Fail Better by Carolyn Dekat

Kindness can win the best of prizes.

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Michael vK
3 months ago

Other than a missing “time” in this sentence – “Rupert was having a hard taking in all the details” I really enjoyed this tale.

Having a value system and integrity won him far more than what everyone else expected, but it also won her something she would have found no other way. Two winners in life.

Thanks for sharing.

3 months ago

I love fairy tales and yours did not disappoint. I really appreciated that Rupert is a more modern kind of prince and that his compassion and honesty to his values are what got him to find his true partner. Wonderful job! Thank you for sharing.

JM Barrie
2 months ago

I enjoyed your characterisation of Rupert, both ready to do his duty, but also a man of strong morals and conviction. I did find it a bit stark that he was not willing to give Imelda a chance from the beginning, although I’m glad things worked out the way they did in the end.
A wonderful modern fairy tale, most enjoyable, well done.