Handyman For Hire by Sophia Bonnie Wodin

He stretched. His body ached. He tried to turn over but felt constricted, his limbs couldn’t respond to the messages his foggy brain sent.

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5 months ago

I like it. A good story. It feels like the opening chapter to a bigger thing, and you have created two interesting characters with the man and dog. There are a few areas where wording could flow a little smoother, but on a whole, it reads well. I’d be happy to add comments on the few sentences that could be reworked and polished, but overall it is a well-written and enjoyable to read story. Good work.

Ali Wilson
5 months ago

Hi, Sophia! This was a tragic story with a heart-warming ending. It was exactly what it needed. I thought you did great in the details. The entire story was very easy to imagine. You appealed to the sight very well. I would have liked more appeals to the other senses, especially smell and touch. I also really felt for Nelson. Given a longer word count, I would love to see more development of him. Thanks so much for sharing!