• Hey Nicole, I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Thank you so much, for taking the time and for your valuable feedback. I’m gonna read your story in the next few days 🙂

  • Hi Deidre,
    your story kept my interested from the first line. I like the tone and the arch of events. I would have loved to hear more from the interview with that NRA guy. I think this piece has a huge tragicomic potential. It could also work as a series with the journo as a recurring character. I have mixed feelings about the meaning, it makes…[Read more]

  • Ana commented on the post, Stale by Rebecca J Robbins 1 week ago

    Hi Rebecca,
    this felt like a nostalgia trip to warmer, less complex times. I love the way you bring it to light through the details, explaining procedures, rituals, and giving them the importance they deserve. Mamie’s role seems to me the ideal mother, an archetype of an era of purity that focuses on the most simple roots of happiness. Beautiful.

  • Hi Candice,
    very well written crime mystery. The description of her entering the house has a very nightmarish, cinematic vibe. It keeps you on your toes. Nice one!

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  • Of course I love the last part, it’s a total Bang! That’s the way a good chapter should end, keeping the reader interested. Great combination of a cliffhanger and a perfect use of the prompt. I can’t believe you’re able to write this well while being so busy 😮

  • Hey Candice,
    thanks! I’m overwhelmed by your compliments 🙂 I will read your story for this month later today 🙂

  • Thanks a lot Georgiana! I love that each of the comments I’ve received gives me a different perspective. School uniform – yes, that’s it. For me it represents the social class he belongs to and wants to break from, the fire in this case would be the representation of a new beginning. I should have retaken the uniform burning moment later on in the…[Read more]

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  • Hi Julie-Anne,
    great work! Why are you dissatisfied with the ending? I love the mentality it evokes, of doing the best out of dry bread. Great use of the prompt all they way through. Very honest prose, the closeness to the details, your slow paced description of the autumn of a marriage, the portrait of decay. You took on the difficult task to…[Read more]

  • Aw thanks so much Julie-Anne!!! The line you picked is also my favorite one. I always write crime and gruesome stuff, and this time I had the need for a softer tone. I’m happy you liked it 🙂

  • I have no idea about the publishing world, but I wrote it for a contest. Mainly because contests give me a fix deadline, and I cannot write without one. I will let you know of the results once I know 🙂

  • Thanks for that awesome feedback, June, and for been the first one to stop by. I did fight every word with this one, and reading your words makes it worth it. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you so much Amrita. Your kindness shows in every one of your comments 🙂 The line you mention is one of my favorites as well. I love that you liked it!

  • That’s such an awesome and generous comment, Chantel. Thank you so much for stopping by 😀

  • Hi Rachel,
    this was sad and real, and your prose is so honest and bare that the feeling it gives off made me care for the main characters. As simple as that, with small every day situations, you managed to tell a universal drama. I simply loved it.

  • Hi June,
    I loved the vibe of this piece; you could have told this story from a comic point of view, because all the elements point to humor, and instead it has a horror feel through it, like if with every step your main character was entering the gates of hell on Earth: the office space. You build up the intrigue very cleverly, and the secondary…[Read more]

  • Hi Chantel,
    as much as I enjoy reading your stories, when you dive into horror it’s when I really become mesmerized. Your prose is so elegant, so contained. The way you tell your character through his senses made me feel right inside him. The use of some macabre elements -the thistles, the smell, the ferric chloride, bit by bit adding up to the…[Read more]

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