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  • I had a good chuckle as I read along with all the descriptions of the “flaws”. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for the insight and the humour.

  • Your glass window is a great example of self protection and preservation. There is so much loneliness captured in your imagery. Thank you for sharing.

  • The progression of self growth is inspiring. We should all strive to love the person in the glass more. Thank you for sharing.

  • Love the comparison of glass to memories. Even when there is just a tip the hurt goes so much deeper. I identified deeply with your poem – Thank you.

  • Contoured bottle so intricate even the blind can see

    Paper bag, a poor man’s disguise of escape and reason

    Breaking against a bow to invite good luck on the high sea

    Popping of corks, clinking of glasses to c […]

    • I really appreciate the construction of this poem, the way the rhymes are built in really brings home the last two lines when you break the pattern. Really nice!

    • I believe this particular poem as a beautiful work of art. The way you describe the different uses of alcohol like poor man’s escape and reason and for rich to celebrate a new season. Love the ending as well.
      Just one tiny point, could’ve added the struggles people go through using alcohol as in the addiction part, like using it in a line. Would’ve enjoy the dark side of the liquid too. 🙂

      Beautiful, keep writing!

    • Beautiful! I love all the examples and imagery I see as I read this.

    • Hi Alvina, I love this! I felt swept along by this beautifully executed ode to alcohol, enjoying how you seamlessly contrasted its use for escaping or celebrating and showed its omnipresence in our lives, and so your striking last line really caught me by the power, darkness and realism of its image. Wonderfully done, thank you for sharing.


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