Tonight I Will Drink Whiskey by Peggy Rockey

The whiskey cabinet calls...

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David Weimer
4 days ago

The tease worked. “The whiskey cabinet calls” pulled me in. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t appear in the poem, but only a little. You convey the sense of self-deception very well.

4 days ago

the lies an alcoholic tells themselves – they have it all under control,- until they dont.

I would possibly rephrase this to : unaware that one sip leads to two.(that might mean you need to tweak the line before it)

I recall you have experience of this scenario thru a previous partner, you’ve seen this firsthand – and its such a destructive downhill , taking everyone with them in that slippery slide.

you survived this Peggy, arent you relieved?🤗

R.L. Nel
4 days ago

Having experienced alcoholism as a bystander, and being a total food addict myself, I relate to this. The pull of whatever our poison is, is strong. But we always think we’ll beat it. That we’re better than it. That it’s not a problem. That we can stop whenever we want. Everything your poem conveys! Thank you for writing it with such insight.

maria delaney
4 days ago

AHHHH Peggy you never let me down. Yep the old whiskey on the back burner trick. It never works. But hey if it did our writing would suck! lol Great job!

Always a fan,

Tracey Cranz
4 days ago

The “why” was so subtle, even though it is the underlying true theme. As with any addiction, we ask ourselves “why”, and then promptly forget, replacing it with “why not”.

4 days ago

Temptation. Walk away as soon as you get to that cabinet. Mind over matter.
Nicely done.

Debbie Gravett
3 days ago

Great poem Peggy. It lays out the problem with addiction well. I like the format you used with the varying length of verses because they contained the right amount of lines for what they were saying and they stopped when they needed to giving more impact.

The words flowed as easily as the whiskey could and I could feel the struggle and the denial.

Well done and thanks for sharing.

3 days ago

Hi Peggy, oh yes these words remind me of the lament of the alcoholic. Perhaps the alcoholic that doesn’t realise they are or lives in denial. Having grown up with one, I know that it can never stop at ‘one sip’. Well done.

Christian Donovan
1 day ago

A great poem, Peggy, showing the self-deception of the addict. A triumph of hope over experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jyoti Mehra
1 day ago

Well- written Peggy! Aaah, its always so difficult to resist temptation that is explained so nicely through your poem. It happens with me when I try to resist sweets, having a sweet tooth.