Calculated Risk by Delrae Goodburn Lurie

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word count: 1807 Words | Genre:

When your wife appears in her evening dress, you do your best to look excited. You’d prefer to stay in the cabin rather than face the hordes shuffling around the decks on walkers or new hips. But you see the effort she has made, and you remember that your kids have paid a fortune to send you on this cruise.

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2 years ago

Delrae, very nice.
I did though anticipate that it was going to be a scam but at the same time wanted it to be a potential cure.

Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

I enjoyed your story. The cruise and the people came across as real. I had the thought they were being given nothing more than a placebo but as with Frank and Sarah, kept my fingers crossed.

Erika G
2 years ago

The whole time I was hoping that everything was working out for the sick woman. And I knew it wouldn’t. I didn’t feel sorry for the husband at all. Great read and write! My favorite was the scene with the embalmed looking lady. As sad as it was I had to smile.

Moira le Roux
2 years ago

Good story. The joy of hope. I started suspecting it was a hoax but hoping it wasn’t. Great writing. Well done.

Susan O'Neal
Susan O'Neal
10 months ago

Hi there. I only just found this story and wow! Loved it. Beautifully written, terse, atmospheric, great characterisation. A triumph.