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    Wow! Your poem is tautly crafted, each word, each syllable, each choice designed to heighten and hearten. Bravo!

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    How splendidly you have choreographed courtship.

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    You have crafted a circular poem, thematically linking this eternal cycle of life, death, love, loss with such exquisite words.

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    Such a spare poem, succinct yet inviting reflection.

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    What a wild, weird ride, turning the damsel-in-distress on its head. Excellent!

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    This was precisely what I needed today — quirky, perky yet tender and meaningful.

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    This is such a touching tribute to your father and to your soul’s journey towards healing from grief. I am better for having read this piece. Thank you!

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    Your story is so well structured, you lay out the breadcrumbs that I as a reader follow and nibble. Just when I thought I’d figured it all out, there is a twist that fits aptly with the plot. Finally, your words to describe your MC won me over, rooting for her to believe in herself as I came to believe in her. Excellent!

  • Duality by C Alexis


    Duality, dichotomy, duplexity 

    Grasping, clasping, bearing, carrying

    Unconnected, unrelated, diametric 

    Affections, sensations, reactions 

    Inward, inner, interior, inside, wi […]

    • a true reflection of human wants and wishes

    • Ending the year, a strange and fearsome one, with a wonderful lesson well phrased in verse. Nice rhyming snowballing into the heart of things. And yes, let’s be in this world altogether and all together.

    • Hi – such a lovely choice of words – I really liked this

    • Hello C Alexis,

      Another new word for me in 2020 – dyad. It seems like a useful one! I like the way you develop the argument for duality in your poem.

      Wishing you all the best for the festive season and I look forward to more of your poems in 2021.

    • A lesson for everyone and so well done. I love the comparison of salty toffee to embracing duality. Lovely.

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  • Linwood by C Alexis


    The blend of lilies, carnations, gladiolus and chrysanthemums smothers my breathing. My ears ache with the crinkling, the sniffling, the fidgeting. The pew bruises my buttocks spiralling up […]

    • A very realistic first half, and an unexpected ending. I was unsure if the main character was the Nan or the Mum of the deceased, as there’s reference to her first born, but the girls calling her Nan refer to a ‘great sendoff for our big brother’, which would be her grandson. That aside, I enjoyed it very much. A nice tale.

      I’d replace the first ‘slip’ with another word, as slippery is mentioned shortly after… I slip my hand into Logan’s cool one, giving a small squeeze before we slide onto the slippery leather seats

      Could this long sentence be divided into two or three?… Standing in my kitchen, glaring at the cold oven, I reset the controls, place my hands on my hips, my voice ringing loud, summoning my dearest grandbabies, Rex and Weldon, two tall drinks of water, studying at uni, lope like hounds to my side.

      This is a great first draft (probably second or third, as it reads quite polished), and with maybe one less character and a couple of hundred more words, it would be even stronger. In my opinion. Maybe a scene with the boys and the bottom shelf getting mixed with the top shelf.

      An enjoyable read. Well written, and with an interesting twist on a solemn event. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi there – a great portrayal of a family and its inter-generational characters, if (and I agree with James) a few too many. I love that they all got changed into comfy clothes – that was a realistic touch as were so many of the other little vignettes . As soon as she said not to touch the one shelf, I had an idea where it might be going! Well done!

    • Great story with a kooky, uplifting twist at the end. I enjoyed the THC induced conversations and felt they could have gone further, with a bigger word count. I agree that a scene with the grandchildren in the pantry with the treats would be a nice clarity to what was happening. Nothing quite like watching a family unravel when they have consumed one too many of whatever it is!
      Thanks for the story.

    • HI Alexis, I really enjoyed your story. It was poignant and touching. I am about to go to a funeral tomorrow for a friend who just passed away unexpectedly. So it kind of hit home. I was also a little confused about the family relationships for the same reasons as James has mentioned. If this could be made a little clearer it would be awesome:) I found the ending quite funny and loved that the “older generation” were quite risqué:)

      I found one sentence that needs a tiny edit:
      I swallow a fork full casserole with pleasure – fork full of casserole
      Well done and thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Alexis, I read this with particular interest, seeing how you crafted the scene by telling tidbits from it, and not the full, realtime version of the funeral. You’ve done it in such a way that one feels as if you’ve been there for the whole of the funeral. Great example for me! Well done.

  • Hi, Your acrostic poem is filled with hopefulness and challenge in equal parts. Would that the world embraced the theme of your poem!

  • Innovative take on the acrostic–clever!

  • Hi,
    What a marvellous poem that incorporates the tone and feel of the act of mindfulness.

  • Hi, Your acrostic poem is so topical given the date of posting. I particularly liked your phrasing, “efforts to reinforce stability.”

  • Remembrance by C Alexis


    Recollection of death, destruction

    Evocation of loss, loneliness

    Memorialize sacrifices

    Eulogization of wasted youth

    Memorialize, do not repeat

    Baptism in kindness, caring, […]

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