Don`t Ask Why by Bharati

Don`t Ask Why by Bharati # Don`t ask why, If you are feeling blue, Find what makes you happy, Find what makes you true. When it rains, When you see the drops, Don`t stop, Be happy, wear your favourite top. The stars are not always aligned, The sun doesn`t always shine, But these things are...

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4 days ago

Such an optimist. Always look to the positive side of life. Nicely done.

3 days ago

Hi Bharati, what a lovely piece of positive poetry:) I liked your rhyming scheme and I really liked the happy, positive feel of your words. My only suggestion is that you perhaps edit it and force a line between your verses. I use a star between mine to make sure it keeps a space:) Well done and thanks for sharing.

Christian Donovan
1 day ago

Hello Bharati. I like the theme of hope and optimism which runs through your poem. I’m not actually one of those who don’t like the question why? (it’s important to know why things work the way they do), but I get your reasoning here. Well done.