• Hi Maria,
    An intergalactic thriller! You really are coming up with a great narrative. I am really glad to see that what started as an interested human-alien interaction, now has turned into a delicious complex story. Your characters, especially Vitora, is the one to look out for. I really liked how you have created her character arc. Waiting for…[Read more]

  • Hi Megan,
    That was suspenseful and a thrilling read! Reincarnation is something that is considered true and real in Hinduism. We believe that our body is a physical cage and the soul is the indestructible essence that after the physical death, travels onto another body, and reborn. This journey continues till we attain salvation. The story you…[Read more]

  • Hi Ana,
    That was terrifying and poignant. That’s what I love about your pieces, they are so immersive and the details just get to your soul. I like how you describe Miguel, his easygoing attitude and how that transforms into something else. The end was gut wrenching. I wish no one has to do that to their loved ones. Poignant and moving! Thank you…[Read more]

  •   “No.” A long pause followed that word Rishi Raisingh uttered upon hearing Tahir’s proposition. It was fast becoming his trademarked monosyllable. Sometimes, Tahir wondered if Rishi had received the word as his […]

    • Hi Amrita,
      Great story. I really enjoyed reading this continuation. You had some lovely descriptive passages, like when you compared the three sister and talked about Tahir’s feeling for Lisa. (I’m not sure I would like my husband to compare his feelings for me like a Big Mac though😊). I could also feel the tension brewing between Rishi and Tahir together with Tahir’s desperation as his hopes of money for his project appears to be fading away. Thanks for a great read.

      • Hi Maria,
        Thank you for your support and lovely comments! I am glad that the story has kept you engaged thus far and you like the tension built-up. Yes, Tahir has his flaws, he has certain peculiarities. Not the perfect guy in my opinion too. No wonder he gets under people’s skin. Thank you for the read! Be safe.

        • I’m glad you are continuing this story as it gives us a chance to really get inside the heads of your MCs. There was some great descriptions in this month’s installment. Also the flow of the narrative was excellent. I look forward to reading your next Chapter since you ended this one on a cliffhanger. Good job, Amrita!

          • Hi Charles,
            Thank you for the read and your awesome comments! I am thrilled to know that the story and descriptions kept you engaged. Hope to hear from you again. Be safe.

    • Amrita, you are such a compelling writer. Seriously. I need to go back and read the rest to refresh my memory but even without it, your writing drew me in and captivated my attention. Excellent!

      • Hi Patty,
        Thank you tons for such wonderful comments and your support! I am glad that my story managed to grab your attention!

    • Hi Amrita!
      This was a great development from the previous part. I liked to see the manipulations attempts of Tahir to convince Rishi to take part in his series, contrasting with his abusive behavior towards his caring wife.
      You created terrific descriptions in this story. I particularly enjoyed the passages: “The three of them were as apart as chalk, cheese, and cake,” and “she could carry boots just as well as stilettos” referring to Rene.
      I’m curious about the true story behind the news. I doubt Rishi was an abusive husband. Perhaps Rene made it look so.
      I’m looking forward to reading the next part. Thanks for sharing.

      • Hi Zefira,
        Thank you for dropping by and your lovely comments! I glad that you liked this part, the confrontation and contrasts in the attitudes of the characters. The “chalk, cheese, and cake” phrase, I only thought that could be a befitting description, because that’s the way I thought of each character. Glad it paid off! 🙂
        About the news story…I would say you are pretty close. But watch out this space for more. Hope to hear from you again. Be safe.

    • You’ve got some excellent character development going on here. Tahir is quite the manipulator, though it doesn’t seem to have gotten him very far with Armaan last month, or Rishi this month, so I suspect he’s going to be feeling rather desperate and it makes me wonder what drastic measures he will take next. I’m curious about the news report about Rishi and what will develop from that, and I thought Tahir’s interaction with Lisa was the most telling about his character – especially when he was just thinking about how lucky he was to have chosen that particular sister. He sure didn’t act lucky when he got home – poor Lisa, trying to make ends meet with so little. This is very compelling reading, and I am so looking forward to more! Great work, Amrita. Thanks for sharing, and well done!

      • Hi Peggy,
        Thanks for dropping by and your awesome comments! Yes, this episode mainly focuses on the characters and establishing the relationship between them. And you pretty close to analysing Tahir’s character. He does feel lucky to have Lisa. But perhaps, his desperation for his project has started to affect his behaviour. But yes, that’s no way to treat one’s wife. About the news report – somewhere later in the story all that shall come into play. I am thrilled to know this story engaged. Hope to hear from you again. Be safe.

        • Hi Amrita, I enjoyed this installment. It filled in a few more blanks about the family and the links between Tahir and Rishi. I would also like to know what Rishi has been accused of and why he seems so despondent. I think perhaps that Tahir loves and appreciates his wife, but he also takes his frustrations out on her, as don’t people often do that to the ones they love the most.
          I hope that he is indeed happy about the pregnancy news, although it seems that the timing is not at all good, financially speaking.
          A couple of small editing suggestions:
          Yes, he is handsome in that ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ kind of way. – might I suggest – Yes, his is good looking, in that ‘tall, dark and handsome’ kind of way. – rather than two handsome’s so close to each other.
          washing his hands off the affair, Rishi had to be hooked in. – of the affair, not off
          Well done and thanks for sharing:)

          • Hi Jane,
            Firstly, I apologise for my delayed response. I had been caught up in some crazy things. Thank you for your kind comments and the read! I am glad that you liked the narrative and the chemistry between the characters. Yes, Tahir is complicated as are the other characters. As I move forward with the story, I wish to show each of their individual struggles and how it impacts their relationships. I agree with your edits. Thank you for those. I will correct those. Hope to hear from you again. Be safe.

    • Hi Amrita,
      This story is getting more complex as are the characters. Tahir is desperate and is pushing too hard, knows he is, and does it anyway. He’s committed to getting this movie made. We don’t know why Rishi has been accused of such terrible actions but from how you’ve described him, it seems that someone placed an untrue story in the papers. He’s an angry and hurt person who is not sure what his next move should be. At the moment he is feeling sorry for himself but Tahir’s needling isn’t helping.
      The dialogue between the two flowed well.
      It is interesting that Tahir saw Lisa as the mac and cheese and that Rene is out of his league. It makes you wonder how he sees himself.
      I do hope we get to see this story from Rishi’s POV or at least we get to understand the mystery behind Rishi’s current troubles. Have we seen Kyla and her husband yet? Are they in this story to show how Tahir feels inadequate compared to the other two?
      This was a really good follow-up from last month’s chapter. You posed new questions and have left us hanging until next month!

      • Hi Sudha,
        It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! Yes, you have captured all the main points of this installment and I am glad it appealed to you. Tahir is desperate, yes. The way I had thought of his character while writing – he is someone great and passionate about what he does, tries his best till he gets it done. I was a little sceptical about how people would receive Rishi. But I guess his character has engaged everyone, and for that I am thankful. About the things that happened to his marriage – there shall be more revelation on that front soon. I don’t know how often will you see Kyla and her husband. No, they have not appeared on the scene yet. I do hope to hear from you again next month. Be safe.

    • Hi Amrita,
      it’s interesting to watch how your prose becomes more and more confident with each chapter. I still get a bit lost among all the names but that’s a typical effect sagas have in me as a reader. I’m ambivalent about Tahir, as although he apparently has a strong purpose and that’s a valuable thing, the way he recalls Rene being the steak and Lisa the mac & cheese, among other details, is disturbing. I think you’re constructing for him a self-seeking and ambitious path that may lead him to who knows where… And your tempo is steady, your hand doesn’t waver. Excellent.

      • Hi Ana,
        You are always so encouraging with your comments, really appreciate it. I wrote this part in a jiffy and was a little doubtful about its reception. I am glad that it appealed to you. Yes, Tahir is a strange mix. He is ambitious, a ingenious thinker and is passionate about his work – so much so that sometimes he fails to consider another person’s feelings. Let’s see where that takes him. 🙂 I think comparing Lisa to Mac and Cheese was unfair too. But if I think it from Tahir’s perspective, that’s his way of saying that he made a safer choice. I am glad that you liked the pacing of the narrative. Hoping to hear from you again next month. Be safe and thank you for your lovely comments and the read!

  • Hi Jane,
    Your story is shaping up to be one heck of a sci-fi adventure! I am glad that you decided to continue Orange Oddities. It’s fun to see the triplets launching into their own adventure. The scene building was awesome. The end was nail biting! Looking out for this one. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Maria,
    Ok…that was a powerpacked part. I loved how you entered the mind of the alien and laid bare his thoughts. Vitora seems to be a very intelligent character. Waiting to see how this interaction between him and Andy Forbes’ family works out. Great writing! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Maria,
    Thank you for your awesome comments and the read! I am glad to know that you liked the story so much. Hoping to hear from you again next month. Be safe.

  • Hi Jane,
    Thank you for your lovely comments and the read! Yes, a sort of conflict and power struggle is on. It’s interesting to know that you feel for Tahir. Tahir is a person who is in need at the moment, and yes, Armaan had his apprehensions. And yes, Rishi is going to be a different challenge altogether. Hope to hear from you again next month. Be safe.

  • Hi Kim,
    You had me right from the start! I loved the beginning. You did a great job describing all that motion and frantic action that Pieter experiences. I was wondering what’s going on. Ar first, I thought that he is receiving shocks or is in the middle of an accident. But then you mentioned the seizure. It’s weird hoe strangers can sometimes…[Read more]

  • Hi Catherine,
    I couldn’t stop reading! Oh you will make for a brilliant thriller writer…no flattery there! You pace your story narration and the plot details so minutely, it just seems like all this is actually happening somewhere. This was refreshingly real and yet the suspense was biting. The photo detail shows that Sadie isn’t a resource to…[Read more]

  • Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your encouraging words and the read! I am thrilled to know that you liked the theme and this part. Actually, it wasn’t the gay-theme that bothered me. If anything, I feel more stories should be written about people of diversity. I would have set this story in India if the laws were not so anti against same-sex marriages and…[Read more]

  • Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for dropping by and your heartfelt comments! Yes, it’s weird how we think we take those we know for granted, even though their worlds are very different from ours. I see Tahir and Armaan’s relationship as more of a love-hate equation, sparing the romantic angle. I am glad that you read into that part of Tahir’s character…[Read more]

  • Amrita Sarkar started taking the course 52 Scenes 1 month, 1 week ago

  • Hi Ana,
    Thank you for the awesome comments and the read! I love those two topics as well. So much so, that of late, I have lost interest in straight romances. But this story is really close to my heart and I hope I can do justice to it. It’s funny you imagined me like a ghost-biographer for a director. I don’t know much about movie stars or their…[Read more]

  • Hi Sudha,
    It’s always so great to hear from you! Sorry for the delay in replying. I am thrilled to know that you enjoyed this installment. Yes, both Tahir and Armaan are complex characters. It’s interesting to know how you feel about Tahir vis a vis Armaan. As the story progresses, I will reveal more snippets about these characters and let you…[Read more]

  • Hi HM,
    Thank you for dropping by and your amazing comments! Yes, it’s complicated. I have thought of this conversation a thousand times in my head. You can say I am external ghost observer that way who watches her characters talk to each other. 🙂 Much like the girl who watches her dolls from outside the dollhouse without letting them know. Yes,…[Read more]

  • 😮 I did not know that it was so difficult to find yoghurt. Thank you for sharing such interesting titbits. I am sure the same must have been the case for cheeku (mudapples), and jackfruit? Yoghurt, one can always make some at home. 🙂

  • Wow…you really explained about mangoes, pomegranates? I thought they knew about tropical fruits there. 🙂 That’s an interesting tid bit. I wonder if Custard Apple makes the cut. Well, I do want to know about what the bachelor said. I really liked this story. Thank you for sharing!

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