Write the Crap Out of It and other short story writing advice by Mia Botha

Write the Crap Out of It by Mia Botha


Write the Crap Out of It and other short story writing advice is available on Amazon. Buy the book and join the coolest writing community.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had all your favourite short story writing advice in one place so you can just Write the Crap Out of It?

During 2017 I wrote a series of blog posts about the art of short story writing. My intention was to create a body of work, that was arranged by topic for improving and troubleshooting your short stories that would be easy to use and access. But my, and I’m sure your challenge is, as with anything on the internet, well, the internet.

I get sucked into websites and down wormholes of useless data. (According to my last internet challenge I would most likely be Ursula the Sea Witch if I were a Disney villain.)

The internet steals writing time, but how do we avoid it when the articles we are looking for are internet-based? To combat the never-ending series of related links, I created an eBook out of all the short story craft posts I wrote. The eBook is called Write the Crap Out of It. It does not just contain the blogposts, I included practical exercises for you to do at the end of each section to implement the advice and to get you writing.

And, wait for it, you can post those exercise on www.deadlinesforwriters.com and give receive feedback on your exercises.

So, download the book and write the crap out of it.

You’re still not sure? I can help.

10 Reasons to buy this eBook:

  1. It contains loads of awesome writing advice.
  2. There is are many exercises to do.
  3. You will be able to post your exercises on the Deadlines For Writers website. You post one exercise and comment on four (optional, but fun).
  4. It has an epic front cover.
  5. It’s called Write the Crap Out of It and that is what you’ll do.
  6. You’ll laugh at certain parts.
  7. It was proofread by a professional.
  8. You will support the 12 Short Stories Online Writing Challenge, which is a free community. By supporting the community, you help writers find their voices and improve their craft. Can you imagine what that does for your writing karma?
  9. You will download it, switch off the wi-fi and actually get some writing done.
  10. You are my mother and you have no choice.

Reasons not to buy this book:

  1. You need to know which Disney Villain you are.

The book is available on Amazon. Buy it now and follow the sign-up instructions carefully.


Write the Crap Out of It by Mia Botha
Buy the book and join the best online writing community.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It is one in a series of posts celebrating short stories, our online writing community and the launch of this awesome book.

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