Fabulously-fiftyish by SJ Cramer

Fabulously-fiftyish by SJ Cramer # I march to the beat of my own drum, waiting for the wonderful things to come. Wrinkles on my face I do not hide, They are life’s experiences; I wear them with pride. Shimmering Silver is the hue of my hair. I gave up Mrs. Clairol’s True Red; I swear....

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Halimah Aliyu
6 days ago

Love this.

6 days ago

Hot damn, indeed! Good for you!

Nissan Abadi
5 days ago

Hi SJ.
Right, you only live once. Why care gossip or jealousy? Live as you wish.

5 days ago

LOL – great poem – hope you are enjoying each birthday. It does take some adjustment each year or decade.
Wanda Lovan

5 days ago

Hi SJ, Oh I love it. I can picture you dancing around the kitchen:) Celebrate the coming of age, the feeling comfortable in our own skins. It takes a while to get there but when we do we are a force to be reckoned with. I love – Hot Damn!

4 days ago

Hot damn indeed. Something happens to a woman when she turns fifty, a proud empowering. What if you changed so to as (the saying goes) to avoid so many sos?
great poem.

Christian Donovan
3 days ago

Hi S J, Yes, go for it and be yourself with pride. I found a quote yesterday (already forgotten where): “Be yourself: everyone else is already taken”. Yours is an inspirational poem.