From the Outside by Annette Deyro

From the Outside by Annette Deyro # Please don’t feel bad That I can’t see you. Just because I’m sad Doesn’t mean you have to be too. Don’t climb in with me When I am in this hole. Just wait, stay, let me be– It’s enough you see my soul. # Read Annette Deyro’s work. ...

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14 days ago

Hi Annette – this is lovely, short and heartfelt and the rhyming doesn’t feel at all contrived. Nicely done.

Kristen Morasan
14 days ago

This is lovely. The love of not wanting someone to deep dive with you but just be near and see you is divine. 🖤

Nissan Abadi
13 days ago

Hi Annette
Very touching in its sincerity.
Thank you for sharing.

13 days ago

Straight from the heart . Beautiful .
Hope this gives others understanding.

Sandy Menarek
13 days ago

Just being there is so important. Your poem is so warm and caring. Thank you for sharing.

13 days ago

Annette, As someone who experiences a deep, inexplainable sadness often, but is not overtaken by it, I love this. Just let me be, don’t try to fix it, don’t get sad with me, just be. Well done.

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hello Annette, Your poem sums up the love that others show by just ‘being there’ when you are low. Thank you for sharing a very perceptive poem.

7 days ago

I love this poem and how you portrayed the hard days. I suffered with depression and I never wanted anyone to feel the pain I felt or to feel they had to suffer with or be with me. I wanted them to live their lives and enjoy their happiness, allowing me to recover and join them instead of them joining me in my suffering. Such a short and sweet poetry that has a huge meaning. Great job!