Chocolate Cake and Magic by Marilyn Weisman

The chocolate cake sat on the counter staring at me with an “I Dare You” look on its smug icing.

I pulled the long sharp knife from the butcher block and as I mockingly traipsed over to the cake, knife poised high in the air…I heard the doorbell chime.

The cake smirked, in fact; I could swear it was laughing!

Angry now, being smirked and laughed at by a cake, I threw the door open and watched as the mailman took off running; the certified letter dropping on the lawn as he fled screaming.

I looked around furtively before I dashed out the door.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t the brightest move with the knife still in my hand, but I wanted to pick up the letter from the lawn.

Back in the kitchen, the cake was chuckling in a muffled way.  I turned around and gave it a stink eye.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I snarled in its direction as I opened the envelope with the cake knife.

Before I could get the letter out of the envelope, my cell phone chirped at me.


I looked at it and I saw three tiny broomsticks on the screen.

“Serena,” I screamed.  “I should have known you had something to do with this crazy cake on my counter!”

A light hearted chuckle, sounding vaguely like the cake, came across the phone and then I heard a click and she was gone.

By way of explanation, Serena is my stepsister and is one of a long line of witches in my extended family.   Thanksgiving dinners are a hoot.  Last year the turkey got up from the table and ran out the kitchen door, much to my chagrin because I had to take everyone out to dinner!

I can hardly wait till Christmas this year.   I’m hosting dinner and all we need…..And there’s the front doorbell again.

Setting the knife down on the counter this time, I opened the door to two officers.

“Ms. Tandy, is everything all right over here?” the young blonde haired hunky one asked.

“Sure, everything’s just peachy, thanks for asking,” I managed to say as I stared into those gorgeous baby blues.

“We had a report from Larry, the mailman that you opened the door brandishing a long sharp knife and scared the devil out of him,” the older officer said.

“Can’t imagine what he was talking about,” I said.  “Has he been hitting the bottle again?”

“Guys, could I offer you some coffee and a slice of a chocolate fudge cake I was getting ready to eat?”  I asked.

They politely begged off and walked down the driveway shaking their heads.

I closed and locked the door and went back to the letter I had received.  As I pulled it from the envelope, a flash of glitter exploded from the envelope and a “Ho-Ho-Ho” along with “Jingle Bells, Santa Smells.  All we need at our party is you!” streamed out of the card.

Great, another Holiday Party!

  • : Fiction - Magical Reality


  1. Chantel

    Hi Marilyn
    I adore the cincept you’ve created here, and would love to get a glimpse into that Christmas dinner. You had laughing out loud when the mailman ran away, though I do feel the joke would have been funnier if you didn’t follow up on it. That’s just me, though. Also, I would also stay away from exclamation marks outside of actual dialogue. They tend to take emphasis away, more than add to it. Sometimes they can even pull the reader out of the story world.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope to read more about this family. Well done.

  2. Marilyn Weisman Post author

    Thank you, Chantel, for taking the time to read and critique this month’s offering.
    And thank you for the well constructed suggestions.
    I guess I overdo the exclamation points, thinking I’m on Facebook. LOL
    Thank you for mentioning an ongoing story about this family.’
    My writing at present is centered around “cozies” and that gives me some great ideas!
    Thanks! (Ooops…there’s that pesky exclamation point again…rearing it’s funny little head).

  3. Annie Amsden

    Such a fun, cute story. Tbh it made me think of a cozy mystery at the beginning (if you haven’t tried HY Hanna’s Chocolate series you should based on your story here). Personally, I didn’t notice your exclamation points and thought the police showing up added to the humor. I thoroughly enjoyed your piece.

  4. Marilyn Weisman Post author

    Thank you, Annie for enjoying my story!
    While I read lots of “cozies” I haven’t tried any of the series you mentioned.
    I appreciate your taking the time to read and critique my submission.

  5. Marilyn Weisman Post author

    Thank you, Tassilo, for taking the time to read and comment on my story.
    I’m glad you found it funny….a little magical humor can go a long way.
    Thank you for the kind remarks about my writing.
    I look forward to reading your work as well.

  6. Paul J P Slater

    Hi Marilyn,

    What a hilarious piece.
    I like the repeated line, “my cell phone chirped at me.
    Yes….CHIRPED!”, though I am not sure about the need to put it in bold.

    A few thoughts for you to ponder.
    You can remove an “ing” word here and there such as replacing “was chuckling” with “chuckled”.
    I think “light hearted” should be “light-hearted” and “blonde haired” might be “blonde-haired”.

    An excellent and entertaining take on the prompt.

    Thank you for sharing. Keep writing.

  7. Ellen Eigner

    Cute! Who doesn’t hear chocolate cake calling to them? Interesting that many of us thought of witches and graveyards this month. I like the humor and how you wrapped it up with the police and the cutting of the cake. Well done.