• Truth Is… by CReese


    Truth is I’m a wordsmith wielding rhymes like a mythical scythe
    My gift so swift you hit your zenith before you even realize it
    I craft my words with such skill they drill and spill u […]

    • You sure are gifted with the ability to rhyme. Your poem is so rhythmic and fun to read out loud. I loved it. Somehow my mind erected an image of Johnny Depp tap dancing and reciting this poem. Wonderful

    • Oh my gosh, I loved this. As I was reading this I could hear in my head an old school radio DJ introducing themselves for the first time on the radio. It just has such a flow and energy to it that it makes me happy. Well done!

    • Wow, CRease, this was rhyming on steroids. 🙂 Loved it. One thing, though. Shouldn’t that be, ‘a rhyming sage on a stage’?

    • Could definitely hear this as a rap by Eminem or Snoop Dog.
      Loved your line: soothe your pain with lyrical Novacain – real NICE
      And yes- I was totally engaged and mesmerized 😊

    • Wow! This is so heart beating. It brings you a desire to dance. Loved it.
      Thank you.

    • Hello C, Yes you are a wordsmith with all those rhymes. As others have pointed out this could be a rap. Well done.

  • Friendly Fire by Creese


    why is it
    when you came to me broken
    when i opened my heart
    as the smallest token
    of the love i felt for you in your pain
    you left me alone in utter disdain

    why is it
    when I tried all […]

    • Wow!! This poem is incredible!! I could feel the pain of loving someone so deeply, wanting to be there to help them, but them being blind to the love and pushing back. I love this whole poem, each line flows with such power, I could see each line as I read! This line “but in that I love you more than you do
      why is it you cannot love yourself enough to accept
      the least bit of help” hit so deep because I have been in this position. This poem is like reading my experience. You’re a talented poet!

    • Beautiful, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yours is a very emotional poem, with its carefully drafted questions. At the beginning of the poem the unselfish devotion shown by the narrator is emphasised by the use of a small i instead of a capital I . I’m not sure if that is what you intended – perhaps it was just a typo, but it is worth thinking about for the rest of the poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Admission of Freedom by CReese
    The pull on my wrists, my ankles, my heart
    Took me back to the place
    Where I thought I had broken my chains
    I waited for the fall of the sun
    And stole away to Jesus
    Following the […]

    • Wow, this is intense and powerful. It spiralled through a lot of mixed emotions and thoughts and came out at the other end with acceptance and healing. Really well done. Thanks for sharing.

    • This hit home. I am going through all of these feeling in my life. It’s not enough to get free of a bad environment you also have to acknowledge your wounds and let them heal to be truly free.

    • Powerful piece. It highlights how the self may have a different view of her own situation than outsiders, and it is that self-perception that matters more. Individuals know what they need and should have those needs dictated by others. The language and imagery tying the poem to slavery are especially powerful and give it a haunting feel at times.

      I found myself naturally pausing at the end of some lines despite the lack of punctuation. You may want to experiment a bit with end stops to see what happens.

      Excellent take on the prompt. Thank you for sharing.

  • Forgiveness Sonnet by CReese


    If I repent, would you truly forgive?
    If I seek to be cleansed, would you consent?
    Or would you force me, broken, to relive
    The transgressions that caused you discontent?

    Is there […]

    • Oh wow, this was touching. Forgiveness is so important to be able to move on.

      I adore these lines:
      Where I could stand trembling ‘ fore heaven’s gate
      And be denied, if you were in control?

      This sonnet sounds like someone cheated. They broke a promise to another. One that was so great breaking it meant never seeing them again.

      Oustanding work a word choices.

    • strong words on why forgiveness is so important; self forgiveness can be the most difficult

    • This is terrific and was worth a second read through. So many questions asked and none resolved. The flow of your sonnet is so smooth it carries the reader from beginning to end and you convey such anquish for the MC….love it.

    • Stunning poem. I can feel the pain and frustration seeping through the words pleading for that forgiveness.

      I love these lines:
      Where I could stand trembling ‘ fore heaven’s gate
      And be denied, if you were in control?

      Very powerful piece which flows beautifully and the rhythm and rhyme make for a very enjoyable if heart crushing read that they be denied forgiveness.

      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • Wonderful! So great a soul that is ready to forget all that was in the past, and go to a new beginning.
      Thank you for sharing this great piece.

  • Red Finger Paint by CReese
    Her crayon had rolled under the couch.  She reached for it but grabbed something else: a shiny gold tube.  What could it be?

    She pulled at it and it came apart.  There was so […]

    • Very nice short. You’ve got everything from beginning to end, with a nice twist. I liked this one.

    • Oooh. This one was fun – I was curious what the gold tube was going to turn out to be and you delivered! Thank you for sharing!

  • Blank Verses by CReese
    Awash with untold possibilities,
    Untouched by thought or pen, by word or rhyme–
    The page before me lies crisp and pristine
    Awaiting my delicate touch to live.
    And what shall find its […]

    • A really nice poem you’ve created here. Your opening four lines really grab me….ah yes, a blank page not to be feared but to be glanced upon with so much potential.

      I really like these two well-crafted lines ‘This is the glory of a page that’s blank! This is the reason scribes worship their pens!’ Lovely.

    • Jane replied 4 months ago

      This is a masterful poem. I do like the way you chose to use the prompt. I also enjoyed all the different uses of this blank slate:) Really well done.

    • Realy enjoyed reading this. I love the language you use – and the many possibilities that you list. This makes me feel really upbeat and excited about the potential of the blank page.

      Very well done.

    • Beautiful poem. I love that you make this about all the possibilities and listing them creates a spark of hope in a stuck artist’s mind.

      Love this line:
      And what shall find its birth among these lines?

      The piece flows well and I had to look up acolyte and love this word and how you have used it. I often feel that I am a messenger and these are not necessarily my words. To worship my pen.

      Great work. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • This month many seem to have gone for the blank page option of the prompt. Yours is an original take on the theme – that the blank page actually gives you the opportunity to write in all these different styles, not something to be despaired at. If I may just grumble about something – poetess sounds archaic to me. A poet is what you are.

    • I love how positive a perspective you took on the blank page–pregnant with possibilities indeed as you so wonderfully list. Thank you for sharing this way of thinking, it’s something i sorely needed reminding of. 🙂

  • The sun peeking through the curtains awoke Arnion at dawn.  He immediately knelt to meditate, as always, but couldn’t seem to clear his mind.  Today was the last day of his priesthood training and the day his pil […]

    • If this is a parable, I loved it. Your writing transported me to a different era and I was able to experience the sights and sounds and smells as if I were journeying there. From this tale, I take a simple message, our purpose is merely to strive for perfection but it is unattainable. “Peace” on the other hand is a state of mind that could be ours.

    • Well done on the story, it has a solid message throughout with a believable main character. I would just remember to start a new paragraph when someone is speaking, it makes it a bit easier to follow dialogue. I thought it moved at a good pace and had a clear theme, good work.

    • Hi,
      I loved the image you have used for your story. Did you draw it yourself? Coming to the story, this was a deep story under the veneer of a fable. I got a feeling that this is a part of a larger story? The world creation was great and everything in your narrative was visually appealing. Great writing! Thank you for sharing!

    • This is a wonderful story, it created a world of images and questions for me which I really enjoy. I want to read much more , dont stop.

    • Well done! A beautiful story and a solid parable.

      Just some thoughts on how you could improve the story (again, not nagging, it’s a good story):

      I think the message would be even stronger if you explained how the sacrifice of that one child eliminated everything bad. Was it a pact with some god? Some kind of magic?

      The premise reminds me of the origin of the word “scape goat”. In the Middle Ages, you would blame everything that is wrong on a goat and sacrifice the animal to get rid of it.

      Well done, looking forward to your next one!

  • A life was taken, and they said don’t cry
    He deserved everything that happened to him
    He wasn’t a Boy Scout, obviously a thug
    Ignore the picture that was taken when
    He was in high school, with a future ahead
    He’s […]

    • This is so powerful. More outpouring of words and emotions like this NEED to be shared. Let these words be a catalyst for discussion, action, and (ideally) a change for the better. Keep writing! Thank you.

    • Very powerful and impacting indeed! We live in this time where the camera continues to tell our stories long after we are gone. No more hiding, lying, and manipulation. It is there for all to see and a change must come… Emotional gripping piece. Thank you for writing.

    • Very touching indeed. Your poem sends a strong message. So powerful!

    • Brilliant poem…and exactly when will the cops be brought to justice when they kill in the name of the ‘law’ – the same old just keeps repeating .
      Very relevant piece for today – thanks for sharing 😪

    • How very relevant to this weekend’s news about George Floyd your poem is. Homicide is rarely, if ever, justified and I can’t imagine why the two words are allowed to coexist. Well done for putting the feelings of so many down on paper. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your words. Your poem expressed the truth in injustice. No one should ever go through this. Everyone deserves justice.

  • 11:00 am
    Livestop Motel & Truck Stop
    Main Lobby

    “Good afternoon, sir.  We would like a room.”

    The manager sighed and put his book down.  He had been reading the same page for a good hour, but room 113 had sprun […]

    • What an intriguing story. I must say, I’m left with very many questions. I’d love to know just what these guys are. Forgive me if I just missed it. I really enjoy your candid style, and I was gripped from the beginning. I enjoyed myself reading this, just sorry it had to end. Well done

    • This is very cool. It feels like it could be a vignette in a modern day supernatural adventure. Something like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I think it would benefit from a little early foreshadowing of Larry and the two Darryl’s being non-humans. The final section revealing their true nature feels a little abrupt, almost like the story is switching genre.

    • Kim replied 5 months ago

      ok – wow.

      loved the beginning, loved the middle – and then …felt like I was reading another story’s ending. like… what just happened there?!

      agree with Mike – somehow you gotta tie that ending in more smoothly …or something. I’m not even convinced these are vampires – just something ‘other’

      great characterization, loved the manager who just wanted to read his book -and the dialogue at the pool with the Dwarf Hick was hilarious , had me in stitches (I probably shouldn’t have laughed but it was so ‘Far Side’ I just couldn’t help myself)

      great, entertaining read!

    • I enjoyed your descriptions and the characters. I was hoping for some kind of resolution at the end. Not sure what happens next. They shot him but he’s still alive? I feel like I’m lacking the big picture of who these people are. All the parts of your writing are fabulous. You may need a little work to bring it full circle. Keep writing!

    • Hi There – I agree with the other comments…I was left completely confused at the end. The poolside conversation was absolutely brilliantly cringeworthy (as was the thought of the dirty pool!) and the bored manager was well portrayed. Just that ending…

    • Seyi replied 5 months ago

      Hey C Reese and how goes it? I really liked your submission and couldn’t get enough of the dialogue. The description of their attire being made from ‘shiny, metallic sort of fabric’ caught my attention, and this combined with their speech, their behavior made me think time travelers, aliens, or from the West Coast. 😀 The manager trying to get back to his book was hilarious, pity he was the one who fired the fatal shot. I liked the reveal that they fed on the energy given off by excited humans, this theory could even be extended to account for a lot of the negative energy we have been generating these past decades. I did wonder about the line ‘ It was just a whisper.’ Had our alien trio started the queer pedo rumor? I missed that if so. I also wonder if the first line of the 11 pm section shouldn’t have been ‘Breathe it all in, Daryl John’? I really enjoyed this piece, well done and best regards, Seyi

    • Intriguing story. Was wondering where you were going with this. Good dialogue and characters. As with some others, I was left a bit floundering at the end and would have liked just a bit more spelt out for me. Usually, I am fine with working things out and having some space in the writing, but this was such a switch I needed a few stepping stones to understanding what was going on. And the whisper was?

  • Embrace the fantasies of youth with pride
    Endeavor every day to dream and play
    Nurture with care the little child inside
    Follow this creed to grow up strong and wise:
    Remember to live simply and always

    Embrace […]

    • I love this villanelle, what a great reminder! I especially like this line, ” Remember to live simply and always”

    • I like the way this poem conveys sound advice we should all be reminded of, especially in such times as these. Thank you for your poem, well said.

    • Such a nice gentle flow through your poem with a terrific message being passed on……good stuff

  • “Let’s call this meeting to order. Secre, can you read the minutes for the last meeting?”

    “Certainly, Queen. Present at last meeting: Honey, Nursey, Beatrice, Apis, Melli, Secre, Queen. Items discussed: non […]

  • Your menses will not let you forget
    You remember the children you longed
    And prayed for and did not get
    The small wee clothes and shoes, so cute, but never filled
    The giggles never uttered, the tears never […]

    • I know this void, those empty arms.

    • Powerful and you capture the emotions of this situation well. It is heartbreaking, but so many women both need and understand this poem.

    • Such a mature and accessible poem. Thank you

    • Oh wow, this is such a raw and emotive poem. Heartbreaking in fact. I have often wondered at times at how unfair it is that some people seem to spawn children with no real care or love of them and others who would make the most amazing parents are left with empty arms. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

    • this was raw – belied by the structure of your poem and the rhyme you use, to great effect I must add.
      very emotional and heart-sick – in longing and the grief and blame, laid so bare.
      I don’t understand why woman automatically do the self-blame game , like it’s something we did or did not do, like it’s at all in our self-control?? it just amplifies the feelings of worthlessness. And its not true! Please, if this is your reality – its not you.
      Be kind. To yourself especially. xx 💔

  • CReese and Profile picture of ChantelChantel are now friends 7 months ago

  • I love the interaction between your characters: it flows naturally and their personalities are evident. I wanted more… what happens to Marnie’s research? Why is it garnering so much attention? Why was Jack really sworn to secrecy (that explanation seems too easy…)? Enquiring minds want to know!

  • Elaine was sure she could pitch her dome tent here: she had watched this field for weeks. No traffic but cows. She set the picture of her children by the entryway and sighed contentedly.

    “What the hell is […]

    • Hi
      Your heroine gets a gold star for perseverance and optimism. C Alexis

    • Sad. Very well done, and one of the definitions of pitch that I had forgotten!

    • Your story was well crafted, given only 200 words. The emotions; desperation, injustice, insecurity, even hope, struck me deeply. I lived that life, but I thank God that I didn’t have to use a tent. Stay safe.

      – Ismael

    • Shae replied 7 months ago

      Forgotton this definition of a pitch. Nice story.

    • Might sleep warm for more than a few days.

  • The woods were more quiet than he had ever heard them.Jacques had never been timid or anxious. In fact, most of his friends considered him intrepid and a tad reckless. But the silence in the midst of the trees […]

    • This was a very intriguing story. I enjoyed the twist at the end. I really enjoy reading your stories, keep up the good work.

    • Your story keep me wanting to keep reading to figger out what was going on! Nice hook, suspense and tension.

      It really changed perspectives on things, which weren’t disclosed until the surprise twist at the end. I was thinking it was a human abducted by aliens, for experimentation.

      It made me think that all life is valuable! Even a rabbits!

      Nice read!

    • Whoa. I was into the whole alien abduction scene and then BAM! Well done. Super creepy.

    • Your twist reminded me of something you’d find in an old Twilight Zone episode. I was thinking how his cage reminded me of an animal in a shelter or lab, but thought it was a human/alien story until the end. I loved the line, “The air screamed with fear and there was a faint, coppery smell,” it really set the fearful tone. The paragraph after that started with “A slivery metallic glint”, thinking maybe you meant silvery, but either works as it was the wire. Well done.

    • Hi Chantel
      Your subversion in this story is excellent. It’s something I won’t likely forget! Your structure and language are both excellent, serving their purpose. You must have put a lot of work into making sure everything served the correct purpose. I’m so pleased I came over to read your story. It did not disappoint in the slightest. Well done.

  • Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback.

  • Thank you for reading! I appreciate the feedback.

  • C Alexis and Profile picture of CReeseCReese are now friends 7 months ago

  • Her sanctuary was in a glass house.

    She had collected glass figurines since childhood, when her grandmother had given her the first: a hummingbird. “So you remember to fly, always. And to stop and smell the […]

    • Powerful writing. Poetic.

    • Good writing.
      Shockingly vivid ending.

    • You did an amazing job with the prompt, capturing these images of shattering very well. I feel this was poetic, literal, and figurative. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read more from you.

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