Her Carriage Departs by Debbie Gravett

They grow up so quickly

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maria delaney
6 days ago

Cinderella all grown up!!! I love it!!!! This was so much fun to read I read it twice!!! I’m gonna read it again!

My most favorite line!

Filled to the brim with a respectable love
One that she is most deserving of

This was great fun Debbie.

Christy Kunin
6 days ago

A love ode to coming of age! Cinderella launched. Very hopeful and optimistic outlook for a lovely young lady off to live her life, perhaps even getting married. Nice.

5 days ago

I hope you read this to your daughter:) It is very touching and sweet:) The love and respect shines through.
One small question about these two lines:
Her being discovering her perfect ideals
Decisions where once about what to wear
I found them a little confusing. Not sure if where is meant to be were in the second line and her being? Maybe a couple of commas could help.
Well done and thanks for sharing:)

Elizabeth Strehl
4 days ago

Sweet. I love how you use a fairy tale to show the journey of a little girl to adulthood. The couplets give it a sing-song feel, appropriate for the topic, and I appreciated some of the unique pairings. Nicely done.

3 days ago

This was so touching – could just about see you bursting with pride, and perhaps a little fearful too – to let her go to find her own way in the world.
Love the pic also,it is stunning
Well done you Mama Bear – your daughter will always find her way back to you, enjoy those special moments ❤

Christian Donovan
3 days ago

Hi Debbie, It’s hard to let go isn’t it? Your Cinderella is ready to fly the nest but will always have a homing instinct. It’s a lovely warm poem and encapsulates the slogan: A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a friend. Well done on the poem and thanks for sharing it.

3 days ago

A beautiful description of how our daughter’s grow up, we drift apart, and then back together. Great writing.

3 days ago

Aaaah, Debbie, I like what you have done with the prompt this month and the image you have added is lovely! Well done!