46. He’s already here by Mia Botha

  • : Fantasy/Sci-fi/Time travel
  • : Amateur fantasy writer


  1. Peggy (PJ) Rockey

    This is a wonderful transition, from last scene to this. The draining of their essence to the remaking/rebirth. The disorientation and the confusion comes across clearly, as power surged and blossomed and settled inside. Can I assume this is where you tie back to the original series from last year? Wasn’t the main character Therese? I’m a little confused by the name Reese. Alice and Daniel I recognize. Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe I’m reading more into this then you intended. At any rate, I love where you’ve taken us and I look forward to seeing what role Bonair will play in this lifetime.

      1. Mia-admin Post author

        Hi Peggy, thanks for reading. She was Therese but asked to be called Reese. Yes, I’m trying to tie it all up. Having fun, but so many ‘things”!

  2. David

    Hi, Mia-
    Nice job handling the disorientation of the transplanted consciousnesses. I hope Jessop is around enough to help, especially if Bonair is already there.
    “It was like blossoming. The way her powers unfolded and nestled inside her mind.” I like this image. I wonder whether it might be more powerful if stated directly, though, rather than as a simile.
    Obviously a lot has happened since Jessop drained their essences. Everyone they loved is probably gone. Is Alice Della’s daughter? I’ll be interested to see who is left & what they learn about what happened during the gourd period. It has become even more interesting. Anxious to read more!

  3. Michael

    I liked this, it read exactly like you’d expect to feel. The pacing was also great, the different sensations, ideas and feelings all crashing together.
    You’ve certainly left a lot of questions to answer now. The obsidian orbs not humming, how does that relate to being reborn?
    Rather interesting.