• AJ Millen (pen name of Mandi Millen) posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    @kimd Hi Kim,
    For some reason I was not able to reply to the comment you left on my most recent story almost a month ago (sorry for now spotting it and responding before!).
    I hear you re the difference between my Facebook name and pen-name but I, as I say on my FB profile: “Ageing Brit chick in Greece. Fake redhead, everything else is real. Writes under pen name AJ Millen.” I made the decision some time ago to use AJ Millen, which gives no clue if I am male or female, some time ago and I prefer to stick to that. Hopefully, you will accept my Friend request here and maybe you will find it easier to find my entries from now on.

    You were probably right when you detected cynicism and resignation to the way the news world now operates in “Spiked”. Although I based some of it as my experience as a newspapre reporter back in the 1980s, I actually had my old Chief Reporter (an excellent journalist and mentor) who spent his entire career with the same paper , in mind as I wrote it.

    I have just wrapped up my story inspired by the January prompt, so hope you will be inclined to take a look at that (it’s not a memoir!). Please let me know the title of yours so I can seek it out and read it.