Like Alice by Sophia Bonnie Wodin

How does change show up?

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6 months ago

Wonderful spin on the prompt and lovely phrasing in this poem, leaving me wondering how I had never wondered this myself. Typo I think in moments’ instead of moment’s hesitation. I like ‘did she imagine a cost’ which sets me thinking. And don’t we all indeed pass through the looking glass. Nicely done.

5 months ago

I love where you took this prompt, Sophia, deep into the mind and motivations of Alice and her looking glass. I like the whimsy and the pondering philosophy you pose.

Riana N
4 months ago

Dear Sophia, this is indeed an intriguing interpretation of the prompt. You poem has a lovely use of metaphors and so aptly describes the way we are drawn to mystery and the unknown and at the same time have so that bit of doubts and fear nudging at us. I like the emphasis of “restless” and it sums up this atmosphere of the poem so well. Very enjoyable! 🙂