• Animals growing and changing,

    Differences and differences,

    And one day, another…

    Pairs of animals no longer the same,

    Tired of morphing, tired of change.

    In another life, the lion bathes,

    Not hunting, not w […]

    • Hi Chloe, this is a very poignant piece, touching on both how things adapt and don’t adapt to what is happing in the world with habitat loss coming on so fast.It brings home the world we may be facing in the not to distant future. Well done. Thank you for your poem.

    • Hi Chloe

      A poem of our times indeed. Well done for the contemporary feel, as well as achieving the acrostic (i think that’s what it is).


    • That’s a very poignant and compact acrostic, Chloe. It packs a punch in a few words. Great job. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Hello Chloe,
      An interesting acrostic – well done. It brings your message over excellently.

  • Hello! I really like your poem. I like how the repetition signifies the monotony that this pandemic has become – the day in day out bit and table and chair etc.
    I think it has lovely pace and flow. Good job.

  • When my alarm went off, I smacked it quiet again. But unlike most mornings, where I would roll over until the persistent ringing annoyed me too much, I sat up, awake and alert. Today was the day. My whole body […]

    • Hi Chloe, great story. At first I thought she had lost her daughter in the accident and I wondered why you’d brought it in so soon. Then you revealed the twist and it immediately it changed everything . Well done

    • I really like the story. You did well to surprise with everything that happened and to let the reader discover everything that happened along with the narrator. Well done. The last part is just a bit rushed with too happening, but I understand that is probably due to word count. Also I think as the mom had 6 weeks in hospital before going home I think there would beany conversations in that time between her and the daughter about what in all that time, as opposed to the car ride home.

    • Hi Chloe, you got me with this one. At the start, I was ready to get all sad and weepy thinking you had killed the little three-year-old off. It was really well done, I never imagined the mother could have been in a coma for 17 years. The ending was lovely, filled with joy and hope for the future. A lovely take on the prompt of holiday:)
      Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Take Care:)

      One small edit:
      And every night before I feel – fell

  • Love this! This is so well built and I love the repeat of the first line half way through – to me, it sounds as if the narrator is talking about mental illness? I agree with Stevie and the disparity between the first line and the last is so great and makes it really impactful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shadows of old,

    Creeping into the room.

    A scared little mouse,

    Cries out too soon.

    Mother rushes in,

    A light in her hand.

    She drives the shadow aside,

    But she won’t understand.

    She closes the d […]

    • One of my childhood fears! Don’t let your foot dangle off the side of the bed! Did you mean to type head or hear in that last stanza? Excellent choice of illustration for this poem!

    • The comfort of Mother – light in the dark night of a child’s fear! Good job!

    • Hello Chloe,
      Ooh, a poem that resonates with me. It wasn’t until I slept on a divan that I stopped worrying about what was under the bed. Looking at Juanita’s comment – may be ‘heed’ would be better than head, but then it wouldn’t rhyme with bed! Lovely rhythm to the poem. Well done.

    • Shadows make your imagination conjure up so many things, that only light can take away. Your poem has a rhythm that goes well with the subject. Thank you for sharing this slice of childhood. I enjoyed it.

    • Nice rhymes and rhythm. Clearly, Mother is of not much use. She must have forgotten her own childhood fears.

  • Hello! I really enjoyed your story. I think this has a lot of potential to be a larger piece if it isn’t already. You seem to have a well thought out character and the backstory is really rich. It would almost have been nice to have more words so that the backstory wasn’t more prominent than the ‘now’ part of the story. Great idea and I hope you…[Read more]

  • The little, old woman at the end of the road is a caged little bitch. Just yesterday she asked me why God cursed me with such an ugly child.

    “She’s just guarded,” my husband said when I told him what happe […]

    • What a lovely story. Great take on the prompt and great build up of the frustration of both the women perfectly resolved at the end. Loved it.

      Just a note on a typo – previsions? Did you mean provisions? I hope it’s okay to mention it.

    • I agree this is a lovely story. I like that it took time and effort for the women to get to common ground. Your dialogue flowed very naturally. I really enjoyed it.

    • Lovely story and characters. Though, it sounds like the whole rigmarole could have been prevented had the husband just told her everything he knew upfront. Pfft, men!

    • I really like the anticipation you created with every step she took closer to getting the lady to allow her into her home.

  • ‘What are you waiting for?’ the voice whispered. ‘Jump, fly, plunge. It’s the only chance you’ll get.’

    I stepped up to the ledge, shaking. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I wasn’t in my right mind. And yet, […]

  • “Where do the dolphins go?” Lily asked, pointing as the sleek animals devoured the waves. They laughed, chasing the foam and leaping over each other until the sun set.

    Taylor hitched the littlun on her hip. She […]

  • Just sit for a minute.

    No, not there. A little to your left.

    Ah, that’s it. Doesn’t that feel better? I’ll let you digest. Just listen to my voice.

    Soft waves crash on white sand. Fish flutter in the cryst […]

  • Aranyani growled. The tiger roared back.

    • I think I know who I’m betting on in this match. Well done.

    • Nina replied 3 months ago

      Yes what Shelley said.

    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Hi Chloe, I love that name, so pretty. Great choice of words. I picture a small brave little girl, from a tribe in the jungle, talking to the tigers with no fear at all:) Well done.

    • I wonder who Aranyani is…perhaps Aranyani is also an animal? I wonder what will happen…
      This is a great use of 6 words!

    • I googled – Aranyani is a goddess of the forests? Now I wonder if it’s the goddess or a person who growled 🙂

    • Now, I kinda like to know what they were saying to each other. Maybe this is a jungle musical and they are asking each other out for a date. So much fun thinking about this! Good job. 😀

    • Interesting confrontation! I wonder what the outcome will be?

    • Brilliant way to establish a character, and a dramatic moment implying a back story all in six words! Great job!

    • Oh I like this and all its possibilities.

    • Good job!

  • So much in so little! Well done 🙂

  • Nice take on the prompt.

  • Victoria sat, staring at nothing. She had waited everyday of her life for this – to finally have a purpose. And yet, she’d dreaded it.

    In a moment, she would stand, straighten her back as her tutors had tau […]

    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Hi Chloe, took me till nearly the end to work it out. Well done, a nice little twist, and definitely a higher purpose.

    • I like how you showed her fear and her courage through her body language and thoughts. Nice work.

  • Clare tapped her fingernail against the table. She had just looked at the clock and the couple on the next table earlier kept giving her dirty looks. She caught them staring and she made a face at them before […]

    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Hi Chloe, this was so clever. I had no idea that was going to happen at the end. I thought she was going to be held in a loving embrace and then smirk at the annoying coffee drinking couple:)
      Well done.

    • Well… that went sideways fast! Well written and intriguingly fun. 😀

    • What a surprise. He certainly wasn’t worth the wait. Well done.

    • Interesting twist!

  • Liza stepped back to admire her handiwork. The shop was perfect. She’d fought tooth and nail to fit in here – to make something of herself. And now everything was coming together.

    The clocked ticked over to 9AM […]

    • what a relief she finally had a customer.
      I liked the twist.
      Did you mean to use. ‘patiently ‘twice?
      waiting patiently and patiently

    • I’m guessing that when word gets round that you don’t need English to shop there she’ll get more customers! A nice little twist. The thought of the cakes made me hungry!

    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Hi Chloe, A lovely little story. I do hope she ends up being a big success. Her food sounds delicious:) Also a great use of the prompt.

    • I was sad when it seemed like no one showed up. What a relief when a customer appeared. And the ending was great with her being able to speak Spanish to serve him. I think we can hope that things will pick up now. Well done.

    • How disappointing when no one showed up… but glad that someone did. Nice use of the prompt.

    • I loved this! It’s a small world, and I loved how the person that came to enjoy it first was a home spirit. 😀

    • Such a welcoming comment when her first customer didn’t speak English. I was feeling so sorry, and then so happy when he walked in! Good use of the prompt/

  • Chloe Edwards commented on the post, Masks 3 months ago

    Very good and heart wrenching story with a good message. I know it’s a short word count but not 100% sure who’s talking at the beginning – I think maybe two healthcare workers?? But truly great story.

  • Hi Priyanka. I enjoyed this and I think the message is very strong. And I agree that this could be a longer story. Not 100% sure what is meant by the last bit ‘she got admitted into tenth grade and moved out.’ but that may just be regional differences. Good job 🙂

  • Sixteen is a lucky number.

    There are sixteen days until my sixteenth birthday. Sixteen of my friends will arrive at 16:16. And I’ll be greeted with sixteen presents. To finish, we’ll eat from my sixteen-layer cak […]

    • Oh! It all started so harmlessly. Quite a lot to have notched up by your 16th birthday! Chilling ending but with a twist of humour. Well done.

    • but you did not get the prompt in,

    • Hi
      I love the way you have combined crime, cruelty and comedy. CA

    • I’m intrigued by that 16 layer cake. Seriously I like the way the combined elements and ended with that twist. Well done.

    • Nice use of the prompt, and a great twist! Good job!

    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Oh my gosh, I didn’t see that coming. 60th murder at the age of 16, holy, this is one dangerous young lady. Great job Chloe, not what I expected at all.

    • Great use of the prompt! I’m curious about the sixteen layer cake lol.

    • Love all those sixteens, and what a scary twist at the end! Clever plot!

  • Rose straightened her spine. She wasn’t used to fancy clothes or fine wine. She didn’t fit among these prim and proper ladies. But if she wanted to succeed, this was the place to do so.

    “Would you care for a dan […]

    • Chloe – I liked this piece. I’m wondering why she killed the prince. What mission did she have? Also, what is a “calling card knife”?
      I like the alliteration of “fancy and fine” and “prim and proper”
      Good characterization

    • Quite the mystery indeed.
      Looks like she won’t get her answers from him!

      Rose is definitely on a mission!


    • Jane replied 3 months ago

      Hi Chloe, you have me hooked on this one. When you mentioned that she had been around for a century I started imagining a vampire. But she left a knife, so now I am thrown… Or was the knife to cover her tracks as a vampire. She is very cold, calculating and obviously enchanting and beautiful. I would like to know more of this mysterious MC.
      One tiny edit required: But not enough to warm a heart as ice as hers. – as icy as hers
      Well done.

    • Left a calling card knife. Special handle, unusual blade shape, or engraving? If she has done this for a century her exploits must border on legend.

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