale. As a dog lover, (and owner) I held my breath a bit (thinking – someone should do a home-check first!! does she have a garden, is she out at work all day, who is going to look after the dog!!) but you soon left me in no doubt that this was going to work in a way that her relationship with Kent wasn’t.
    A little…[Read more]

  • Nice piece here. So relevant to those of us of a ‘certain age ‘ (and female – although males were discouraged from feminine roles too).
    I liked the way you set this out. Th e chapter headings ensured the reader didn’t get lost in ‘where and when and who’. A couple of minor errors (hah – who am I to speak of such!) but nothing that can’t be fixed…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your kind words again. Stranger Danger was in my mind too but as it is such a common phrase over here re children not succumbing to the wiles of strangers that I binned the idea. I’m not easily pleased, am I!!!
    I’m a bit dissatisfied with this story as it is a scenario I visit often, it seems. Also leaving it until the 11th hour didn’t help!

  • Thank you for your kind comments – and I expect it helps that you know/understand the environment. Funny how we all used to hitch-hike or jump in cars without a second thought! And the number of times I have picked up hitchers (male or female) because I felt sorry for them!
    Well done, you for baking a cake on that stove – its temperature was…[Read more]

  • i will do.
    by the way, I am female – Del is short for Delphine (not that it matters!)

  • thank you for reading and your kind comments. see above comment by me to see some background

  • Wow – I cannot believe that English is your second language – there are one or two words that don’t quite fit and you could find better words to use instead but this is a really good story.
    It would be good to hear two more stories -one telling the story of the mother of the baby, and one telling Ron’s story. (and maybe,later on, another 3rd…[Read more]

  • I havent read any previous stories in this series but this is pure genius! I loved it. Top quality writing (maybe a little missed word in one place?) and the magnet that keeps readers suctioned to each line.
    A trace of humour, a depth of reality, an air of the unknown and mystery. You got this Ms Millen!
    Super title too. well done

  • Well now I feel hungry! But not for anything I will bake – I will leave that to the experts. And it seems that you really are an expert (in theory anyway!) having researched the making of sourdough to within an inch of its life!
    It was a clever story with the success of the bread making relating to the outcome of the little girl and her Grandpa…[Read more]

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