Gratitude by Jyoti Mehra

It is about a journey of growth and transformation.

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4 days ago

love the thought of someone extending a helping hand, perhaps not knowing what a difference his/her help made to another’s life – powerful stuff.

may we all be that person that extends out of our comfort zone to extend a helping hand ❤

3 days ago

Hi Jyoti, A lovely positive poem. I think this helps to remind us of the difference ‘simply being kind’ can make:) Well done.

Debbie Gravett
3 days ago

Great poem Jyoti. I love that this can give hope to those that might feel like there is none left. There are people willing and wanting to help.

The words flow easily and I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme with this important message.

Well done and thanks for sharing.

Christian Donovan
1 day ago

I like the way your poem is an explanation of the gratitude you feel towards the unknown helper. Your rhymes are strong, too. Thank you for sharing such a personal poem of thanks.