• Thank you so much, Becky, for this lovely compliment. I’m not sure that I deserve it, but thank you, it’s very kind of you and I’m super grateful for the encouragement 🙂 As for the Captain, you’re right, he’s definitely not going to be happy and the longer Kate leaves it, the worse it’s going to be… 😉

  • Hi Becky, I love the line “she belonged with grey ducks”. I’m also glad to see Maisie getting bolder with her telephone enquiries, she seems to be becoming more confident.
    The only question I have is that I’m wondering how Maisie feels about Kenji dating. It might just be me but it felt quite ambiguous in this passage as to whether she’s…[Read more]

  • Hi Adam, I loved the opening of your scene and on behalf of abiding queuers the world over, I have to thank you for giving that uncouth man weak tea and cold toast! 😁
    The tension held in the threat was great, especially involving Lucy in it, that really amplified the impact. I wonder who tipped him on Catherine’s involvement and feared for Lamond…[Read more]

  • Hi Adam, thank you so much. Cuttlefishes sounded cute but wrong to me too, however the spell checker was adamant – what does it know? 🤣 Good point about the inner thoughts too, I will remove these in my master doc. Am reading on my phone in the train today so terrified to edit on here, press the wrong button and delete it all…

  • Hi Susanne, oh my, those kids really rattled Lilli’s thinking (as kids do of course) with their interpretation of family.
    Damn John for coming home on time, we need to know what’s in the letters 😊

  • Hi Susanne, thank you so much. I don’t think Matt’s too keen on parenthood, more fireworks to come hopefully 😊

  • Wow Sudha! Gary is one nasty piece of work! His thoughts about Jen at the end made my skin crawl.
    I really enjoyed the insight you gave us on his way of thinking about his own origins and Long Islanders, it was so telling of his chip on his shoulder and bitterness. I was wondering though whether you need to look at the language you used there, as…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Sudha. Indeed, the cat is out of the bag, well its tail at least… 😊

  • Hi Bhavna, this is such an interesting premise and definitely a fantastic set up for a longer story or even a book. I agree with Martin that it feels like Alexander needs a stronger motivation to marry her, perhaps the will could state that they both get cut off from it if they don’t?
    I didn’t want the story to end. I would love to know if Mr…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much, Bhavna.

  • Thank you, Adam. That has been boggling my mind from the start. There are so many great stories being written in 52, a great many way more worthy than mine to be followed (and this isn’t false modesty, I do mean it!). There are a few that are especially brilliant and have very few followers – I just can’t wrap my head around that. I think your…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Nina. I’m glad I did too. With the end in sight, it feels a lot like a jigsaw right now, trying to fit the right characters in the right place at the right time to progress the plot.
    As for the pregnancy, I’m so happy that you have the measure of Tamara. It’s so obvious from your writing that you have an amazing knack for analysing…[Read more]

  • Hi Nina, once again I loved all the parts of this scene. The reflections on Alden’s entitlement and expectations, the conversation with the gardener and the consequences of Emyline’s death for Clarissa’s job and the chance encounter with Linda, all seem to lead Clarissa to make a decision as to whether she is going to/can stay at the house. And…[Read more]

  • Hi Deryn, I loved the inclusion of ‘snot and trane’, it gives it another level of South African flavour and authenticity and straight away took me there. The convo with Terrance is great, him spotting the chemistry that Fran is still denying really firms up the Berard appeal for the reader and oh my gosh, I can’t believe that you’re going to send…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much, Deryn 🙂 x

  • Hi Peggy, another great scene! I too got a little confused by Magera’s suspicions given that Minsang could fill them in on exactly what is going inside the New Moon but that’s very minor. I’m also intrigued by the laptop and I think you’re hinting here there might be quite a bit more to that. It seems strange that after everything that she’s gone…[Read more]

  • I had a nagging suspicion in the last couple of scenes that things were coming together way too well for our characters, but still, I was left completely breathless by the spanners you threw in their way – wonderful! I wonder which way Mao is going to go and what he’s going to do next and as much as I was screaming in my head at Minsang and Benji…[Read more]

  • Wow, Peggy, never mind the old lady, I’m not sure my heart can take this 🤣 Seriously, this was just brilliant! The tension throughout, first as some of the girls hesitate to leave and therefore add a delay to the escape they can ill afford, the Roy spotting Minsand but Cho trying to get her away when she is close to being free, and then finally…[Read more]

  • Hi Peggy, I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind but I’ve been really looking forward to catching up 🙂 The tension is so perfectly maintained throughout this scene again, you’re doing this so well. I also really like that it feels like it’s all coming together and moving forward but, at the same time, there are still plenty of questions left to answer…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much Adam, that’s super kind! Unfortunately for me it’s both 34 and 35 that are missing. I’m working on them and will let you know when they’re up but don’t worry if you don’t have the time to go back and read them. I really appreciate that you’re already reading my scenes every week without fault, I can’t possibly ask for more 🙂

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