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My name is Oluseyi (Seyi) Onabanjo and I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa
I have an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria as well as an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York, USA
I worked in corporate IT for many years but most recently have worked as a consultant and had a couple of spectacular failures in tech entrepreneurship
I am prepping for a second climb of Mount Kilimanjaro and have two ultra cool kids, multiple bartenders and hundreds of booksellers partly dependent on me for a living
I have always written short stories, sometimes as a form of therapy after some of my frequent “why does this stuff always happen to me?” episodes but I usually ripped them up afterwards, not believing anyone else could possibly enjoy them
I was surprised and delighted to have the Potomac Book review (Arts & Humanities Journal at Montgomery College, Maryland, USA) publish one in 2011
I had a forced hiatus from my writing but have sufficient time now to try my hand again at publishing some short stories
I am really glad to be able to work on short story writing in this forum and am also working on a novel that is trying to get out of me at the moment.


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