Generation Why by Brendon Garner

Generation Why by Brendon Garner # I drive drunk for years but Josh wrecks and gets paralyzed? I watch our whole culture live dirty, but I have to sterilize? My soul, a black hole, this life got the best of me. I can’t say what I feel, have to speak with telepathy. A lonely man,...

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David Weimer
4 days ago

I like the juxtaposition of ironies at the outset, but I don’t see the tie to the rest of the poem. Your use of rhyme is good. Often it can make the poem seem sing-song. Here it works. I think you earned the conclusion, which is much less concrete than the rest of the poem. (I would put the closing quotation mark outside the period–that’s the convention in American English. I don’t know your background, though.)

Christian Donovan
2 days ago

Hi Brendon. I like the way your poem portrays the way a person finds it difficult to voice the enigmas of life. I agree that the first couple of lines are not really part of this poem. Perhaps they could form the start of another one?