Just Perfect by Estelle Westley

As far back as I can remember, Grandma Bailie never wasted anything. I loved her with all my heart and spent every moment I possible could with her because she had so many beautiful stories to tell. She lived with everything in abundance as a young girl but her parents made her account for every...

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6 months ago

I think the sentiment of the story is lovely and we can definitely learn from our mothers and grandmothers. I had a grandmother just like you and think of her wise words every single day. I do think with a little bit more effort in your descriptions and transitions and applying more “show don’t tell” your story can be elevated. There are wonderful lines (her parents made her account for every penny spent and every moment lived) and I was looking forward to more of them.

6 months ago

What a lovely story. This strikes me a memoir from the POV or that sense of it. I love the switches between the generations and how the hopes for the future in the last generation are expressed. The reflection of the making the bread and how something new and perfect has finally come to pass after the hardships seen before is wonderful. Thank you for such a delightful moment. Keep going! – Otter