Just Blank by Angelique Pacheco

Just Blank by Angelique Pacheco * Blank inside, No emotion. Blank page, No words. Blank space, No children. Blank mind, No idea. Blank look. She’s crazy. Vacant life, Empty inside. Emotions rise, Blanked out. * Read more of Angelique’s work. Genre: poetryWarning: A bit emo....

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2 months ago

Hello Angelique,
This poem is great. It reminds me of all the other things besides pages and stares/faces that can be blank or void. Lovely word choices here and use of short lines. Well done!

Elizabeth Strehl
2 months ago

Like Marcena above, I like the use of different meanings for blank and the short lines. The ending with the reversal of the pattern (blank at the end of the defining traits rather than at the start) has a strong impact on the tone and adds a nice punch.

Thank you for sharing.

2 months ago

You took blank to a totally new level. Love how there are so many other things that can be attributed to blank.

Jennifer Bozarth
2 months ago

Much power in so few words. Interesting look at how blank can mean empty for so many different things and in one life so many blanks lead to being blanked out which doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Kind of a fading out of existence unnoticed. I think a lot of people feel blank lately.

2 months ago

Hi Angelique – very to the point, blunt and impactful.

Glen Benison
2 months ago

Hi Angelique, your poem is powerful for its sadness and drags the reader into that space.

Such an impacting line: ‘Blank look. She’s crazy.’……beautiful.

2 months ago

Hi Angelique, I love the simplicity of your poem. Two-word lines that just shout out. The repetition of blank six times really hits home:) Really well done. Thanks for sharing.

2 months ago

This flows well, with force due to the short lines. I found the blank space, no children an interesting observation (as a non-parent by choice!) The repetition works well, thank you for sharing.

Christian Donovan
2 months ago

I like your interpretations of the various ways blank can be used as a phrase. Original. Well done.