46. He’s already here by Mia Botha

  • : Fantasy/Sci-fi/Time travel
  • : Amateur fantasy writer
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Peggy (PJ) Rockey
8 months ago

This is a wonderful transition, from last scene to this. The draining of their essence to the remaking/rebirth. The disorientation and the confusion comes across clearly, as power surged and blossomed and settled inside. Can I assume this is where you tie back to the original series from last year? Wasn’t the main character Therese? I’m a little confused by the name Reese. Alice and Daniel I recognize. Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe I’m reading more into this then you intended. At any rate, I love where you’ve taken us and I look forward to seeing what role Bonair will play in this lifetime.

Peggy (PJ) Rockey
8 months ago

Or maybe Reese and Therese sound a lot alike and she just hasn’t come fully into her new self yet.

8 months ago

Hi, Mia-
Nice job handling the disorientation of the transplanted consciousnesses. I hope Jessop is around enough to help, especially if Bonair is already there.
“It was like blossoming. The way her powers unfolded and nestled inside her mind.” I like this image. I wonder whether it might be more powerful if stated directly, though, rather than as a simile.
Obviously a lot has happened since Jessop drained their essences. Everyone they loved is probably gone. Is Alice Della’s daughter? I’ll be interested to see who is left & what they learn about what happened during the gourd period. It has become even more interesting. Anxious to read more!

8 months ago

This was a lovely read. I agree with Michael. So many questions.

8 months ago

I liked this, it read exactly like you’d expect to feel. The pacing was also great, the different sensations, ideas and feelings all crashing together.
You’ve certainly left a lot of questions to answer now. The obsidian orbs not humming, how does that relate to being reborn?
Rather interesting.