Fabulously-fiftyish by SJ Cramer

Fabulously-fiftyish by SJ Cramer # I march to the beat of my own drum, waiting for the wonderful things to come. Wrinkles on my face I do not hide, They are life’s experiences; I wear them with pride. Shimmering Silver is the hue of my hair. I gave up Mrs. Clairol’s True Red; I swear....

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Halimah Aliyu
15 days ago

Love this.

14 days ago

Hot damn, indeed! Good for you!

Nissan Abadi
13 days ago

Hi SJ.
Right, you only live once. Why care gossip or jealousy? Live as you wish.

13 days ago

LOL – great poem – hope you are enjoying each birthday. It does take some adjustment each year or decade.
Wanda Lovan

13 days ago

Hi SJ, Oh I love it. I can picture you dancing around the kitchen:) Celebrate the coming of age, the feeling comfortable in our own skins. It takes a while to get there but when we do we are a force to be reckoned with. I love – Hot Damn!

12 days ago

Hot damn indeed. Something happens to a woman when she turns fifty, a proud empowering. What if you changed so to as (the saying goes) to avoid so many sos?
great poem.

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hi S J, Yes, go for it and be yourself with pride. I found a quote yesterday (already forgotten where): “Be yourself: everyone else is already taken”. Yours is an inspirational poem.