From the Outside by Annette Deyro

From the Outside by Annette Deyro # Please don’t feel bad That I can’t see you. Just because I’m sad Doesn’t mean you have to be too. Don’t climb in with me When I am in this hole. Just wait, stay, let me be– It’s enough you see my soul. # Read Annette Deyro’s work. ...

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6 days ago

Hi Annette – this is lovely, short and heartfelt and the rhyming doesn’t feel at all contrived. Nicely done.

Kristen Morasan
6 days ago

This is lovely. The love of not wanting someone to deep dive with you but just be near and see you is divine. 🖤

Nissan Abadi
5 days ago

Hi Annette
Very touching in its sincerity.
Thank you for sharing.

5 days ago

Straight from the heart . Beautiful .
Hope this gives others understanding.

Sandy Menarek
5 days ago

Just being there is so important. Your poem is so warm and caring. Thank you for sharing.

5 days ago

Annette, As someone who experiences a deep, inexplainable sadness often, but is not overtaken by it, I love this. Just let me be, don’t try to fix it, don’t get sad with me, just be. Well done.

Christian Donovan
3 days ago

Hello Annette, Your poem sums up the love that others show by just ‘being there’ when you are low. Thank you for sharing a very perceptive poem.